Sunday, April 17, 2011


Philip Weiss, an ex-Jew who just loves Jew killers over at his blog informs us that the Italian fool Vittorio Arrigoni who was murdered in Gaza by his Arab buddies was there (quoting Arrigoni)" because my grandfathers fought fascist occupation in Italy."

How interesting. Now, let's assume someone has even a slight knowledge of history and current events.

The Fascisti in Italy were allied with the Nazis who of course were allied with the Arabs. Hamas frequently makes reverential reference to Nazi ideas and symbols. Hamas is also p[art of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nazi wing set up by Qtub who was
an admirer of Adolf Hitler (he even sported the silly same moustache).

The Hamas Charter is blatantly fascist. It takes its orders from God to kill all the Jews in the world and ultimately the Christians too. Cornell U has an excellent non-biased translation. Husseini, the leader of the Palestinians during World War 2 spent the war as a personal guest of Adof Hitler. Many historians believe he was the architect of the crematorium camps like Auschwitz after 1943. Of course, after fascism was defeated in Europe in 1945 many Nazis ran to the Arabs who hid them.

The Palestinian Authority Constitution and Hamas Charter are both fascist documents,
the latter copied from those of Iran and Saudi Arabia, two more fascist Arab states.
Sadly, it was paid for by the morons in the US State Department because they believe the Arabs will only accept a fascist form of government to live under because of Islam (they may be right).

Israel is recognized by Freedom House as one of the top four democracies in the world. Israel forcibly withdrew from Gaza its own people and industry to make peace
and got 8,000 rockets instead. Arrigoni tried to help get the sea lanes to Gaza opened from control by Israel to import those rockets from Iran.

Of course, this is the tactic of the ISM and the Arabs to sell their fascist irredentist goals to the West. They call themselves "Freedom fighters" when they should call themselves "Fascism Fighters" because they are truly fighting for fascism.

The Arabs who killed Arrigoni picked him of course because they knew it would embarass Hamas in the West and because he was an "Infidel" from Europe. He wore tattoos. He was a useful tool for Arab goals, but certainly not one of them. When their plan failed, they off'd the Italian meatball for the sheer pleasure of it.

Hamas is a fascist movement and government. So is Fatah. So is the entire Arab world.
If Arrigoni was serious when he stated his reasons for running with terrorists in Gaza, when he died and met his grandfather one can only assume hearing this exchange:

Vittorio: Grandpapa! It's me! Vittorio! I was killed defending Gaza from the Jews! I wanted to be remembered as just like you for fighting fascism!

Grandpa: Stupido! I fought fascism, You were promoting it every day against the democracies of the West as part of your anarhcist philosophy. I'm ashamed of you!
You were running with Hitler's and Mussolini's allies.

Vittorio: But grandpa! I was a "peace activist"!!!

Grandpa: The Faciscti of Hamas were no better than the Fascisti in Italy. The Jews have a word for guys like you: You're a shmuck!!!

Vittorio: Grandpa! You don't understand, for us anarchisti, logic means nothing. We oppose the status quo no matter what it is and we fight "oppression"!

Grandpa: You're just a shmuck like that ex-Jew who used my name on his blog to give meaning to your useless death. A shmuck is a shmuck is a shmuck.

St. Peter: Ok, guys, Basta. That's enough. Vittorio, I've got a nice dorm room for you with Arafat and Mugniyah. You can all masturbate together while repeating
"I am a Peace activist...kill the Jews...I am a peace activist...Destroy Israel..."

Vittorio: Really? Sounds nice. Where is the room?

St. Peter: It's in the basement. Some call it HELL. But since you like to use euphemisms as part of the ISM, let's just call it summer vacation in Cancun. We even have a summer cruise to take you there on our summer cruise ship, the Mavi Mamara."

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