Monday, August 18, 2008


You can never underestimate Norcal ISM leader Paul LaRudee and his assistant, over-the-hill bottled blonde anti-Semite Greta Berlin from Women in Black in Los Angeles. They wanted a dream sailing vaction in the Greek Isles, and what better way to get one than to claim they have a "flotilla" (two rickety chratered sailboats) heading to buck the Israeli Navy and break the naval blockade of Gaza to facilitate the smuggling of more weapons to Hamas.

LaRudee had most of the $210,000 out of a goal of $300,000 in donations sent directly to his home in El Cerrito, California where there's a nice shiny new car in the driveway and he lives like most of his radical-communist-wannabe-revolutionaries-
spolied-brat ISM children could only hope to have. His co-partner in raising money for this trip was just found murdered in Texas. Seems he was dipping into the till. Those Hamas boys don't like it when you steal from them and the FBI might have turned LaRudee's partner toward state's evidence.

You gotta love Greta Berlin's hypocrisy. This woman hates the USA but she named one of the boats "LIberty" after the USS Liberty that was sunk by accident by the Israeli Air Force in a combat zone when it was mistaken for an Egytpian communications spy ship. Now, she's a great American patriot showing the world that Israel really killed the US sailors on board intentionally, and how those big bad Jews should be stopped from controlling the great humanitarians in Hamas.

These two turkeys, in their great humantiarian mission, plan to bring a few hundred hearing aids to the children of Gaza. That's the Gaza Flotilla's big humnaitarian gesture, you see.

So let me see here. They could ship this stuff to the Palestinian Arabs for maybe $200 but need to spend $200,000 + dollars to bring them in via smuggling lanes as an affront to the Israeli Navy. Sure, try and trump up some bullshit humaitarian cause to justify your Greek vacation in the Isles. Will these two seek tax deductions as well for their trips? This remains to be seen.

If you want to see what an anti-Semite Greta Berlin is, go to and click on Rogues Gallery. Find Greta's profile then scroll to the bottom and see what her stepdaughter says about her hatred for Jews. As for LaRudee, he was already deported from Isael for connections to Hamas. You see, he knows there's no way he will get back in since he tried going under a false identity and has worked for Hizballah later. So, what the hey, why not a pricey Greek vacation at the expense of his revolutionary movement for the Order of the Perpetual Whiners, the Palestinians?

Oh, yeah. We shouldn't forget Hedy Epstein, fake Holocaust survivor. Hedy's parents were anti-Zionist idelogues in Nazi Germany who refused to emigrate to Palestine when they could so sent their teenage daughter before the war to the UK where she never went hungry a day in her life. Her parents, however, perished in the camps in Aushwitz.One wonders if as they died they said to themselves, "Well, we don't care, because we don't believe in a Jewish homeland or Jewish self-determination and we hope our daughter (who was nearly an adult at the time) will carry on for us and aid the Nazi allied Arab governments and their Grand Mufti who aided and encoruaged our extermination." Hedy makes a living now at this anti-Israel, anti-Zionist stuff and as a phony "Holocaust survivor." Ah, anything for a buck in the ISM.....

Also there's what's-her-name Tony Blair's sister-in-law wanna-be Christiane Amanpour-- type journalist. Tony Blair's sister-in-law is another piece of work. Blair doesn't support her trip, but hey, if she can get herself in the news to look like a legitimate reporter, why not? Besides, Arab oil money can always make her look like a real journalist if they finance and pay to print her tripe.

The rest of the assorted losers and Arabs on the voyage aren't worth a cup of warm spit. Meanwhile, a lot of them went into personal debt for this trip (unlike LaRudee and Berlin who got a Greek Isles acation out of it). Nothing like a good shtup on a sailboat under the stars in the Mediterranean rather standing for Tibet for the people in Darfur...

The Hamas recently took some captured Fatah members and pumped gasoline into their anuses until they died. Yup, Hamas is a worthy charity for these ISM creeps. As for people starving in Gaza, it ain't realy true as UNWRA makes sure they are fed. You don't see Gazan children walking aroudn without clothes or shoes or with distended bellies as in Africa. They don't all live rich, just the crooks at the top of the Arab food chain.

It was the ISM with thier constant crap and with the deaths of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, two useful idiots, who managed to open the Rafah Crossing. What did that net Israel? More missiles and more dead Jews. So why shouldn't they try the same tack to open the sea lanes to Gaza. Think of all the missiles and guns that they can smuggle.

Here's hoping the IDF sinks this flotilla. The comedic version of Ship of Fools.

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