Thursday, January 10, 2008


On the Internet tune into and listen to my interview at 12:30 pm west coast time. I'll be discussing Rachel Ehrenfeld's lawsuit problems with Saudi billionaire bin Mahfouz who has been judge shopping in the UK to silence Ehrenfeld's book showing the Saudi family member's involvement in funding terrorism. I will also be discussing Lionheart in the UK, currently under threat of arrest and facing 7 years in jail for "hate crimes"for speaking his mind about militant Islamists in the UK. It should be an interesting and informative show. Has Britian succumbed completely to the worldwide jihad?

George Bush, chief ass-kisser of the Saudi royal family and the UAE has been in Israel this week where he is sending messages that nobody, least of all American Jews, want to take seriously. First, his Secretary fo State, Condi Rice equates Machmoud Abbas with Martin Luther King and she compares the checkpoints to prejudice sustained in the Jim Crow south. I warned American Jews not to vote for Bush back in 2001, that he would ultimately screw Israel and now its all coming true. Bush has been insisting that "Palestine" also be a contiguous state. Everyone thinks he means all of the West Bank, but watch how later he will insist the southern half of Israel be ceded to Palestine along with East Jerusalem. He has one year to fulfill the Saudi dream then reap the rewards of lucrative consultancy contracts from the oil stinky Saudis for the rest of his life. Every day I get emails from Jewish Republicans praising George W. Bush. Well, to be sure Obama and Hillary won't be any better, but in my book if you have someone in power who stinks, you replace him and take your chances. Watch as GWB creates the next Iran in the Middle East.

By the way, if anyone saw Charlie Wilson's War, take note of those scenes of the missiles given to the mujahedeen to "level" the playing field against the Russian attack helicopters and thus win the war. The Bush administration is supplying armored vehicles with anti-aircraft machine guns to Abbas's "police" (read Al Aksa
Martys Brigade terrorists) that will ultimately be used to shoot down Israeli Apaches
to "level" the battlefield for the Arabs. Right now the Apaches target the terrorist leaders, giving Israel a military advantage. This administration in Washington regards Israel as a banana republic that needs to be brought down a peg to fulfill state department goals (and once again get those Saudi consultancy arrangements on retirement). Believe it or not, folks, the Bush admiinstration is at war with Israel
by other means. This also may account for the State Department's protection of the ISM. Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro both worked for the US State Department before the ISM was created and neither Israel nor the US seems inclined to stop the viscious
terrorist support group from its activities on US campuses and in the West Bank.

Time will tell.

The PBS documentary about the history fo Jews in America for unknown reasons has made Tony Kushner a speaker and representative of American Jewry. Kushner is a curious choice as he is anti-Israel and on the Board of Directors of the Arab front group Jewish Voice for Peace. Kushner has claimed Israel was founded in "sin" and actively works for divestment and boycotts against Israel. What sicko chose him to represent Jews in America? Was this in part so he can later claim American Jews do not support a Jewish state? Amy Guttman, the chief bureaucrat at U Penn also was featured. Ms. Guttman caught flack when she was photographed at a university soiree for Halloween with an asshole dressed up as a suicide bomber. Ms. Guttman can be seen laughing and smiling. Maybe thats part of the problem; American Jews who don't really know more about Judaism than ordering a sandwich in a deli and spouting a few Jewish words. Why are Jews in America so stupid? By the way, Kushner's Jewish Voice for Peace is frequently on the website rubbing elbows with organizations like al Awda and even David Duke that want to see Jews dead. WMREA is funded deceptively by Saudi Arabia to look like an impartial website and magazine, but is part of the worldwide jihad against Israel and America.

More later...

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