Monday, February 8, 2010


According to La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid, an ex-marine, the city of La Mesa is going to allow the Al Awda Conference to take place this Saturday. This means protestors should be out in force on February 13th a La Mesa Community Center and others should go in and document what Al Awda is doing. There is no difference between this event and one in whcih the Klan made arrangments to discriminate against and support violence against African-Americans. It should be noted that Mayor Madrid said he would even allow the Klan to hold such a meeting in his taxpayer-supported facility.

If you ever wonder why the Middle East conflict is unending, it's because of thugs like in Al Awda who perpetuate the end of Israel as the only solution. Jess Ghannam thinks he's a revolutionary and "by any means necessary." I encourage people who wish to protest this to go inside and dispute false information. And remember, they not only are raising money for Hamas, but they support the Taliban and Hizbalah who ahve killed American soldiers. Let's get a good turnout to oppose this. The WIMPS OF THE YEAR AWARD go to the city staff of La Mesa, Ca. Nearby marines at Camp Pendleton take note of this also. There will be many groups coming from as far away as LA, PAsadena and Arizona to protest this event. Please join us.

La Mesa Community Center
4975 Memorial Drive Feb 13 Sat 9:30am-6pm
La Mesa, CA 91942-9308
(619) 667-1307


lanche5 said...

Mr. Kaplan, I have an email from Art Madrid that I would like to share with you. Can I email it to you somewhere?

Lee Kaplan said...


You can email me at

Stop the ISM Team member Yehiel

Dusty said...

There were so few people there- i was really surprised. What do you think, Lee? 50 maybe? 60?