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La Mesa, California Mayor Art Madrid sees nothing wrong with hosting Jew-haters and groups that fund terrorism for "planning conferences" in his city. Students for Justice in Palestine who sponsored the event, openly have praised terrorist murderers like Leila Khaled pictured here:

Read about PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled here:

Less than 50 people showed up for the event at the La Mesa Community Center after SDSU gave them the boot. Meanwhile, this was the SECOND TIME Madrid has allowed the Hezbollah-Hamas-Taliban-Iran supporting group to use city facilities for strategy and planning sessions in time of war after they were kicked off a California campus. It was only last month that Al Awda's co-founder Jess Ghannam was in Gaza bringing cash to aid Hamas. The divestment and boycott strategies to be used against Jews planned at Al Awda events smack of the same divestment and boycott schemes that the Nazis in Germany first used in going after the Jews.

I was undercover this weekend at the Al Awda West Coast Planning Conference. I'll have a detailed report and videos from the event to reveal what went on inside. Meanwhile, I want to comment about La Mesa's "City Manager" or Mayor, Art Madrid, who allowed this obnoxious event to go forward in La Mesa's community center. Madrid, an ex-marine himself, saw nothing wrong with giving a venue to an organization that openly supports and praises Hezbollah that murdered 241 US marines in Beirut in 1983 and openly supports the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents who kill our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Students for Justice in Palestine at SDSU who sponsored this event also have praised Leila Khaled who murdered US Navy diver Robart Stethem during an airplane hijacking by the PFLP in Beirut. The administration at San Diego State where they were kicked out from before going to La Mesa looked at my proof that Al Awda 1) Is anti-Semitic and has worked with the US Nazi Party 2) Has been proven to as recently as last month giving money and material aid to Hamas, a known terrorist organization 3) Supports the activities of terrorists like Leila Khaled 4)seeks boycotts against American and Israeli businesses that employ Jews 5) seeks to get US universities to discriminate against Jews as subterfuge and to promote war on Israel.

Madrid, it seems, was once found lying drunk in the middle of the road in La Mesa by the police department. It figures. This is the guy who obviously did not look at the copious documentation I sent him about Al Awda or chose to ignore it entirely. It's
because of people like Madrid that the War on Terror goes on forever. I asked Madrid if he would allow a similar meeting held by the Ku Klux Klan calling for boycotting African-Americans in La Mesa's community center and he replied that he absolutely would!!! I believe him because he is intellectually lazy and stands on no pinciples at all, least of all those of our patriotic marines. Hopefully, the voters of La Mesa will recall this event during the next election there. And thank God the administrators at SDSU had the good sense to read everything. For more on that, see my previous posts.

Of those who did show up to protest, there were two women who were accosted by Zahi Damuni and Jess Ghannam outside and denied admittance to learn just what was being said inside. These two men are co-founders of Al Awda along with Mazen Qumsiyeh, a PFLP acolyte presently living in Beit Sahour in the Palestinian Authority.

Zahi Damuni

Jess Ghannam

One of the women was driven to tears as Damuni and Ghannam yelled at her, "You're not wanted here" and ordered the Arab-American students present to not speak to her. Were this only an event related to free speech like Madrid, the street sleeper, tried to suggest, then why the secrecy behind closed doors at a taxpayer-paid facility? The answer is simple: At one point two of the Arab-American students present asked if given Al Awda's goal of taking ALL OF ISRAEL back, if it was achieved, what would happen to the Jews living there, Damuni refused to answer the question because he knew the answer: they are to all be killed or deported.

Al Awda is no different than the German-American Bund before World War II. They support America's enemies while we are at war and even raise money for them. Art Madrid told the woman who protested this event that I had "personal reasons" for trying to get this event canceled in La Mesa after getting it canceled previously at SDSU and UC Riverside.

He didn't tell her what "personal reasons" meant, but I can explain them: I am a Jew and a patriotic American. To an obtuse personality like Madrid, taxpayer-funded faciltiies can be used by those who attack a minority group and give succor to the enemies our soldiers fight in the middle of a war. Disgraceful.

Be sure and read the touching emails below from the women who confronted Madrid and the fascists at the Al Awda conference. Their last names were removed for privacy issues. I'll have a more detailed report on the Conference with recordings and videos later this week:

I went to Al Awda today. I saw the devil with my own eyes. I spoke with the members from SDSU, only children, but hating America. I saw the professors who came to speak. I heard them yelling and demeaning my country. One by one, men came and yelled at me as I stood.... alone. One woman, one mother, one wife, one daughter and my police stood against me - THEY TOOK MY CHAIR as I stood alone. I saw the depth of our problem, how far we have strayed. I asked my policeman, "Whom shall I trust?" I am ashamed to say, I broke down and cried. I felt afraid and I could not return to my car.

