Wednesday, November 12, 2008


TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY, NOV.12th) I can be heard on the Radio Liberty Newtork at 9pm PST with Dr. Stanley Monteith to discuss the new President and his friend Rashid Khalidi.
Call in if you like:

THURSDAY MORNING (NOV.13th) I will be appearing nationally on the syndicated MANCOW SHOW out of Chicago at 7am. Although that is on the airwaves, if you google MANCOW you should be able to hear the show on the Web.

I also had a run-in with the Neo-Nazi website but the outcome may have been to the good. This is a website that runs the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but after coming up against the anti-Semitism on the website and proing it wrong to the host, there were some changes made. Alison Weir of the ISM and her If Americans Knew website that is both anti-Semitic and Nazi inspired like Weir herself had a link to them removed by the host. Sadly, the Protocols are still up and if I am invited back I intend to see they are removed.

I can also be heard any time via Podcast on my show The Islamic Agenda at where I give you news and information on the War on Terror not normally heard in mainstream media. Try to listen in. ALso, evry Tuesday night from 8-10pm PST I appear on Utah's, the Jim Kirkwood Show where I discuss the War on Terror and Homeland Security issues. That show is available on the Internet too.

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