Sunday, August 24, 2008


Due to the pussilanimous attitude of Ehud Barak, the Gaza Flotilla was allowed to proceed to Gaza. But contrary to the ISM's habit of patting itself on the back, Hamas officials were less than thrilled when they found out that Huwaida Arraf and Paul LaRudee spent nearly $500,000 to ferry 40 ISM idiots to Gaza from Cypress for
"humantiarian needs" that consisted of 200 hearing aids that could have been mailed for $200 and--get this--5,000 balloons. Whoopee.

Do you readers realize how many Arab families could have been fed with that $500,000?
Also, since Arraf works primarily with Fatah, she is not considered fully on the Hamas team. Hamas recently murdered nine Fatah members in Gaza by pumping gasoline into their anuses until they died. These are lvoely people the ISM shields for, aren't they? A few weeks ago, I speculated that Riad Hamad who helped raise funding for the flotila was found bound and gagged and drowned in Ladybird Lake near Austin, Texas. I speculated that Hamas killed him for dipping into the funds his organization was raising, including the flotilla funds. Maybe Huwaida and Paul LaRudee can also meet the same fate after Hamas realizes they blew half a million bucks on a Greek isle getaway vacation.

The game is not over yet, though. The Gaza Flotilla has to go home to Cyprus and will need to pass again through Gazan waters. Paul LaRudee has violated Israeli law by entering territory under Israeli control after being banned earlier for links to Hamas. Huwaida Arraf holds an Israeli passport through her father and can be prosecuted. Let's hope the Israeli government (and Barak) wake up and smell the ocffee and practice common sense.
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