Tuesday, June 3, 2008


For those of you who heard the John Loftus show and the Jim Kirkwood Show on K-TALK.com tonight (June 3rd), please write the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit at the address below and demand they investigate why Paul LaRudee and his ISM Support Group in Northern California were given non-profit tax exemption to raise money that is going to finance a flotilla to help the Hamas by trying to run the IDF Navy blockade of Gaza to help smuggle weapons in for Hamas. LaRudee was deported from Israel for Hamas conenctions and has openly worked to aid Hizballah, all known Foreign Terrorist Organizations. No doubt he lied on his application and he is also violating anti-terror laws in the US by training individuals to go abroad and aid terrorist groups.

Write to:

IRS- EO Classification

4910 DAL

1100 Commerce Street

Dallas TX 75242-1198

Attn: Criminal investigations


Irish said...

It is you, Mr. Kaplan, who is the terrorist. You have threatened Paul LaRudee with bodily harm and several of us have your threats on video tape. You pushed another ISM volunteer into a stage two years ago and you've hit Mr. LaRudee.

Our suggestion is that you take you venomous tirades out against the men you have sex with instead of peaceful activists who are trying to get the world to see the slow motion genocide of the Palestinians. If you continue to pursue your vicious attempts, those of us who have witnessed your behaviour will step up, we can assure you.

Lee Kaplan said...

Nice try.

I have never struck Paul LaRudee and do not engage in physical assault. I have gotten Paul deported from Israel for assistance to Hamas and will eventually see him in priosn for his assistance to terrorist groups.
I have never pushed an ISM volunteer into a stage either.

You also imply I am gay when I am heterosexual. So please do step up as your ISM tactics of lying will not help you. I dare you.

Lee Kaplan

Lee Kaplan said...

prison (typo above)

Note: an ISM volunteer was just found guilty of passport fraud and funding Hamas in upstate New York by the name of Hupper thanks to my investigative work by the ISM.

Rest assured that Paul LaRudee will g0o to prison as a reult of my investigative work in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Lee.

Dusty said...

From their website:

We are now in Cyprus awaiting our boats' arrival from Crete. When they come in, we will fuel up (with very high-cost diesel) and stock necessary food and supplies. We hope to cast off for Gaza this weekend. We are told that hundreds of thousands of Gazans will greet us on arrival.

Many people thought we'd never come this far. But here we are and we firmly intend to set sail regardless of some recent staggering debts. Frankly, we have spent much more than we raised; here are just a few of our recent expenses:

•Two Sailor 250 FleetBroadband systems to allow us to stay in electronic contact and to send streaming video in real time, $16,000 each, or $32,000;
•Repairs required to make the boats seaworthy, $25,000-$30,000;
•Electronics, wiring, connections, satellite uplinks, SPOT Trackers to make the system work, $5000-$8000. (Most of the labor on the electronics and boats has been donated by the Greek crew and technicians.)
•Forty-four life jackets and two hand-held GPS units, $8000;
•Paint & banners for the boats, and balloons & toys for Gaza children, $2000
•Diesel fuel for both boats, both ways, $15,000 to $25,000.

Except for part of the diesel fuel, we have already paid these costs by running our personal credit cards to the limit, borrowing money, and asking some of the Greek crew to help. Frankly, we're tapped out...

Does that make it $109,000 in expenses and less than $2000 for the kids?
Thats not much of a charity- in reality, the contributions went for a cruise of the Greek islands for 40 + haters.

Doesn't seem like money well spent, to me.