Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I know...I know...I haven't written on this blog for the last three months. Mea culpa. I don't like blogs because I prefer to write in mainstream media. The trolls
are at it again, this time making cartoons about my hair and, no, I don't wear a wig.

That said, I'm going to try and do at least an entry a week in here. The latest I want to discuss is the Viva Palestina convoy that should be renamed Hamas r us.
Turkey helped finance this gang of terrorist supporters and what's worse is the Turkish Navy provided a military sea crew to help them sail the Hamas aid to Gaza.
The new Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is seeking a new Caliphate and supports Hamas against Israel. The Shayelet 13 (Israeli Navy Seals) should have boarded the boat,
arrested the crew and turned the ship back (the Turkish navy captain reportedly ignored IDF Navy warnings to turn back,a few shots off the bow could have prevented).
If the IDF can be cowed this way to permit aid to get to Hamas, what chance is there of getting Iran to recognize a bona fide threat against its nuclear program? Frankly, this isn't the Israel of old that survived for 60 years by not putting up with nonsense.

Viva Palestina is allied now with La Voz De Aztlan, Al Awda and other similar scumbag groups against the US and Israel. The organization openly gave cash to Hamas
during its previous two trips. Now they plan on another event in March through their affiliate in Free Gaza, aka Huwaida Arraf, Greta Berlin, Hedy Epstein, Anna Baltzer and other associated dirtbags. Steve Emerson has an excellent report of Viva Palestina and its links and material support for Hamas. Too bad our law enforcement agencies can't find the time to shut these terror-supporting creeps down. Go to: .

Viva Palestina, Free Gaza and other ISM groups have become a big business in the US
thanks to our colleges giving them a network from which to work and expand. In March,
these ISM creeps will be back with a bigger campaign to boycott Israel. This is why I am making a call to arms for supporters of America and Israel (not a literal call to arms but one to get people off their duffs). In coming weeks I will explain how the average person can help Stop the ISM.

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