Wednesday, April 20, 2011


New information of Vittorio Arrigoni: Killed for being gay.

It is now emerging that Vittorio Arrigoni may have been gay as the motivation for why some factions of Hamas killed him. This makes the most sense. Arrigoni was reportedly gay like so many other ISM anarchists who strive for an anti-establishment way of life. One of his killers was a Hamas policeman. That cetain factions of Hamas would have kidnapped an Italian national who was gay to put pressure on the other Hamas factions in dealing with the Italian government sounds plausible. However, the urge of the Muslims to murder a gay would have been just too tempting. Gays are being murdered all the time in Gaza under the repressive Hamas regime, a regime the ISM loves to support in its quest to kill Jews, Christians and anyone else from the "establishment."
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