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Not sure what you understand about the War on Terror and what's going on in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute? Tune into my new show, The Islamic Agenda at I'll give you insight and analysis into the conflict you won't see in mainstream media. Another new show is in the works concerning intelligence matters that will be called the JPR Inside Report. Please tune in.

Christian persecution by Muslims in Bethlehem is at an all time high. At the same time, the PLO and Hamas are now engaing in a major propaganda campaign in US churches to make people think that it is Israeli persecution and the Security Fence that is causing Bethlehem's Christian population to flee. I've written here before about Anna Baltzer of International Womens Peace Service. This one woman kapo team is touring American churches trying to get them to Boycott Israel and aid the terrorist organizations by claiming it's the Jews who are persecuting Bethlehem's Christians and not the Muslim Palestinian Arabs. IWPS, and Christian Peacemaker Teams, both affiliates of the ISM, are anti-Semitic leftist front wings of the Christian church working to attack Israel with the same lies and ferocity as the Muslim Arabs. Ms. Baltzer elicits gasps (and sells books) with tales of Israeli soldiers causing Arab women to miscarry bbabies (but she can't even provide a last name for the victims, relying on Arab hearsay). If you want to do some good, write to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and ask them to deny her reentry into Israel when she finishes her current tour of US churches propagandizing against Israel. If she appears at a church near you, write the pastor and raise your objections. People of Jewish descent like Baltzer are now finding lucrative sinecures as the Jews against a Jewish state. They do not work to create a secular state where Muslims and Jews can live as equals (actually they already do in Israel), but only want people to think they are fighting for equality as they act as Jewish mouthpieces for the Muslim
factions of the PLO. This is Anna Baltzer.

The DIGUSTING PARENTS OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of Rachel Corrie. While the ISM and PLO try to play up this miserable girl as a "peace activist," she was in fact a self-avowed anarchist who was busy aiding the Palestinian terrorists by serving as a human shield for them. Only two weeks before she died playing chicken with an IDF bulldozer the size of a two story building, she sent home emails to Cindy Corrie explaining how she helped remove a dead terrorist's body from a weapons smuggling tunnel. That means she had access to those tunnels and obviously was in touch with the weapons smugglers, the same people who killed Israeli children like 4 year-old Afik Zahavi in his day care center.

The Corries are slimballs and should not be immune to criticism because of the death of their revolutionary wannabe daughter. Instead of urging the parents of other children who might be duped into volunteering with the ISM from going to the Middle East to aid terrorist groups, they now tour America for the terrorists' cause. There's money to be made as no doubt they have received money from the PLO. I saw these two slimeballs at a church in Berkeley claim that "Rachel was protecting Palestinian water wells" while in Gaza. You know something? It's bullshit (sometimes a crude word is necessary) and what's more I think the Corries know this. Gaza gets its water from the Israeli Interior Ministry. IDF soldiers do not shoot at "Palestinian municipal water workers" for sport. Rachel was acting as a human shield with other ISMers for Arabs who were working on tunnels to
transport weapons supplies like the Kassem missiles being fired on Sderot in the Negev that killed little Afik. Rachel even wrote home to momma praising the martyrs and mentioning how she brough a dead terrorist's body out of one of the tunnels.
Duh, Cindy Corrie, your daughter was a SLIMEBALL and given your going about promoting the terrorist thugs of the PA like Abbas (who also killed American Leon Klinghoffer and arranged the Munich massacre) shows the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Making money off one's dead daughter isn't half as bad as encouraging other people's children to go risk their lives for Arab terrorists. Stupid people can be excused for being just plain stupid. The Corries aren't stupid, they are slimeballs.

THE UNTOUCHABLE PAUL LARUDEE. For some reason the US government just can't bring itself to put this bastard in jail despite his openly flaunting anti-terrorism provisions and tax laws of the United States. LaRudee in the past has openly trained ISM "volunteers" to act as human shileds for terrorist groups. He boasted about sleeping int he bed of a suicide bomber. I got him arrested and deported as he tried to enter Isael under a fasle identity to meet with Hamas. Once deported, this degenerate went to Lebanon to aid the Hizballah, the same Hizballah that killed 231 US marines in 1983 in a terrorist attack. Now he's back, trying to raise funds for
a flotilla of ships to break the IDF naval blockade of Gaza so Hamas can bring in weapons by sea. Actually, he's not so untouchable as I got him deported from Israel. But why the federal authorities in the US don't put this terrorist-supporting creep in prison is becoming increasingly annoying. More on this creep later when I have time...Thanks for tuning in.

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