Friday, November 21, 2008


The situation is clear. A week ago a Jewish visitor to the Cal campus was sucker punched from behind by an SJP leader in the student government offices on campus.
The Palestinian student group then went into classic lockstep and groupthink and began lying that the assault was the other way around.

The situation revolved around a pro-Israel hip hop concert on campus below the student government balcony where the Students for Justice in Palestine chose to hang PLO flags to negate the message. As one Jewish promoter of the event went upstais and tried removing the flags (set up without permission as required), a Husam of the SJP punched him in the back of the head knocking him down. This is sort of how the Arabs fight Israel too then cry victimhood and violations of legal norms when they get it back.

At any rate, the SJP students are holding fast to committing perjury in an attempt to have the Jewish victim charged with a hate crime and other Jewish student leaders on campus punished or expelled or recalled from student government. he pusillanimus
Student Activity Director at Cal, Jonathon Poullard who just loves the SJP students
is of course going after the Jewish kid who was hit and the Daily Cal newspaper has been trying to convince evryone that the SJP students were the victims. Nevertheless:

Let me just say that the SJP has put something in motion here that is going to come back and bite them on the ass. Stay tuned here for updates as the SJP buries itself more and more surrounding these events while thinking they have put one over on the Jewish community.


Dusty said...

The pro Israel group at UC berkeley (no, silly boy, not Hillel- the UC berkeley Hillel is anti-Israel, didn't you know that already?)Tikvah wrote a wonderful letter in the Northern california Jewish bulletin that is worth sharing

Tikvah: victim of double standard at U.C.

by john e. moghtader & elodie resseguie

Long a hotbed of anti-Israel activity, U.C. Berkeley has barely had a strong pro-Israel presence on campus. Until now, with Tikvah: Students for Israel, the Zionist student group at U.C. Berkeley.

We are the group that stepped up to protest when academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt visited Cal in October 2007 to hawk their book, a nefarious smear job titled “The Jewish Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.”

We were also there last month when the virulently anti-Israel academic Norman Finkelstein came to speak.

Before the lecture, we respectfully distributed our literature outside. Once inside, Finkelstein’s level of anti-Semitic vitriol prompted a walkout of Tikvah students and others not associated with our group. We shouted out our opinions while exiting, as the crowd hurled expletives at us. Finkelstein and his colleague then continued delivering their insulting lies.

As a result, the dean of students is now seeking to discipline Tikvah and individual students for an “offense” which in the past barely warranted mention when undertaken by student groups involved in anti-Israel activities.

For example, when Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes tried to speak on campus several years ago, he was shouted down by members of Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Association. At the time the chancellor said, “Uncivil behavior, lamentable as it is, is not a crime, nor is it a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.” No disciplinary action was taken against SJP or its members for that incident, nor when Nonie Darwish was likewise shouted down a year ago.

Only last week, SJP disrupted an innovative Zionist hip-hop concert on campus. Even though no Jewish students were involved in the physical altercation that ensued (contrary to what was reported in the school paper and what SJP claims), we wait to see how the university will deal with the assailants from SJP.

Other violations by SJP of the U.C. code of conduct — such as blocking of pedestrian traffic with demonstrations, the brandishing of fake firearms, physical harassment and intimidation of Jewish students — were presented to the dean of students but have been ignored.

What we see here is a double standard, one for the rest of campus and another for the Jews and those who actively support Israel.

Our tax dollars support the U.C. system, and Jewish donors are very prominent in supporting the U.C. campuses. It’s time for the Jewish community to become aware of what is happening at our university.

Meanwhile, Tikvah has a consistent record of positive, pro-Israel programming on campus. Until our inception a year ago, there was no substantive pro-Israel voice on campus. We changed that, attracting students of various religious and cultural backgrounds to our cause. We have collaborated with many off-campus groups, including the Israeli Consulate, Israel Peace Initiative, S.F.-based Jewish Community Relations Council, U.C. Berkeley Chabad, CAMERA, StandWithUs, JIMENA and more. Once again Jews walk with pride across Sproul Plaza.

We have also sponsored many successful events. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we took out ads in the student newspaper highlighting the civil rights leader’s strong support of the Jewish state. We have hosted lectures by Dennis Prager, Stanley Urman, Israeli Vice Consul Ishmael Khaldi (who spoke about being the highest-ranking Muslim in the Israeli foreign service) and others.

Last year we held two weeklong programs brimming with pro-Israel activities: Israel Peace and Diversity Week and Israel@60 Week (which included a widely attended on-campus Holocaust memorial on Yom HaShoah). We just finished our latest effort, Israel Liberation Week, and we have also been a positive influence on student government, with John Moghtader, a current senator in the Associated Students of the University of California, leading our group.

Regarding the Jewish Student Union and Berkeley Hillel, we must clarify misstatements that ran in j. Even though Tikvah is the largest and most active Jewish student group on campus, we have been allocated precisely zero dollars from the JSU this school year.

While the JSU and Berkeley Hillel remain silent, we are the ones on Sproul Plaza and around campus protesting the Finkelsteins of the world, educating students about Israel, organizing rallies and holding Holocaust memorials.

We were dumbfounded to find that Hillel is presuming to play some role in all this, as Tikvah has never been affiliated with Berkeley Hillel, nor have we ever received funds from them for any of our activities.

We are a grassroots student group. Our goal is to make sure Jewish students do not have to be subjected to a hostile anti-Israel, anti-Semitic environment on campus. That’s our bottom line.

Lee Kaplan said...

When Nonie Darwish spoke on campus, she was repeatedly shouted down and the next day the same room hosted a tribute to terrorist
Leila Khaled who was responsibl for killing people. Yet Jonathon Poullard, the student activities drector chooses to punish Tikvah for walking out on the Finkelstein event. It's time that Jews stand up to this on the UC Berkeley campus. Bravo to Tikvah students. Visit my sites at and so we can work together to clean up Cal. Hillel's lack of response is disgracful.