Saturday, March 23, 2013


Did you know that President Kennedy was assassinated by the Jews and Israelis? Did you know that the reason your underwear drawer was empty this morning was because of the Mossad? Did you know a self-aggrandizing conpsiracy theorist and liar named Kevin Barrett just returned from Iran so he can demonize the Jews and Israelis in America by accusing them of all manner of conspiracies against Americans in order to promote Iranian Naziism?

In my last appearance on Press TV (Iranian propaganda TV for the uninitiated), Mr. Barrett, a washed up college professor who now has a sinecure working to support the mullahs in Iran accused the United States, the CIA and the Israelis (Jews) of doing a hit killing of Phillip Marshall, a former 9/11 conspiracy theorist. As a pointed moment of that broadcast, Barrett, just back from another Jew-hating conference in Tehran where he discussed "Jewish control" of Hollywood, stated unequivocally evidence showed that Phllip Marshall had a head wound to his left temple but was right handed. This was allegedly proof of a CIA hit. On that show, I suggested what Mr. Barrett says and what is true are usually never the same. After the show, I contacted the Calaveras County coroner who confirmed Marshall's head wound was in his right temple and had all the markings of a self-inflicted head wound. Of course, Barrett on his front website "Veterans Today" called me a Zionist idiot and maintained his lies.

Well, Barrett removed his conspiracy story on Marshall's death which proves I was right. But why let a little thing like Barrett's absurd claims against Jews and Israel  be dropped by the 21st century Lord Haw Haw for the tyrannical mullahs in Iran? I appeared again on Press TV yesterday to lend "balance" to Barrett's latest calumnies against Israel and the Jewish people to benefit the Iranian regime. The topic was, of course, President Obama's visit to Israel last week.

Barrett, not without surprise,  began the segment telling everyone that President Kennedy was assassinated by the Israelis (the Jews) to hide their  nuclear capabilities.  He, naturally, showed immediately what an idiot he is. He then went into ceaseless diatribes about Israel being alone in the world due to its evil wrongdoings to the Palestinians and even claimed the majority of American Jews do not support the Jewish state.

Of course, Barrett is full of hot air and not even a convincing liar except to those predisposed to hating the Jews and Israel.  Pontificating about "international law" of which he knows nothing about, and about "illegal settlements" he went on to condemn the U.S. for telling the Israelis they are not alone and how American support for the only fellow democracy in the Middle East was hurting the US.

Barrett is an idiot, but a clever one. He has found a sinecure for his idiocy by passing around the Kool-Aid for the Iranians in the West through Press TV. He intends to run for public office in the near future in the U.S. Well, let his appearances on Press TV against me be shown far and wide because then this Iranian kiss-ass and propagandist will never be elected even as county dog catcher. He is a Muslim convert who beats his children and wife enough that they need restraining orders to be safe from him.  He heads a phony Jewish-Christian-Muslim interfaith group where he welcomes Jews who will help him destroy the Jews over in Israel. It's not clear if Barrett's hate for Jews is grounded in Islamic doctrine, or if he's just in it for the buck.  Maybe both.

Barrett goes to Tehran, gets his marching orders to attack the Jews, then returns to the U.S. to promote Iranian interests over here. During the last show, Barrett suggested that I am a traitor to the U.S. for supporting Israel against Iran, but he is in fact under federal investigation for supporting known terrorist groups.  All this information should start being sent out to the public at large to keep this mentally ill degenerate from running for public office in Wisconsin or anywhere else. On the surface, he tries to appear as a "libertarian" but he's really a proto-fascist who is striving to be the next Goebbels.

If Barrett does run for office in Wisconsin, let it be known I can be brought into the state to discuss him or debate him publicly as on Press TV.  During the last airing, Barrett called me a "prick" which was bleeped out by the Iranians. Apparently, he is an embarassment even to the dictatorship of his handlers in Tehran.

Stay tuned for more in the Kevin Barrett saga.  Poor Mr. Barrett sees Jews even in his underwear conspiring against America because like Goebbels before World War 2, the Jews are a convenient and popular target to the new Iranian Nazis.  For those who missed the first telecast with Barrett and myself, it's can be viewed here:

And yesterday's broadcast can be seen here:

Let this be the start before Barrett throws his hat in the electoral ring again in Wisconsin to show that the man is a worthless liar and does not deserve in any case to represent the people of Wisconsin in public office.  He can always go back to Tehran where he no doubt is more comfortable anyway. Veterans Today, his website and cover, may once have been a site promoting veteran's benefits, but today is a front for Iranian propaganda against Jews thanks to Barrett whose interest in American GI's is to promote even Al Qaeda  and the Taliban who kill them. Barrett is not an antiwar activist, he is a warmonger for America's enemies and serves nobody but Kevin Barrett. He also claims to head an interfaith group of Muslims, Jews and Christians but is an Islamic convert himself.
Barrett's "cooperation" with Jews consists of his willingness to work with any "Jews" who will help to destroy the rest of the Jews. As a good Muslim husband and father he has been convicted of beating his wife and child so they have restraining orders against him. He lives in a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin where he masturbates daily to a mantra of blaming the Jews and U.S. government for 9/11 and all the problems in the world. 
In any case, Israel and America will continue to thrive without his input. Although, why this subversive is allowed to operate freely in the US for Tehran is beyond me. Freedom of speech is not freedom to lie and defame for fascists overseas.

Kevin Barrett: get a real job for once.

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