Saturday, April 16, 2011


The ISM are falling all over themselves since the death by torture and strangulation
of ISM meatball and useful idiot Vittorio Arrigoni. Arrigoni was killed by the Arabs in an inter-terrorist dispute as he was so busy trying to aid the killing of Jews because Hamas had imprisoned some other Arabs who felt that Hamas was too liberal (really!)

Since the Arabs have always been into hostage taking, they seized Arrigoni to hold him for the release of one of their own, but being Arabs, they could not resist killing him so beat him near to death, strangled him and left him hanging in a public street.

In classic ISM lingo, of course, even after the Arabs took credit for killing the Italian sausage head, it had to be blamed on Israel, and even by extension against yours truly, namely moi.

In 2006 during Operation Cast Lead, I posted on Stop the ISM photos of ISM activists who were being human shields for terrorist leaders in Gaza along with a phone number to the IDF. At the top of that list was good ol' Vittorio. The little bastard had been deported twice earlier from Israel and sailed into Gaza on the flotilla ships. He was doing all he could to aid Hamas in their quest to kill Jews and Vittorio loved the terrorists so much he became a Palestinian citizen, his even posing with Hamas leaders for a photo op.

Anyway, Vittorio was fingered during a war because he was aiding enemy conmbatants. He was not targeted for "murder" as the ISM clowns write on the Internet. Nor was he killed by the Mossad, or me by my "Israeli website."

Arrigoni was no peace activist, either. On his Facebook page he ran a sign that read
"No Israelis or dogs". Hmmmm...In any case, if you want some laughs, google my name and Vittorio Arrigoni then read the ISM clown circus. As for Vittorio: Arrivederci,
Arrigoni, ya little bastardo. You worked to aid Hamas to kill Jews and were, as they say, hoisted on your own petard. Good riddance. If this keeps other ISM volunteers from going over there to interfere with the IDF then Arrigoni's death won't have been in vain. Visit Stop the ISM for some commentary..

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Sergio said...

I see that besides being a psychopath you're a censor, too. Is this journalism? Are you a journalist, as you define yourself? You're just a fanatic, a clown, a psychopath, Mr Kaplan.