Monday, December 3, 2007


A year ago from last June I got Paul LaRudee of Norcal ISM caught as he tried to enter Israel under a false identity to aid Hamas. He was ultimately deported by the Israelis but then went to Lebanon where he worked to aid Hizballah in last summer's
war. Now LaRudee is working to build a flotilla to sail from Cyprus in the Mediterranean to the shores off Gaza to break the Israeli naval blockade to prevent the shipment of weapons to Hamas by sea. Anyone who follows the newswires knows that after Israel did a complete withdrawal from Gaza, the Jewish state has been pounded daily by Kassem rockets aimed at schools and other community centers. LaRudee's friend in the ISM helped facilitate these weapons transfers through the Philadelphi corridor in Rafah and are now trying to open up the sea lanes.

A campaign to stop this action needs to take place and soon. LaRudee has been lying and saying the Department of Justice told him it was not illegal to aid Hamas the way he is doing it, however, it is illegal to aid Hamas. Hamas is the govcernment in Gaza and the US Treasury Department has classified priovate citiznes working with the Hamas in Gaza as engaing in illegal activity.

In the coming days I will inform my readers about how to put a stop to this flotilla by Mr. LaRudee, who should ahve been jailed in the United States long ago. Paul LaRudee once boasted I could not keep him out of Israel as he went there to aid terrorists and he even boasted about sleeping in the bed of a suicide bomber. Well, I showed him I could. Now, it is up to all of us to have this man jailed for aid and support to terrorists overseas for this attempted flotilla. Come back to this blog in the next few days for advice and how to pursue a course of action.
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