But while all this was happening, I talked to the children.... for hours. These things were but interludes, hindering my work. The students, maybe 6 in number, talked to me. They saw what happened and while they spewed evil about my beloved country, if I listened attentively, they'd listen right back at me. I was able to give one a pocket Constitution. They each admitted that they could not name five founding fathers, yet were attending college. They listened as I told them what makes America great. I told them so many things and.... it was good.

Except for the others. They were getting angry at me but, I had my rights with me and I had the Creator who gave them to me.

These students, they knew every evil taught them, they were predicatble. They watched as their heros came and attacked me with lies and they knew they were lying about saying I was doing things I was not. And... it was good. We talked about it between each evil interloper who would come to yell at me hoping to intimidate or scare me into leaving. They watched as men stood inches away from me in stand-offs, demanding that I leave, "I was not welcome." Truly, they thundered at me.

The students watched as I stood alone and told these men, each as he boomed at me, "I am not leaving, I have a right to be here. STOP TALKING TO ME AND GET AWAY FROM ME." But, I did not move. These men were angry. They hated our country. They were planning. They had a box for donations with words I'm not going to type. No cursing but, I just don't want to type them. The students did not like what they saw... no, not at all. And I used it. Eventually, the students were ordered not to speak to me. Yet, I could still speak to them. This worked out better than I could have dreamed. I told them, "Can't you see these are angry people? Why do they hate me? Is it because my hair is blonde?" They could not answer. I used it some more. I told them, "I am sorry you aren't allowed to talk to me." They would smile. "I've never been around people before who weren't allowed to talk to me."

Then I told them of these men's hearts. I told the students that they were so nice to me and how I enjoyed talking with them. Told them they were nice. But the adults inside, most especially two specific men, the meanest, their hearts were hardened, I told the children. We must look at our foundation and what was so good about America that men traveled from all over the world to come here. So many died. They sought freedom. America, the beacon to the world. I even got in some 500 Year Leap material!

I did not get home until 3:00 p.m. because there was no one else to do it and I felt it had to be done. Everyone at the seminars, even our own university professors will not forget me. Neither will the children. Not for some time anyway. An impact was made.

Maybe there was one child that learned something in those hours. Maybe one will be saved. I wanted so much to go to I-Caucus but I guess I have to trust that I was where I was supposed to be on this day because as much as today was a profoundly disturbing & heartbraching experience for me, God has a plan.

I just wish he'd tell it to the cops. Oh, I should add that by the end, one of the cops told me that they (3) had a discussion about me and were all talking about what big _ _ _ _ I have. So that's good!

Psalm 121

Below are email exchanges between Mayor Madrid and the other woman present that day prior to the event being held on February 13th, 2010.

Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 11:45 AM
To: 'Art Madrid'
Subject: RE: Al Awda

Mayor Madrid,

Your response to my inquiry was quite disturbing for a number of reasons which I have detailed here.

After this response to your writing, I have listed specific questions which I ask you to address.

You stated that your response to my email was delayed because "... (you were) having extensive discussions with our City Attorney, City Manager, Police Chief, who in turn has talked to Homeland Security. As much as (you) personally dislike any organization that promotes hate, every one of those (you) counseled with agreed that they, Al Awda, have first amendment rights that need to be protected." It is irresponsible at best to advocate that our first amendment is somehow designed to protect those who have declared war against us and our allies.

I would like to know if they are aware of the organization's stated purpose and and goals. Might they find cause to disallow the group access to taxpayer funded facilities for the purpose of organizing against the United States and our allies during a time when an attack on us is "imminent?" It seems that each of these public servants would be well advised to remember that the mass-murders at Fort Hood could be reasonably foreseen and were therefore preventable.

I would also like to draw your attention to the first paragraph of your response again where when referring to Al Awda you stated, "As much as I personally dislike any organization that promotes hate..." I appreciate that we are in agreement here that this organization promotes hate. We might also agree, with some investigation on your part, that this organization whether directly or through their chosen affiliations, promotes torture and murder: murder of citizens of the United States of America including those living in La Mesa. This intent has been clearly stated and documented and, as I mentioned, it is quite disturbing that the individuals you consulted with seem unaware of this fact especially when you mention Homeland Security who has informed our nation of an "imminent" coming attack.

Hate speech is not a "first amendment right that needs to be protected." In fact, small children can be expelled from their schools for hate speech - without intent.

