Monday, June 23, 2008


Adam Shapiro, key founder of the ISM is now in Israel under assumed name working to assist terrorist groups. Shapiro, banned from Israel for at least five years, somehow managed to elude the border control, now in the country illegally.

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Shapiro claims he is nonviolent but supports armed resistance against Israel. He has also said he no longer considers himself a Jew, but claims he is one when attacking Israel's existence.


Barbara Lubin of Middle East Childrens Alliance, the main money launderer for the ISM in the US, through the A.J. Muste Foundation is also in the Judea and Samaria right now working and plotting with her associates in the Dheshieh Camp. Her associate, Dr. Mona al-Farrah, has said all her patients are terrorists in refusing to sign a US State Department agreement not to use USAID funds to aid terrorists.

These are bad people running around in Israel and they probably changed their names to get in.


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