Friday, January 22, 2010


The Hamas supporting trolls of Al Awda are trying for another taxpayer-supported venue at San Diego State University. In 2007 I got this organization booted off the UC Riverside campus where they planned to hold the same West Coast conference after I showed their support for terrorism and links to the US Nazi Party. They moved their events to Hilton Hotels but that must have proved expensive since they are now two years later moving back to a public campus.

First, these guys are dirty when it comes to support for Hamas. The last conference invited a PFLP terrorism member as guest of honor. With the recent Viva Palestina fiasco they no doubt are working even more for the Hamas camp. Jess Ghannam is no doubt involved here also. Al Awda was active in bringing in money and support for the Hamas terror group along with George Galloway (thanks to the idiots in our own government, Galloway was allowed to raise 1.2 million dollars for Hamas in the US
with Al Awda's participation).

As a California taxpayer and even if you are just a US taxpayer you should be damned annoyed that SDSU is allowing this on campus. It is sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine. Write to complain before February 13th to: "Betsy" Kinsley is the Chancellor's Chief of Staff. Demand this be shut down.


Aria said...

You sound very familiar! And you notice the links to Nazi parties well, you must have been-at one point-one of them. I did email SDSU and demanded that they don't listen to your non-sensical crap.

katie said...

Your stupidity astounds me. Where are your citations that back your claim that this is a Hamas support group and is linked to the Nazi party? You are a sad excuse for an investigative journalist and have absolutely zero credibility. You are an idiotic lunatic.

Fatima said...

The Zionists are advertising this on all of the local blogs and list-serves. Judging by their response-there will be more Zionists attending this conference than not. It should be interesting