Sunday, August 24, 2008


Due to the pussilanimous attitude of Ehud Barak, the Gaza Flotilla was allowed to proceed to Gaza. But contrary to the ISM's habit of patting itself on the back, Hamas officials were less than thrilled when they found out that Huwaida Arraf and Paul LaRudee spent nearly $500,000 to ferry 40 ISM idiots to Gaza from Cypress for
"humantiarian needs" that consisted of 200 hearing aids that could have been mailed for $200 and--get this--5,000 balloons. Whoopee.

Do you readers realize how many Arab families could have been fed with that $500,000?
Also, since Arraf works primarily with Fatah, she is not considered fully on the Hamas team. Hamas recently murdered nine Fatah members in Gaza by pumping gasoline into their anuses until they died. These are lvoely people the ISM shields for, aren't they? A few weeks ago, I speculated that Riad Hamad who helped raise funding for the flotila was found bound and gagged and drowned in Ladybird Lake near Austin, Texas. I speculated that Hamas killed him for dipping into the funds his organization was raising, including the flotilla funds. Maybe Huwaida and Paul LaRudee can also meet the same fate after Hamas realizes they blew half a million bucks on a Greek isle getaway vacation.

The game is not over yet, though. The Gaza Flotilla has to go home to Cyprus and will need to pass again through Gazan waters. Paul LaRudee has violated Israeli law by entering territory under Israeli control after being banned earlier for links to Hamas. Huwaida Arraf holds an Israeli passport through her father and can be prosecuted. Let's hope the Israeli government (and Barak) wake up and smell the ocffee and practice common sense.


mercedes said...

Thanks to Paul Larudee for what he did. He succeeded in a mission where all the arab leaders failed. The free gaza movement is not in hot water with Hamas. Another ship is going there in few days and let us see what Israel is going to do, nothing,zip, nada, they themselves claim they have no jurisdiction over Gaza waters. the Scotish,the Jordanians and the Egyptians are doing the same and God bless them. Some one has to put a stop the Israeli aggression . We used to take medical equippments to gaza for open heart surgeries for the needy palestinian except those equippments where confiscated by israel at the airport. Hitler must hacve been incarnated as an Israeli leader. Children are dying from kidney desease for lack of drinking water, the bombing and the atrocities of Israeli leaders must be a rebirth of Hitler. There was a holocaust once but now there is a Palestinian holocaust committed by the same people who suffered from it in the past

Dusty said...
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Dusty said...

"Palestinian holocaust"

Oh those silly, silly Israelis and their incompetant holocaust!
In Gaza there were 368,000 Arabs in 1970; by 2003 there were 1,337, 000. Under the tyrannical rule of Israeli occupation, the population of Gaza went up FOURFOLD. The Jewish population of Gaza in 2003 was 7,500. Now, of course, it is down to one: Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier who has been held incommunicado by Hamas terrorists for over two years and denied access to Red Cross representatives.

Not only did the population increase- life expectancy did as well- the first thing those genocidal Israelis did as an occupying power was vaccinate the children of gaza. Life expectancy in Gaza went from 48 years in 1967 to 72 years in 2000.

Re: Paul Larudee
The activists that paid for his Greek cruise are rebelling, especially in light of the photos coming out of Gaza- of stores shelves filled with food, clothing and toys. Yep. Some seige.

Much hyperbole, Mercedes, and the Progressive left realizes it now.
Even Indymedia has jumped on the bandwagon in condemning the lies of the Free Gaza activists.

Cliff said...

Kaplan do you have any sources to back up your slander against Anna Baltzer?

She made her presentation. We can all see it on YouTube. We can all check her sources.

Where are YOUR sources? You mention communism in a review of her speech and expect us to believe you are not trying to discredit her?

It's very cheap of you to make such lame insinuations. Stop with the ad homimem and critique her views empirically rather than in a biased and politicized manner.

Lee Kaplan said...

The IWPS that was responsible for Anna Baltzer's speeches and tours was strted in the 1930's as a Stalinist communist group in the USA. Anna probably isn't bright enough to understand what Stalinism is. When she spoke at the Presbyterian Church in Berkeley. she made accusations of twin babies lost at a checkpoint because Israeli soldiers would not let the mother pass. When I asked for the date of this phony event, the checkpoint, what invesitgation was done, she could not give me any information. When I asked how she knew, she said a woman named Lamis from the ISM told her. Anna's book Eye Witness Palestine is garbage she repeats that she did not witness herself. She makes a nice living touring around as a quisling Jew for the Arabs who could not care less she is Jewish. She even subtly condones violence at the end by ciitng an old ISM propaganda line of "If someone invaded your home wouldn't you pick up a lampand hit them with it?"

Anna is as phony as a three dollar bill. One of the many Jews who is in the pay of communist-linked anti-Israel groups related to George Habash's PFLP and working under PLO leadership. Mercedes above cites a phony holocaust in Gaza as Anna does her phony Eye Witness accounts of Israeli atrocities. She could never make a living with honest work, but being the little Jewess who works to destroy Israel as a puppet for a communist organization that works for the Arabs is a nice sinceure for her. By the way, she lies and says there are Jew only roads. Not true, the bypass roads are used by Arabs all the time with a simple security clearance. She even compplains about different colored license plates when it was the PLO asked they be different colored. She's the Jewish Tokyo Rose, nothing more.