Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well, well, this "Zionist idiot" was obviously right: Conspiracy theorist Phillip Marshall committed suicide and murdered his two children toward the end of last month.

Kevin Barrett, of course, told his audience on Press TV that doors were found opened, that the victim's wound was on the wrong side of his head and, of course, that he was killed by the CIA. Barrett is a Lord Haw-Haw for the Iranians, who will report stories
that blame the US government and "the Jews:, the Israelis as the cause of all the world's problems.

The coroner's report is now in on the Marshall suicide-homicide case. It contradicts all of Barrett's "evidence" that he pulled out of his rear end. The report can be read in PDF
format :http://sheriff.co.calaveras.ca.us/Portals/sheriff/Press/2013/Update_Marshall_Investigation.pdf

It should be noted that Kevin Barrett wants to run for political office in Wisconsin. This incident should prove he has no place in US government and should run for office in Tehran since they are his benefactors. More on Barrett later....


brown eyes said...

I'm glad the evidence is proving you right. Still, those poor kids (and dog).

As you probably already know, there's a lot of people who see "Jews" and "Zionists" as two completely separate entities. They genuinely believe this in their hearts. Is there any chance Mr. Barrett might be one of these people, or am I being naive?

Anonymous said...

Your friend Kevin barrett is insane

Anonymous said...

Good job sir, I'm sure "Dr." Barrett will delight in reading it!

Lee Kaplan said...

The effort to separate Zionism from Judaism is an Arab propaganda tactic to try and avoid the image of Jew-hatred in the US and the West by the Arabs and Muslims. First of all, Zionism is complete in that a Jewish homeland now exists as fact. Zionism is a core part of Judaism for 2,000 years. The Neturei Karta sre self-serving "Jews" in clown suits who get money to betray the other Jews for the Arabs,

Anonymous said...

Lee Kaplan believes the official story of a US law enforcement agency, yet fancies himself an "investigative journalist"?
I'm afraid you aren't looking in the right areas if you think "media releases" are worth the paper they're printed on.
Very naive.
But while on the topic, I'm puzzled as to why the good folks at the forensics lab would be drawing a match from Marshall's LEFT hand when he sustained a right side "point blank" fatal gunshot?
Why not his right hand?
That very specific detail is of great interest.

Kaplan, you came off as a whiny bigot on Press TV, and your continued, petty ad hominem attacks on both the deceased as well as Barrett only further that impression.

I'll leave you with a question -- answer it honestly (for once):

What happened to the USS Liberty on June 8 1967?

Did Israel really do that, or is it also cooked up pro-Arab propaganda like everything else that makes you queasy about Israel and it's corrupt practices?

You're not a journalist. You're a blowhorn for Jewish interests.

Now let's see if you have the balls to approve this comment and respond to it honestly (hint - stay on point)

Lee Kaplan said...

Dear Anonymous--
Amusing comment from you especially since you're too clwardly to post your real name.
Addressing your points one by one. Yes, I trust the County coroner as a source as well as the police. You aren't too sharp as the coroner said the wound was on the right side of Marshall's head consistent with his using his right hand. It's amusing you call me naive when you beleive the bile out out by an phony like Barrett who lost a teaching position because he couldn't stick to facts. The Forensics lab never drew a match to Marshall's left hand; that was another Barrett fabrication for people like you to swallow. As for me being w "whiney bigot" Barrett blames the Jews for all the world's ills. when he couldn't prove his allegations he called me an obscenity on tv and had to be bleeped out. You sure side with the intelligent ones, eh? Then you accuse me of "petty ad hominem attacks?" You lacek a balanced mind,sir. THe US LIberty was shot up in a military accident during a war. That is the assessment of the US and Israeli governments. So please, stop masturbating it was a Jewish conspiracy,Oh yea, what Jewish interests do I work for, cause they sure don't pay me...
OK< so I published your idiot's comment. If you admire Kevin Barrett you have some serious problems with the truth.

Lee Kaplan said...

That was "cowardly". That's why you like Barrett. He's too stupide to be cowardly...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm no fan of Kevin Barrett but to say that the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden AND the Bush gave them the evidence of his guilt, is as big a lie and piece of disinformation that I've ever heard.

You have to know that the Taliban reached out to Bush and begged him to supply the evidence, and Bush's response was, "There's no need to discuss it, he KNOWS he's guilty."

THE FBI disagreed. They ADMITTED they had no hard evidence.

You are a disgrace to truth, sir.


Allison said...

This is cool!