Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The usual crop of geniuses planning to attend Al Awda's Fifth Western Planning Conference have already left some comments here on this blog. I noted this one:

"Your stupidity astounds me. Where are your citations that back your claim that this is a Hamas support group and is linked to the Nazi party? You are a sad excuse for an investigative journalist and have absolutely zero credibility. You are an idiotic lunatic."

Of course, Al Awda hid the evidence when this "sad excuse of an investigative journalist" outted them back in 2006-7 and got them kicked off the UC Riverside campus, but I can still show you their links to the US Nazi Party and support for Hamas. Go to this link:


That is, of course, NSM88.com, the US Nazi Party website. Next scroll down on the left until you see Al Awda's offical logo for the boycott and divestment from Israel.
It's an Israeli flag with a stop symbol over it. Just below that see the words
"Boycott Israel" in blue. Click on them and VOILA!!!

You are immediately taken to the Boycott Israeli goods webpage where the first group
mentioned as sponsoring the website is.....Al AWDA!!!! Note we don't just have an innocent link here, we have Al Awda's offical logo on the Nazi website linking to Al Awda's offical boycott and divestment page against the Jews and Israel.Thank God for the Internet archive.

Actually, this "idiotic lunatic," (as opposed to a brilliant lunatic?) forgot about all this in alerting the administration at SDSU they are hosting an anti-Semitic planning conference put on by an organization that also funds Hamas and supports terrorist groups and Nazis. Since another genius named Aria wrote in the comments section here demanding "proof" (as if such proof would actually make her quit supportng Al Awda or even Hamas) here's more proof of Al Awda's support for Hamas:


Al Awda delegates were of course major sponsors of Viva Palestina and part of the delegation to bring money to Hamas. Ah, yes..... Read more about the last west coast
conference of theirs I got booted from UC Riverside here:

Jess Ghannam was with the Viva Palestina gang by the way. He's a major west coast leader of Al Awda and will be at SDSU on February 13th.

Thanks to these two geniuses who commented here for reminding me of the links Al Awda has to the US Nazi Party because I forgot about the NSM88 website info. I'll be sending it to Betsy Kinsley, SDSU's President's Chief of Staff tomorrow to show her some more how her taxpayer institution is being used by an organization that gladly works with the US Nazi Party, Hamas, Hezbollah (that murdered 243 US marines in 1983)
and that still supports terrorism and murder.

Now that you, dear readers, know this also. Please be sure to email EKinsley@mail.sdsu.edu and urge her to cancel this obnoxious anti-Jewish hate fest that Al Awda is hoping the US taxpayer will foot the bill for. In any case, if it goes through, rest assured there will be more Zionist Jews inside than anti-Semites and we will make certain the planning and strategy sessions are nowhere near as fruitful as Al Awda was planning.

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Fatima said...

As a Arab lesbian, I have a great deal of trouble with organizations such as Al Awda. I attended their conference at San Francisco State a few years back, and was shocked by their justification of suicide bombing and terror. Al Awda doesn't realize that they way to help the Palestinian people is not to destroy Israel, but to work for democracy- to reject the good old boy patriachy and oppression of Hamas and build something better.....