Monday, January 28, 2008


If you go to the links below you can view part of the television show I hosted in 2005 about Rachel Corrie and the false accusations she was murdered by the IDF. Photos were doctored by Joseph Smith aka Joseph Carr of the ISM and Christian Peacemaker Teams to add to the lie. Reuters used those photos, then retracted them. We'll have further proof the photos were doctored in upcoming videos.

We will be showing on You Tube several of the Club Cruz Shows where we debunk the lies of ISM activists, many times right in front of them on the show. Keep an eye out for them. Meanwhile, for the truth about Rachel Corrie, visit the links below:

part one

part two

part three

Next up: The lies told by Scott Kennedy of Santa Cruz and his Eschaton Foundation, the Parents Circle scam, and more...


Acumensch said...

You give no credit to people who protect Palestinian homes from being wantonly destroyed. You have other intentions. Your goal is to undermine the fact that homes are being destroyed in Palestine. That to me is the real issue. But you would rather give people a list of reasons as to why the person who died doing that is in fact a terrorist. That is a red herring.

Lee Kaplan said...

Please...Israel demolishes homes
a) when they are used as bombmaking factories b) when they are used as hideouts for terrorist cells c) when they built on property that does not belong to the builder (no title) or if no "building permit". The actual number of homes destroyed is about 1,000, not 36,000 as the liars in the ISM claim. Let's face it, you focus on "homes destroyed" but support the terrorism that murders Jews that is the main reason behind demolitions. In that sense, the "homes destroyed" is the red herring to excuse terrorism and unending war. Rachel Corrie assisted in the weapons tunnels, voiced support for the martyrs, and, besides, she was not protecting a house that day, she was playng chicken with the dozer.
The story about the house was concocted in photoshop later by Joseph Smith/Carr. One note: demolishiing a house for aiding terrorists is a lot better punishment than shooting people like the Arabs do. If you build a domicile on land that isn't yours, they will tear it down even in Berkeley. Many strcutures are illegally built by Arabs to try and claim land they ahve no title to.

Unknown said...

I agree with you Lee Kaplan,this is the only article i can find that tells the other side. Google is censoring any negative searches about this anti-american,hate-filled woman.I thought this was a free country,but im starting to see differently. Google is pro muslim,anti-semitic and anti-christian.Spread the truth to the world.

Benyamin Solomon said...

Lee Kaplan. Keep up the good work. Expose those anti-Israel propagandists for who they are.