Sunday, April 17, 2011


In case anyone noticed, the three comments to my blog message below all call me names such as "bigot", "murderer" etc...because I express no sympathy for the Italian garbage that was Vittorio Arrigoni, killed by the same Arab terrorists he worked so assiduously to help kill Jews in Israel.

It really takes a sick mind to tell people one is a "peace activist" in order to cover the fact that one supports terrorists who murder innocent people. Huwaida Arraf, who wrote the ISM manual, tells ISMers to use this Big Lie technique. The ISM of course changed its tactics as I revealed this. In the past they would claim they were peace activists then in the next sentence recognize as "legitimate" the right to use violence against Jews in Israel. Now they just lie and say they are peace activists. But peace activists do not take sides and do things for the civilians on both sides. The ISM only works for the Arabs, the same Arabs who passed out candy and cheered the brutal murder of the Fogel family in the West Bank. An Arab terrorist, a "valiant martyr" in ISM lingo, drives a knife into the heart of a three-year-old boy. It takes a special kind of animal to do that. Arrigoni was no better than that animal. He pranced around with terrorists in Gaza, assisted and encouraged Hamas in the killing of Jews. He aided the smuggling of weapons to Gaza from Iran by sea and was a human shield for Hamas leaders in combat. One of those smuggled weapons killed 16 year-old Daniel Vific. These are the facts.

I'm no bigot. If someone wants to use the word "murder" for Arrigoni's death, recognize it is a favorite Arab pass time. Polls in the PA show the "civilians" all favor terror attacks on Jews. They pass out candy. They celebrate the murderers. Arrigoni as a European sought to give these behaviours legitimacy. He fed the crocodile and it ate him. He was a fool. Not a pacifist, not a humanitaria, but a fool.

If you belong to the ISM, take a lesson and grow up. The Arabs will only use you and you may end up dead or even raped as also happened to other ISM activists in Hebron. You are only a propaganda tool. The fact is, we need more Arrigonis to die by the hands of the Crocodiles. Rachel Corrie's slime ball parents are making a living out of promoting the cause of the same Arabs who put her daughter into harm's way because Hamas had an Arab hadnler guiding the ISM "activists" in front of bulldozers that day. When the parents of ISM activists take their kinder and stop them being useful idiots for Arab murderers, then mabe peace will be possible. Right now, these so-called ISM "peace activists" mean there will be "peace" when Israel is no more.

Arrivedercci, Arrigoni. May your fellow ISM activists follow on the same path you ended up on as a "peace activist." Wise people do not volunteer with the ISM to help a fascist Arab movement develop the next Iran. Arrignoi's mother hass expressed no umbrage at the fascist Arabs who really helped kill her son. If any mothers of ISM activists read this, tell your silly children to stay home. Playing anarchist like Arrigoni and supporting fascism, and Arab irredentism is not a human rights pursuit.

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