Thursday, February 7, 2008


This week UC Berkeley's terrorist supporters on campus are conducting "Israeli Apartheid Week" demonstrations. I was on hand with some community supporters of Israel to witness something amazing:

Nearly one hundred Jewish and non-Jewish students turned out to support Israel as the Israel haters gave their traditional rants against Israel. Sproul Plaza was filled with Jewish students who sang Israeli songs and called for peace who bathed the area in a sea of Israeli flags.

"They (the Israelis) cut off more electricity in Gaza today," wailed from a microphone to her fellow acolytes from the Students for Jsutice in Palestine and assorted Marxist waanbe groups on campus. "Can you imagine not having any electricity," she wailed. Of course, the fact that 2,000 missiles have been fired into schools, day care centers and elsewhere in Sderot were not mentioned. As students walked by on campus, nobody was buying the spiel from the anti-Israel speakers who also declared their undying support for the Iraqis who kill US soldiers.

Resident Berkeley witch Barabara Lubin also spoke in support of America's enemies and in favor of those warm loving Arabs in the PA who handed out candy and flowers after a woman was murdered in Dimona just days ago.

The new Hillel director did not want the Jewish students to counterdemonstrate at all, as usual. But the students had had enough of a campus where anti-Semitism masked as intellectual discussion has become commonplace. Of the students who were just passersby, their receptions of the Jewish students' flyers and materials were clearly better received. Most ignored the anti-Israel activists on Sproul Hall steps and their rants against America and Israel.

But what carried the day was there were actually a number of students, Jews mostly, who for once stood up proudly for Israel and their presence completely muted the attempt to rule the campus today. Maybe there is some hope for Jewish youth in this country on US campuses after all.

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Some photos are available on Israel indymedia, of all places