You repeatedly mentioned Mr. Lee Kaplan in your response to me. I do not know Mr. Kaplan but was quite curious that you mentioned his appeal to you to cancel this hate group's upcoming training session "for his own personal reasons." When reading this, I wondered what personal reasons this man might have. Was his son one of the United States Marines murdered by Al Awda's known affiliate, Hezbollah, in Beirut in 1983? Or did you simply mean "personal reasons" believing it unusual that other Americans would disapprove of hate groups who promote terror against us?

You also mentioned that this Mr. Kaplan has "taken credit" for having this particular hate group expelled from San Diego State University but that you called the president's office and found they did not hold their conference there because of costs. I was shocked and saddened at your choice of words as they displayed not only your animosity toward this man but of the result to prevent this group from fueling hatred and murderous intent amongst our students in a school and taxpayer funded facility.

While much of your response to me was directed at the illusive Mr. Kaplan, I will greatly appreciate your focus on this writer.

You also wrote that "... the city has done an extensive investigation into our ability to refuse Al Awda, or anyone else we don't agree with..." I did not advocate your refusal to grant the use of our publicly funded facilities to "anyone we don't agree with." I specifically pleaded for your refusal to grant the use of our taxpayer funded facilities to a known hate group that is part of the International Solidarity Movement proven to be funders of the terrorist organizations known as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Further, you stated "It seems to me that if there is any disturbance, it will be caused by Mr. Kaplan..." whom, again, I do not know. This has caused further curiosity. Is this Mr. Kaplan a known enemy of the state? Has this Mr. Kaplan been found guilty of funding terror? Is this man a murderer of American Soldiers? Why is this man the target of your assaults in your response to me when I have directed your attention toward a group that promotes terror, murder and mass destruction?

Not stopping there you went on to show a disregard for this mother's appeal by stating, "... he (Kaplan) has either called the other council members or had some of his followers call and voice strong objection to Al Awda's use of our facility." It seems as if you have diminished my appeal by linking me to these "followers" as you call them. On the other hand, you have also notified me that there are others who have appealed to you in your capacity as Mayor to protect the citizens, our families and our community from known terror networks during a time when our country has been targeted for destruction. Did you respond to each of these other individuals by repeatedly attacking a third person and alleging that they were one group, worse than the hate/terror group they asked you to consider?

You wrote, "This is no different (than) if Mr. Kaplan wanted to rent the facility to promote his organization and Al Awda asked the council to cancel his request..." Be advised, it is very different. Unless of course, Al Awda was a peaceful organization that respected the right of people of the United States of America to exist and thereby the citizens of La Mesa, and this Mr. Kaplan was a known fund raising arm of multiple terrorist organizations who were known to have killed United States Marines and issued known threats against our country and our allies. See the difference?

In another insult to my plea you wrote that I may stand before the city council to voice my concerns "so that (I) or any of the others who he (Kaplan again) has contacted..." Again, I do not know Mr. Kaplan. Is it so unbelievable for you that a situation as grave as that discussed here might entice me to seek your help in keeping my children and myself safe? Remember, our federal government, at the highest levels, has advised us that we can expect an attack against us, from known terror groups, in the next six months!

You also wrote that this Mr. Kaplan (again) "... assured (you) that he would be here on the 13th and request(ed) police protection. (Your) response was that we could not provide it. One can not instigate civil unrest and then ask for protection." Wow, Mr. Madrid. Again, I am left to wonder who this Kaplan man is. Does this man pay taxes in these United States? Does he contribute to our police forces? Is he entitled to protection simply because he's a citizen?

Why choose to pervert the First Amendment by allowing terror groups to grow and flourish, on American soil, during a time of war but, refuse to protect the rights of citizens?

And, who exactly is instigating civil unrest?

Again, could the murders at Fort Hood have been prevented by coupling facts with common sense? And do you, Mayor Art Madrid, have certain knowledge that could prevent even one attack on one American at any time in the future?

Finally, no. You did not answer my questions. Today, my specific questions are outlined and numbered as follows:

1. Are there any publicly funded public service entities that have found ways to prevent Al Awda from using taxpayer subsidized facilities in La Mesa from using such venues to promote hate and terror against the United States of America and/or her allies?

2. Will there be any publicly funded public service entities present during Al Awda's presentation and the surrounding conference to monitor any promotion of hate and/or murder?

3. Will you or any members of the La Mesa City Council be present during the entirety or any portion of this event?

4. Is it possible for me to attend this conference?

5. Is it possible for any publicly funded public service entities to provide protection for myself and my children if we are near the La Mesa Community Center on the day of this "event?"

6. Will my first amendment rights be protected by publicly funded public service entities if I or my children are attacked by any person attending this hate seminar?

