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To my loyal readers let me say I'm sorry to be commenting on this late, but I've been extremely busy lately dealing with the idiots in the ISM. For those unfamiliar with the ISM, go to and to be updated. Also try .

PRESS TV is of course the state run channel from Iran. It rarely makes any pretense of being fair and always makes it a policy to attack the Jews. However, they have been having me on to speak for the Israeli and American side in order to lend some balance to gain favor in european markets.  About ten days ago I was invited to "debate" one Ken O'Keefe, an ISM apparatchik and member of the Gaza Flotilla. Ken is a cheap two buit hustler who was dishonorably discharged from the marines after Desert Storm and has a criminal record---the perfect kind of guy to be a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian activist.

For unknown reasons Press TV saw fit to have him on as an expert and analyst to discuss the situation in Syria. Right off, O'Keefe began telling viewers that the United States was in alliance with Al Qaeda (a CIA concoction he claimed) and that US support for removing Bashar Assad
would invite World War III with the Russians. This was of course just one example of this clown's ignorance when in comes to geopolitical affairs.
The Russians withdrew all their forces and closed their military base in Latakia so as not to go to war for the Syrian tin pot dictator.

After the marines kicked Ken out after the First Gulf War he became a human shield  for Saddam Hussein before the second war that finally ousted Saddam. Ken next became active in the ISM, particularly in his support for
Hamas in Gaza. That's Hamas whose charter calls for wiping out all the Jews in the world. Ken became a loyal partner, becoming as anti-Semitic as the worst of the Hamas "activists".  While raising money for the Flotilla he began embezzling here and there funds for himself that caught the attention of another ISM anti-Semite, Greta Berlin who called him on it. Ken was arrested in the UK under suspicion of embezzling funds, but the English no doubt didn't really care about internal squabbling among some far leftist wannabe commie revolutionaries helping Arab terrorists.

While at sea with the flotilla Ken became imperious among his fellow ISMers intimidating the women on board. When Greta Berlin brought up his misuse of funds he pulled out his penis and waved it at her.  Of course he denied this on Press TV during our "debate" saying it was an internet tale but when I pointed out Greta Berlin had told everyone about it he admitted that indeed he had had the run-in with her. I believe every word that Greta said.

Aside from his ignorance of geopolitical affairs (the guy is only good at taking care of himself, one reason he went to Tehran so the Iranians can guarantee him a sinecure if he becomes a traitor and attacks the US), Ken knows nothing truthful about the War on Terror either. He claimed in our "debate" that Mohammed Atta could not have led the terror attack on 9/11 because he went to a nudie bar and drank alcohol the night before. As usual, Ken doesn't have  clue what he's talking about. Atta remained pious right until his death. Two of the other hijackers did go to a nudie bar and drink alcohol though, so he doesn't have his facts straight. His continued rants during the debate that 9/11 wasn't done by Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda is a false flag group created by the CIA also illustrates a corrupt mind; Bin Laden admitted he did 9/11. He was not funded by the CIA in Afghanistan against the Russians, though he was there. He was a multimillionaire and funded himself and fellow mujahedeen. That was in his bio.

Ken's acolytes are trying to make the highlight of the debate that he called me "a prostitute" working for the powers that be.  What's laughable is that is a good description of the incompetent marine Ken O'Keefe who finds jobs working for Hamas, for the Iranians, for any dictatorship or terrorist group that will pay him and give him publicity. As an independent journalist I do not answer to anybody. I support Israel and America because both countries are democracies that genuinely care about human rights. Ken's allies are always fascist dictatorships, and anti-Semitic terror groups. It's that simple.

Ken has been trying desperately to make people think he's a peace activist when he's really a warmonger. He sports under his eye a tattoo of a tear drop. He got another ISM idiot, Eileen Fleming, to make up a tale he got the tattoo to show he was crying about an unjust world. Simply put, Ken: Bullshit!

The teardrop tattoo is a gang sign used in prisons and among criminals like Ken to tell people he has killed somebody (possibly while a marine in Desert Storm as he isn't half as tough as he thinks he is). Ken got the tattoo after the war to show people what a bad dude he is. The man is an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, his followers have been emailing me are as dumb as he is. One informs me that Bin Laden couldn't have done 9/11 despite his own admission. Still another writes and claims that the Taliban offered to turn Bin Laden over if Bush could prove he did the 9/11 attack but that Bush couldn't prove it. Please! Can people be this dumb? This is why Ken O'Keefe has them as followers. Aside from Bin Laden's confession, the US tried 14 times through the UN to get Bin Laden turned over by the Taliban who were shielding him.  The people live in their own little world of conspiracies and imaginary benign dictators overseas who are really great humanitarians. You actually need to feel sorry for them but for the fact these turkeys also ally together and raise money for the likes of O'Keefe whose activities ultimately kill innocent people.

Oh, one other issue. I did make a gaffe during the last few minutes because of the constant yelling and interruptions trying to drown me out from speaking by saying Saddam Hussein instead of Bashir Assad in discussing the Syrian fighting. Of course. Ken's buddies began shouting on the Internet I didn't know the difference between the two Arab butchers of their own people. I can assure everyone I do, and what's more in the broadcast I began talking about Assad. The gaffe occurred due to my being up all night then booked at the last minute. Mature viewers knew I meant Assad.

Watch the video yourselves here:

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