Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just completed a two hour interview on the Laurie Roth Show and urge you to tune in. You can listen on he Web by going to and clicking the icon to her show on the left side of the homepage. While you're at it, check out the Club Cruz video that tells the truth about Rachel Corrie that is also featured on the NEIN website.

News is coming out that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have dispatched foreign affairs advisors to meet with Bashir Assad in Syria. This will have troubling repercussions for Israel as it displays once again the Iraq Study Group's advice to open "diplomatic channels" with Syria and Iran. Given the current field of candidates in both parties, the next presidential election should be a real "hold your nose and vote for who stinks less" proposition. McCain might not be too bad, but his position on health care suggests nothing that will help the average American.
Obama has campaign people with Che Guevara on the wall, and I still can't forgive Hillary for inviting fake rabbi Michael Lerner to the White House and kissing Arafat on the lips. Sigh...what's a voter to do? Look out Israel, they're gonna put you on teh chopping block regardless of who gets in.

At UC Berkeley today they are featuring the Israeli-Palestinian Confederation in a
"debate" about how to make peace in the region. I attended their conference at UCLA a while back and the whole thing is a scam, not a debate, since its speakers are all endorsers of personal injury attorney Josef Avesar's scheme to create a legislature outside of the Israeli and PA governments that's going to elect representatives divided into districts that will serve both Jews and Arabs alike. Avesar never discusses terrorism in his scheme,or the fact the Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem are intertwined. I wrote about this organization that I think is a scam to get money from Saudi donors as the organizers are asking for $6.5 million to implement a peace plan that cannot work. The sessions usually disintegrate also into the usual "end the occupation" rhetoric by the Arabs and the entire scheme is to dismantle Israel as a Jewish homeland over time. You can read more about the IP Confederation here: Of note,one of the guest speakers is fake Rabbi Michael Lerner (who was ordained by a Buddhist Rabbi in Colorado (yeah, right). What fascinated me last time was one of the board members of the IP Confederation was campaign manager for the Greens Party presidential candidate who advocates for the complete dismantling of Israel to create an Arab dominated state called Palestine in its place. Things are not what they seem, folks.

Kudos to SF Voice for Israel for showing up every weekend across the street from the ISM affilaite Women in Black in downtown Oakland. If you ever want to see some dried up sixites commies from Berkeley, you can see the freak show every Saturday. The SF Voice crowd has US and Israeli flags and the WOBs wouldn't be caught dead with a US flag. Well, at least somebodys getting some sun on a Saturday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


This week UC Berkeley's terrorist supporters on campus are conducting "Israeli Apartheid Week" demonstrations. I was on hand with some community supporters of Israel to witness something amazing:

Nearly one hundred Jewish and non-Jewish students turned out to support Israel as the Israel haters gave their traditional rants against Israel. Sproul Plaza was filled with Jewish students who sang Israeli songs and called for peace who bathed the area in a sea of Israeli flags.

"They (the Israelis) cut off more electricity in Gaza today," wailed from a microphone to her fellow acolytes from the Students for Jsutice in Palestine and assorted Marxist waanbe groups on campus. "Can you imagine not having any electricity," she wailed. Of course, the fact that 2,000 missiles have been fired into schools, day care centers and elsewhere in Sderot were not mentioned. As students walked by on campus, nobody was buying the spiel from the anti-Israel speakers who also declared their undying support for the Iraqis who kill US soldiers.

Resident Berkeley witch Barabara Lubin also spoke in support of America's enemies and in favor of those warm loving Arabs in the PA who handed out candy and flowers after a woman was murdered in Dimona just days ago.

The new Hillel director did not want the Jewish students to counterdemonstrate at all, as usual. But the students had had enough of a campus where anti-Semitism masked as intellectual discussion has become commonplace. Of the students who were just passersby, their receptions of the Jewish students' flyers and materials were clearly better received. Most ignored the anti-Israel activists on Sproul Hall steps and their rants against America and Israel.

But what carried the day was there were actually a number of students, Jews mostly, who for once stood up proudly for Israel and their presence completely muted the attempt to rule the campus today. Maybe there is some hope for Jewish youth in this country on US campuses after all.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Last year, Josh Ruebner, a quisling of Jewish ancestry who fronts for the ISM with the US Campaign to End the Israseli Occupation attempted to intimidate one of my publishers by sending him a "cease and desist letter." Among the lies in the letter were that the USCEIO has no affilaition with the ISM and that they are only interested in ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, not taking all of Israel for the Arabs. That letter is still posted on the INternet even though it has been proven that everything I wrote about the campaign was absolutely true on their own website. Now the "campaign" is advertising the following on their
homepage at

"The year 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Nakba ("the catastrophe"): the expulsion and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and land in 1948.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is soliciting entries for a commemoration of the Nakba through personal expressions in the form of visual arts, essays, poetry, music, video, and digital media.

Learn more about the competition and how you can participate."

1948 was, of course, when the United Nations created Israel and established it as a state on land that was legally purhased by Jews and mandated by the British government. Ruebner and his pals claimed in their letter the camapign only applies to the "occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza, retaken by Israel in 1967, and that they are not against the existence of a Jewish state, or anti-Israel in any way.

So why is the campaign soliciting donations and art exhibits to commemorate "the catastrophe" on the founding of Israel in 1948? The fact is, the campaign's goals are to destroy Israel.

This same tactic of lying and misrepresentation is a classic ISM revolutionary dogma. Sadly, the Arabs take some disgusting people of Jewish descent who couldn't give a fig about being Jewish or the Jewish people, but consider themselves Marxists and revolutionaries instead, and uses them as stooges to suggest Jews are opposed to a Jewish state. Ruebner and his co-signatories to the letter are, of course, whores to the Arabs the same as Jewish kapos who worked in cooperation with the Nazis in the death camps.

If you are Jewish or a peace activist, understand that these whores who work to support terrorist anti-Semitic groups like the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation try and convince people the opposite of what they are doing as subversives and anti-Semites, and are little more than human garbage, not "human rights workers" (that term also is an obfuscation).

For more information on the campaign's true purpose and how they lie to deceive, go to and

By the way, a co-founder of the ISM is the chosen leader of the USCEIO: Huwaida Arraf.