Sunday, August 12, 2012

CopWatch Exposed and Andrea Pritchett

Check out my new video on You Tube here:

Andrea Pritchett runs a gang called CopWatch in Berkeley that goes to anarcist riots and assorted other police actions and she pts her camera right up into the faces of police officers.

Now mind you, if a police officer is abusive or violates the law, he or she should be treated the same as anyone else. But Pritchett is an anarchist who seeks to harass the police.

Her activities no doubt stem from her anger about drug enforcement. It seems Ms. Pritchett objects to the police doing anything to enforce the law as the video shows.
Yet when I turned the tide on her and began filming her outside the ISM's and CopWatch's meeting house in Berkeley, she immediately began to whine and cry about how our filming was "creepy" and that we were harassing her.

The ISM regularly trains anarchists at Grassroots House to go to the West Bank as human shields for the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Andra Pritchett went there with them before. But, hey, why hassle just the Israeli police when one can hasse American police officers? That's the Andrea Pritchett way.

If you find yourself at a demonstraiton or riot and see Andrea, especially if you have a camera follow her around and ask her stupid questions like she does to the police. This is how you effectively stop these anarchist weirdos that are having a field day.

Andrea, we'll see you again with our camera in hand. See:

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