Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Corrie Verdict Won't End Delegitimization by the ISM

Don't get your hopes up. This is not the end of the saga.

Now that the Judge Oded Gershon has ruled that the death of Rachel Corrie her own fault and an accident on the part of the IDF, if anyone thinks this affects the de-legitimization efforts of the IDF to protect the people of Israel or for the nation to protect itself from terrorists, they had better think again.

Judge Gershon, by allowing this publicity farce to be held at all, has unwittingly put Israel in a no-win situation by falling into the ISM’s publicity trap.

Had Judge Gershon thrown the case out of court and saved the Israeli taxpayer wasted time and money for a publicity stunt by the ISM, the Rachel Corrie circus might have finally ended. Now that the case is over, even though the IDF was exonerated and her death found to have been unintentional and an accident, the Rachel Corrie media hounds in the ISM, including her two parents who are making a career off her death rather than discouraging other parents from letting their children to go off to be cannon fodder for terrorist groups in the ISM, can continue their well-paid careers as champions for Hamas.

What Judge Gershon failed to grasp, in allowing the trial to go forth in the first place, is that the ISM will now claim the verdict a sham and try to indict Israel in the Hague for “war crimes”. The same charge in the Hague would have been brought had the IDF been found guilty, as the ISM would then insist on a tribunal to try Israel for war crimes anyway.

In order for matters such as the Corrie case to be presented to the Hague, it is required that the use of the courts in the country accused of such crimes be exhausted first. Now that the trial is over, the ISM groups that generated this farce will approach the Hague, claiming the Israeli court was biased and requesting a trial on war crimes charges.
Hence, Judge Gershon, by permitting this trial, instead of ending the matter, has only led Israel down the primrose path to being accused of war crimes by a kangaroo court of international judges, some of whom are from the most oppressive totalitarian regimes in the world. This is the same kangaroo court that found illegal the Security Fence that was set up to stop suicide bombers from entering Israel to murder Israelis.

Rachel Corrie and Joseph Carr, not long before her death, had actually walked out into a combat zone to retrieve the dead body of a Hamas terrorist in front of IDF soldiers, because Hamas terrorists had asked them to do so

Let me tell you about Rachel Corrie: When I visited Israel in 2010 when this trial first began, I brought with me a tape-recorded phone interview I had with ISM activist Joseph Carr, who allegedly was with Corrie when she was killed.
Carr actually used photoshop to create phony photos of Corrie standing in front of a bulldozer that were picked up by the wire services and later retracted. Carr was not called as a witness by the Rachel Corrie Foundation because this canard would have been shown in court.

In that phone interview, Carr described to me how he and Rachel Corrie, not long before her death, had actually walked out into a combat zone to retrieve the dead body of a Hamas terrorist in front of IDF soldiers, because Hamas terrorists had asked them to do so.

Carr described to me in the interview - that I furnished the IDF’s defense lawyers - how he and Corrie would advance bit by bit into the no man’s land, yelling that they were peace activists and unarmed, until they reached the body and picked it up.
I asked Carr if he was afraid at the time of being arrested by the IDF for doing such a thing and he replied, “No. Because we knew the Arab snipers would shoot them if they did.”

It’s all on the tape the government has. What it tells anyone with common sense is that Rachel Corrie knew that she was there to draw fire on IDF soldiers if they ever sought to move her. The IDF video of her being struck by the D9 bulldozer also shows she was not protecting a house, and that the ISM “witnesses” who claimed they were running alongside the bulldozer screaming for it to stop (including Carr who claimed this), were not there.

Rachel Corrie’s mother is a case in point. She appeared on radio in Santa Cruz, California, where she admitted Rachel had told her she had also retrieved the dead body of a terrorist from a weapons smuggling tunnel at one point. “I knew she was really doing something dangerous when she told me that”, she admitted in the interview.

Her daughter had written her about “the martyrs” who died fighting the Israelis and how they lacked the sophisticated weaponry of the IDF.
Did Cindy Corrie tell her daughter to come home and stop being a human shield for terrorists? No, absolutely not. Did she tour the US telling other parents not to send their sons and daughters to Gaza where they would be used by terrorists as human shields? No, she did not.

Later, when Cindy and Craig Corrie were kidnapped for ransom in Gaza by Palestinian terrorists at gunpoint, then released when her kidnappers realized their value for propaganda against the Jews, the elder Corries didn’t bat an eyelash and continued their new career as propagandists for the Palestinian terror groups, particularly Hamas.
Some moron in the US State Department made a statement that the Israeli court’s investigation of Rachel Corrie’s death was inadequate. The US State Department is also to blame for allowing ISM activists to get new passports with no problem when they are deported by the Israeli government so they can continually return to Israel and foment riots in Judea and Samaria.

