Monday, July 21, 2008


For those unfamiliar with the ISM, Palestine Children's Welfare Fund in Texas is one of their affiliates. The charity claims to raise money for Palestinian children, but on its website it used to extoll terrorism and suicide bombers. Paul LaRudee, of Norcal ISM whoI got deported from Israel in 2006 has been working with PCWF collecting money for a chartered boat to try and break IDF naval control of Gaza to facilitate smuggling in more weapons by sea to attack Israel.

Fundraising for this flotilla was being raised through PCWF with LaRudee listed as a fundraising coordinator for the event, funds being sent to Larudee's home address in El Cerrito, CA. The FBI has been looking into PCWF's fundraising, especially since monies raised by PCWF were disburded in Palestinian refugee camps run by UNWRA that is run by Hamas. Riad Hamad as the head of PCWF may have contributed to his own demise by ticking off Hamas leadership.

Hamad sued writers David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and Joe Kaufman for libel and defamation in a lawsuit where I was also mentioned in a brief. The suit was declared frivolous by the judge and Hamad was forced to pay out over $60,000 in legal expenses and sanctions to the defendants. Hamad, a schoolteacher, probably had to pull that money from PCWF funds that were destined for Hamas via the UNWRA camps.
That plus growing scrutiny by the FBI of PCWF fundraising may have made Hamad a liability for Hamas fundraising in the USA (40% of Hamas fundraising is estimated to be coming from the US and UK illegally). The Gaza flotilla on the PCWF site also contained an invite from a high level Hamas official. The Holy Land Foundation trial, also in Texas where PCWF is based also is looking into Hamas funding through
fake charitable donations to children.

Hamas may have felt that Hamad was about to be exposed by the FBI, or they may have been ticked off at $60,000 lost due to the frivolous lawsuit, or they may have feared Hamad turning state's evidence for the FBI. In any case, Hamad was found drowned in Ladybird Lake in texas. The Austin Police said it was suicide but his hands and feet were bound and he was gagged with masking tape.

The pro-Arab whackos are running around claiming this was a Mossad of FBI hit, but no way. Hamas probably killed Hamad because he knew too much and his flamboyant style was calling attention to his fundraising activities on their behalf. If Hamad pulled the $60K in court sanctions from Hamas destined funding, that too may have been a death warrant for Hamad.

At the same time this is occuring, in the West Bank the IDF has raided numerous Hamas
offices where records of money laundering from the US may have been turning up. Hamas may have feared that Hamad's involvement was about to be exposed.


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