7. If you were provided with exact steps to be taken to prevent the advancement of terror through Al Awda's networks using La Mesa as a platform, and there would be no violations of law, would you use those steps to prevent this conference?

8. Do you personally believe that the murders at Fort Hood could have been prevented?

9. Are there any other organizations, known to be affiliated with known terror organizations currently scheduled to use any taxpayer funded or subsidized facilities in La Mesa at this time? And if so, what organizations, where and when?

10. At this time, Mr. Kaplan is an imaginary third person to me, do you have knowledge of this man hurting any Americans?

11. Assuming number 10 above reveals this man is not violent in any way, please advise me as to how I may contact this Mr. Kaplan.

Please direct your response to each question using the corresponding number above to ensure clarity.

Thank you,

Alicia and Rob, concerned citizens and parents
-----Original Message-----
From: Art Madrid []
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 8:58 PM
To: Rob and Alicia
Cc: David E. Witt
Subject: RE: Al Awda

Mrs. ----, I was not avoiding responding to your e-mail, I was having extensive discussions with our City Attorney, City Manager, Police Chief, who in turn has talked to Homeland Security. As much as I personally dislike any organization that promotes hate, every one of those we counseled with agreed that they, Al Awda, have first amendment rights that need to be protected.

This organization used our facility last year and I’m informed that there were no disturbances. Mr. Lee Kaplan has been insisting that I cancel their use of the community center for his own personal reasons. He has also taken credit and claimed he was responsible for “kicking them out” of two Universities, including San Diego State. I spoke with the President’s office at SDSU and they did not kick them out, they left because the fee structure quoted to them, by both universities, is more than they could afford.

Please be assured that the city has done an extensive investigation into our ability to refuse Al Awda, or anyone else we don’t agree with, the use our public facilities.

We can’t legally do so with out breaking the law.

It seems to me that if there is any disturbance, it will be caused by Mr. Kaplan who assured me that he was calling individuals in the city/region to come and picket the community center. To my know, he has either called the other council members or had some his followers call and voice strong objection to Al Awad’s use of our facility. He assured me that he would make sure that there would be a protest.

Every council member is aware of the Al Awda’s request to use the center. They also disagree with what this group stands, but acknowledges they are entitled to their 1st. Amendment rights. This is no different that if Mr. Kaplan wanted to rent the facility to promote his organization and Al Awda asked the council to cancel his request because they didn’t agree with his views.

I would encourage you to come to our council meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, and during public comments express your objection or views so that you or any of the others who he has contacted feel free to express your objection. I extended that same courtesy to Mr. Kaplan, and he was not sure if he could attend, but assured me that he would be here on the 13th and request police protection. My response was that we could not provide it. One can not instigate civil unrest and then ask for protection.

I hope this answers your questions. I will also be making copies of this e mail to all council members and appropriate department heads.

Art Madrid


From: Rob and Alicia
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 3:36 PM
To: Art Madrid
Subject: RE: Al Awda

Mayor Madrid,

I have had no response to my email below nor any response to my phone message left for you. Your lack of response leads me to believe that you support the La Mesa Community Center being used by the terrorist group Al Awda. Al Awda is a Palestinian group that is part of the International Solidarity Movement that was recently proven to be funding the terrorist organization, Hamas. In addition, Al Awda supports Hezbollah a group responsible for killing 241 US Marines in Beirut in 1983. They also supported Sadaam Hussein and they support Iran against the United States. Our elected officials have a solemn responsibility to protect citizens and that protection STARTS HERE AT HOME. By my email and phone message, you are personally aware of the intent of a known terrorist support network to enter our city and speak to our citizens. We, the people are watching like never before and you will be held personally accountable for your decisions. A mistake here, will NOT be tolerated.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob and Alicia
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 10:06 AM
To: ''
Subject: Al Awda
Importance: High

As a business owner in La Mesa, I object to a taxpayer-supported facility being used by a propaganda and funding arm of Hamas and Hezbollah. I will show up and protest if it should be used for this planning and strategy session against the Jews as will hundreds of my fellow Americans.

Please cancel this event and do not allow the fine city of La Mesa to be tainted by this hate group.

Alicia M.


Let's hope the city of La Mesa tosses Madrid in the next election.

And for the record, the Al Awda leadership verbally acknowledged at the conference they were kicked out of SDSU because of me, Lee Kaplan. For reasons of saving face, SDSU gave other excuses. However, they, like Madrid, know the real reasons. I explained this to Madrid in one of our phone conversations, so his replies in the above emails are disingenuous. Keep coming back here for my full report.

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