Thursday, October 30, 2008


They had to turn away over 700 people due to lack of seating at Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem's UC Berkely event "Why We Want to Kill You." Attempts by the SJP and MSA to read prepared statements during the questions and answer period did not sway the majority fo the audience that understood what Shoebat and Saleem were saying: AMerican Muslims need to support america and not overseas terrorist states. Each time someone from the SJP tried to make an accusation, the speakers shot them down with facts. Last week, the anti-Israel academic fraud Norman Finklestein only garnered 150 attendees, most being students who Hatem Bazian FORCED to attend the lecture from his Arabic language class. Contrast this with the 1,450 people who came last night. This only proves that the majority of students at Berkeley support Israel and America, and that those who support the terrorists are just noiser. As Kamal Saleem said at one point about that problem, "Thank you Saudi Arabia."

There will be more changes like this at Berkeley and the adminstration should be on notice. Arab oil money should not buy UC Berkeley or its Middle East Studies department forever. I encourage you to visit my other sites and because we will be returning to UC Berkeley in the near future.
Students interested in starting a chapter can email me at

Walid Shoebat will be speaking tonight at the University of Reno if anyone who missed last nght can make it. To those who missed out, he'll be speaking at SFSU next year to an even bigger crowd.
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