A real investigation needs to be done to determine what the US State Department’s relationship with the ISM is, and its work as human shields for Arab terrorists. If the US State Department can arm and train a Palestinian army and then have the trainer, General Keith Dayton, say with a straight face the army may attack the IDF in two years if the Palestinians aren’t given a state, how difficult a stretch is it to ask what the State Department has had to do with ISM activities since the gang’s inception in 2002?
ISM co-founders Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf were both low level State Department employees working in Jerusalem when the ISM was first created. In the US Congress, Representative Peter King’s commission on Homeland Security needs to investigate this issue. After this creation, the ISM created a network of movements on US campuses worthy of a Rico Statute investigation.

The death of a stupid (yes, that's the appropriate word) 23 year-old girl, who thought of herself as an anarchist and revolutionary amd planted herself in front of a bulldozer in a combat zone because she figured the IDF soldiers inside the tractor would not emerge to move her for fear of being shot by Arab snipers, got an unexpected shock when the tractor, whose driver couldn't see her, accidentally ran over her.
For the Arabs her death was a propaganda bonanza that ultimately opened up the Rafah and Philadelphi Corridor to aid the Hamas regime in Gaza. Now the Hague will only put more pressure on Israel as the nation is falsely accused of war crimes because of this girl and her opportunistic parents, who will gladly make hay joining the bandwagon of de-legitimizers of Israel.

Anything for the ISM to keep the war roiling until - they hope - the end of the Jewish state.

Rachel Corrie just needs to go away, but watch as this next becomes a case accusing Israel of war crimes.

Meanwhile, maybe Israel is growing up, because almost on the same day this verdict came out, 109 ISM activists, more Rachel Corries, were finally turned away at the Allenby Bridge by an Israeli government that has been a fall guy to the ISM and their terrorist sponsors for the last 11 years.

But don’t expect the Rachel Corrie clown show to end with this investigation. Plan on Israel’s lawyers and foreign ministry to be tied up in the Hague for the next few years, while the threat from Iran looms ever closer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My article below is now in the OpEd section of Arutz Sheva News: www.israelnationalnews.com
What Really is in Store for Israel if Iran has the Bomb.

Don't count on anyone from our side to push the button.

Back in 2006 I wrote about Iran’s nuclear program for Arutz Sheva and - so far - what I predicted back then is coming true.

Anyone who has followed this crucial issue knows that for the last six years at least, both the Israeli and US intelligence communities have been saying that Iran is only one or two years away from having a nuclear bomb.

Now we’re hearing it again: the Iranians are only a year or two from developing the Bomb, Israel must strike, the US must strike, we can’t let the Iranians have the Bomb.
Of course, they are absolutely right. But in the grey area of what should happen and what will actually happen, we have to look at history.

After the US rightfully dropped two nuclear bombs on the Japanese, ending World War II and saving not only American lives, but also those of Japanese who would have fought to the death for their emperor, leftist intellectuals working with communist spies and sympathizers managed to get America’s nuclear secrets to Stalin’s Soviet Russia.

The nuclear Cold War was on. Some intellectuals felt they had to give America’s nuclear secrets to the Russians out of a quest for “peace”, feeling that if the Russians had parity with the US, it would fear using the Bomb in a conflict. They were right, but they also gave the Communists a cudgel to wield as they practiced their policy of imperialism and extremism all around the world.

Sadly, many of the Americans who gave the Soviets the information or facilitated its transfer were disaffected Jews like J. Robert Oppenheimer (a creator of the Bomb) and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs, especially, can be equated with the “Jewish” ISM activists of today, running around passionately for Hamas and Iran.
Israel has a leftist community, some of them communists, some of them just plain stupid, who would gladly facilitate the same situation for Israel that befell the United States.

Mordecai Vanunu was already a known leftist when he was hired to work in Dimona and it should come as no surprise to an Israeli government that released the likes of Samir Kuntar and thousands of other terrorists, that he betrayed Israel’s nuclear secrets.

The Mossad, not the TV-type Mossad we have today, kidnapped Vanunu and brought him back to Israel where today he is a celebrity of the Left. He should have been executed for treason, or at least given life in prison.

Instead, he converted to Christianity and, more or less, is under house arrest and cannot leave Israel. The same types of Americans who enabled Stalin to get the Bomb were no different than those Israelis, like Vanunu, who would do the same to enable Israel’s enemies in the interest of “peace.”

Then the Chinese began developing nuclear weapons. During the election campaign being fought between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson, the Democrats ran a campaign ad that won them the election. Goldwater had advocated bombing the Chinese nuclear facilities to prevent the Chinese from acquiring the Bomb. The Democrats ran TV ads of an exploding nuclear device, warning Americans that voting for Goldwater could lead to war and a nuclear conflagration with the Russians. Johnson won by a landslide.

