Thursday, October 30, 2008


They had to turn away over 700 people due to lack of seating at Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem's UC Berkely event "Why We Want to Kill You." Attempts by the SJP and MSA to read prepared statements during the questions and answer period did not sway the majority fo the audience that understood what Shoebat and Saleem were saying: AMerican Muslims need to support america and not overseas terrorist states. Each time someone from the SJP tried to make an accusation, the speakers shot them down with facts. Last week, the anti-Israel academic fraud Norman Finklestein only garnered 150 attendees, most being students who Hatem Bazian FORCED to attend the lecture from his Arabic language class. Contrast this with the 1,450 people who came last night. This only proves that the majority of students at Berkeley support Israel and America, and that those who support the terrorists are just noiser. As Kamal Saleem said at one point about that problem, "Thank you Saudi Arabia."

There will be more changes like this at Berkeley and the adminstration should be on notice. Arab oil money should not buy UC Berkeley or its Middle East Studies department forever. I encourage you to visit my other sites and because we will be returning to UC Berkeley in the near future.
Students interested in starting a chapter can email me at

Walid Shoebat will be speaking tonight at the University of Reno if anyone who missed last nght can make it. To those who missed out, he'll be speaking at SFSU next year to an even bigger crowd.


Sarah said...

Being apart of Hatem Bazian's Arabic class that you speak of, I know for sure that you are lying. He never forced anyone to go. He in fact only mentioned in passing that there was an event going on in response to another student mentioning the talk.

Another interesting but completely untrue allegation you make is that the number of students who showed up to the Shoebat debacle were pro-Israel. Did you take a survey of people's opinions at this event? As a Berkeley student, I would think that you would care about having a factual basis for your arguments. Clearly I was mistaken.

Lee Kaplan said...

First of all, we hav the accounts from some Bazian's students in other classes that they were required to attend. Maybe in your class he didn't require it. Did he offer extra credit? Nobody is "lying."

Second,there were over 1,500 students who showed up for Shoebat got a standing ovation.

I'm curious. Shoebat spoke against terrorism and urged the students to support America. Are you contending the majority of stdents
support terrorism and hate America? Not much sense there.

Sarah said... aren't too smart I take it. I feel bad for you. It's quite a leap that you make from being for equality and human rights to supporting terrorism and hating America. I guess I can overlook idiots, so no problem.

And I am in 2 of Hatem Bazian's classes. He did not give us extra credit. You really should fact check. Do people call you a journalist? Hm...that's an interesting term for what you do.

Lee Kaplan said...

Sarah, since you're so smart, perhaps you can explain how you support human rights by supporting the PLO and Hamas that practice honor killings, religious persecutions of non-Muslims, child sacrifice, clitorectomies and on and on. Point of fact, you only support human rights in name only because those you support are among the worst despots in the world. A very simple, and silly girl you are. The Hamas despatched their Fatah opponents by pumping gasoline into their anuses until they died. And the PA pracitices public executions. So please, if you don't want to sound like a fool, don't try insulting me, you're too much of a lightweight.

As for Hatem Bazian's classes, I have some of his students who say different from you. Given your understanding of what constitutes human rights, we have to assume you are brainless with the facts regarding Bazian's actions as well.

And if you can't distingusih between who are fascists and murderers that do not support human rights even for their own people and the facts, you're hardly qualified to criticize my journalism.