Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last Sunday I "debated" Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today about the suicide-homicide case of another conspiracy nut named Philip Marshall who murdered his two teenage children then turned the gun on himself.

Marshall, a 9-11conspiracy monger, wrote self-published books in which he claimed the World Trade Center was not attacked by Osama Bin Laden but by our own government in conspiracy with the Saudis and Israelis.  This was further parroted by the Iranian propagandist nutcase Kevin Barrett on the Press TV News Analysis Show opposite me. Barrett is a convert to Islam and is currently under investigation by the Feds for providing safe houses for PFLP and FARC terrorists. Barrett never met an enemy of the United States he couldn't find a reason to support. His websites are replete with all manner of Jew hatred and he in the past has endorsed holocaust denial.

Barrett of course was allowed to speak and I almost wasn't, and, of course, he spoke over and through me during the few moments I was given to refute what he said. The former SFSU professor (Good Lord, anything can teach in colleges today) declared me after the show a "Zionist Idiot" for telling viewers that "evidence" of a government hit job against Marshall he provided on air was most likely made from whole cloth. The Iranians have a stake is badmouthing the U.S. and Israel to the rest of the world, as well as the Saudis who are US allies in opposing Iranian nuclear ambitions. That is what Kevin Barrett functions to do as I explained in the few moments I was allowed to talk.

Barrett has been attacking me on the Web, calling me a "Zionist Idiot" and suggesting he somehow made me look like a fool. To the contrary, I called him out for the liar he is on the show. Barrett on the show stated that Philip Marshall's body showed a bullet wound to Marshall's left temple but that Marshall was right handed, thus proving he was the victim of a hit squad. I said during the show with Barrett screaming interruptions at me that he was probably fabricating his "evidence" because nobody could check it on air. He had already done this tactic on the Coast to Coast radio show earlier heard all across the U.S. and his own radio show.

Well, I was right. I contacted Kevin Raggio, the Coroner for Calaveras County who confirmed for me that Phillip Marshall's head wound was on the right side of his head consistent with his being righthanded. In addition, the wound was consistent with a self-inflicted wound with a muzzle imprint showing on Marshall's head. Raggio, who has been a coroner for 15 years, also said tales told by Barrett and Marsden that the crime scene had been cleaned up in a hurry destroying evidence were also nonsense; according to the coroner, blood splatter stains would reveal if Marshall had been killed by other parties than himself. Head wounds bleed profusely, he explained, and it would have been impossible for a hit man or a group of hit men not to have left footprints in the blood around the body. Raggio also said the detectives involved in investigating the case were at the scene many long hours and that clean up had only completed yesterday, nearly two weeks after Barrett claimed the crime scene had been scoured.

Needless to say, Kevin Barrett LIED about events surrounding the Philip Marshall homicide-suicide and he did so on an international and US domestic scale for the world to listen to him. Barrett didn't mind his little cheering squad of Jew-haters to write about how he thoroughly beat me in our "debate," and he boasted of his expertise as an investigator as  opposed to this "Zionist Idiot."

Well, who is the "Idiot" now, Barrett? Better still, who is definitvely a liar?

More on this later. Readers can watch the interview of Press TV here:


Anonymous said...

Rats. The video won't load on my laptop, and they didn't even include you in the synopsis (plus they spelled "Berkeley" wrong). I see the anti-Semitic comments have arrived. I can't stand bigoted remarks from either side.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Kaplan - I've enjoyed watching you 'debate' with Kevin Barrett on Press TV. People like that need to be challenged and I'm glad you're out there calling Mr. Barrett out on the nonsense he spews.

Please keep speaking truth to the viewers of PressTV and especially to Mr. Barrett. I don't think you'll ever get him to accept reality, but I thank you for trying.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to mention that after your 'debate' he removed his Phillip Marshall story from his website.

You win!

Anonymous said...

I thought "Zionist idiot" was a bit severe.

Anonymous said...

How in the fuck could you or would you enjoy a fat arrogant Zionist puppet that LIES!!!?????
He is a propagandist who would prostitue himself anytime any day for any amount of money!!!
Lee Kaplan, your a spineless liar worthy of my piss in your mouth!!!!!
Kill yourself already or die from the same spray that your bosses spray in the air via helicopter(s) / plane(s) and let us have peace!!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Kaplan,
How does it feel deep down to lie to cover up your bosses murders???

Your a spineless little fucking worm you arrogant fat over paid propagandist pig!
Go learn a little TRUE history or better yet don't instead go mill yourself or die via the sprays that your bosses release in the air via helicopters/planes!
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