War was supposedly averted while the Chinese did get the Bomb. However, a lower intensity conflict came about in Vietnam, a Chinese and Russian client state. Developed. America had to consider facing the Chinese Bomb when dealing with North Vietnamese incursions.

We all know the outcome of that war. Over 50,000 Americans paid with their lives in a war that drained America’s Great Society of its loftier goals. This was still considered better than a massive war with the Soviets and Chinese, against whom the US had only achieved a draw years earlier in Korea.

Today, Israel faces the same abyss. One has only to look at Czechoslovakia before World War II to see history repeating itself.

War is too unimaginable to democratic states to go through again, so appeasement is the order of the day. Appeasement at all costs. For totalitarians, war is a solidifier of control when it’s against outsiders.

Unfortunately, the Jews always get caught in the middle. Jews were, according to the Germans, the reason Germany lost the previous war. Today, Israel as a Jewish state, is falsely accused of being the cause for all the turmoil and poverty in the totalitarian Arab world. America traditionally appeases that totalitarian world by reining in Israel and pressuring the Jewish state to make unreasonable and dangerous territorial compromises.

As for the Iranians today, the mullahs are the new Hitler. Ali Khamenei, the top Mullah in Iran is ill and dying. He cannot take with him all the perks that go with being top dog in a dictatorship. So the temptation of going out in a blaze of glory is a definite possibility.

Nevertheless, the other mullahs certainly envy his spot and would love to step in, if not as supreme ruler, then at least as one of the prosperous inner circle. Mutual self-destruction might deter them from following with a nuclear attack after Khamenei dies, but it’s possible that elements within the regime might give such weapons to the likes of Al Qaeda to destroy the US.

Even a limited war would temporarily close the Straits of Hormuz and at least temporarily throw the world’s economy into a tailspin. That tailspin would affect the Iranians as well, so neither side - probably - is going to want to go that route.
Israel will be the new Vietnam proxy. Hizbullah and Hamas will attack from the North and South and chop away bit by bit for Iran.

A new Palestinian state in the 'West Bank' will also become another Iranian proxy.
Whereas Vietnam was a fascist dictatorship fighting a communist dictatorship, Israel is a democracy and will thus put up a better fight. But America’s State Department is now betting on an alliance with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, and their taking control of Israel’s Arab neighbors to counterbalance the Shiites in Iran.

At the same time, the US is hedging its bets by building a Palestinian Arab Army in the 'West Bank' under US training and leadership. General Keith Dayton, the US trainer, has already stated this army will attack the IDF in two years if Israel doesn’t create a Palestinian state.

So what’s in store for Israel? The Iranians will not be stopped from developing the Bomb any more than China was by the US.

Israel, as the free democratic West’s aircraft carrier, will become the new Vietnam, picked away at by Islamic armies, sometimes with and sometimes without US help.
The CIA estimates are that if a nuclear war erupts between Israel and the Arabs, that Israel will prevail but lose 200,000 people in a pyrrhic victory.

It’s cheaper to lose a few Israelis to terror attacks now and then rather than go to a full blown war. Israel currently has more yearly traffic fatalities than deaths from terrorist attacks.

So Israelis should brace themselves for a new Cold War with Iran and the US, that will leave tiny Israel with the status quo and still no peace.

The only thing that’s going to change is the threat from Israel’s totalitarian enemies; that will continue to get worse.

Hizbullah in Lebanon went from a few thousand missiles to 50,000 that can now strike Tel Aviv. Iran’s getting the Bomb will only bring Armageddon that much closer, but don’t plan on anyone on our side pushing the button until our backs are completely to the wall.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

CopWatch Exposed and Andrea Pritchett

Check out my new video on You Tube here: http://youtu.be/dcQU8AW6Its

Andrea Pritchett runs a gang called CopWatch in Berkeley that goes to anarcist riots and assorted other police actions and she pts her camera right up into the faces of police officers.

Now mind you, if a police officer is abusive or violates the law, he or she should be treated the same as anyone else. But Pritchett is an anarchist who seeks to harass the police.

Her activities no doubt stem from her anger about drug enforcement. It seems Ms. Pritchett objects to the police doing anything to enforce the law as the video shows.
Yet when I turned the tide on her and began filming her outside the ISM's and CopWatch's meeting house in Berkeley, she immediately began to whine and cry about how our filming was "creepy" and that we were harassing her.

The ISM regularly trains anarchists at Grassroots House to go to the West Bank as human shields for the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Andra Pritchett went there with them before. But, hey, why hassle just the Israeli police when one can hasse American police officers? That's the Andrea Pritchett way.

If you find yourself at a demonstraiton or riot and see Andrea, especially if you have a camera follow her around and ask her stupid questions like she does to the police. This is how you effectively stop these anarchist weirdos that are having a field day.

Andrea, we'll see you again with our camera in hand. See: http://youtu.be/dcQU8AW6Its