Thursday, February 4, 2010


As Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

San Diego State Unviersity booted the Fifth Western Regional Al Awda Conference out of Aztec Center this February 13th. If Al Awda's links to the US Nazi Party, its anti-Semitism, its support for those who murder our US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, their financial support for Hamas and love of Hizballah, aren't enough, the simple fact that this conference is a planning and strategy session to continue the war on Israel and especially the Jews, both Israeli and American Jews, was enough to get the administration at SDSU to cancel this obnoxious event.

Al Awda also willingly left, I am sure, because the administration required they not deny access to Jews and that cameras and recorders be allowed.

Nevertheless, our work is not over yet. Al Awda, in trying to get the taxpayer to foot the bill as usual, moved the venue to the La Mesa Community Center in the nearby town of La Mesa, California. Those of you who emailed Betsy KInsley at SDSU now need to email Mayor Madrid of La Mesa and voice your same objections. Our plans to protest this event should it take place in La Mesa should be the same as at SDSU and websites and message boards need to mention this change of venue. La Mesa is more easily accessed than SDSU anyway, so everyone should plan on going to the new
venue in La Mesa. Email the Mayor right away: and tell him you object to his taxpayer-supported facility being used by a propaganda and funding arm of Hamas and Hizballah and that you plan to show up and protest if it should be used for this planning and strategy session against the Jews.

Anyone who wants to think Al Awda is just a charity or political opinion group needs to read my articles on the Web about these clowns. Of particular note historically, is the page from Radio Islam, a wing of Al Awda that had quotations from a US Nazi leader, Pastor Redfeairn, and speaks about the "Blood Orgy of the Jewish Devils". That page has been removed by Al-Awda but is archived on the Web from 2006-7 from when I got Al Awda kicked off the UC Riverside campus. You can view it at this link:

URGENT! EMail Mayor Madrid and urge him not to let Al-Awda hold their event in the
La Mesa Community Center and tell him you will be there to protest should
they do so:

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Roger said...

Good work getting this propaganda, recruiting and fundraising conference of supporters of terrorism kicked out of SDSU. Probably, La Mesa will also not allow it. This is not a free speech issue. It is a issue of whether groups that support terrorism should be allowed to organize, propagandize, recruit and raise funds on public property and at the expense of the taxpayers. The answer to that is easy. No!!