Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Truth Emerges About Anna Baltzer: The ISM's Tokyo Rose of the Jews

See my new article today at the NEIN website here:


I reveal how Anna Baltzer lies constantly about her background in order to defame the Jews and Israel. Anna also appeared on the Jon Stewart Show where she refused to say
Israel ahs r ight to exist. She was arm candy for Mustapha Barghouti who has been photographed with Hamas leadership.

Maybe now universities, churches and other institutions will not allow Anna to come on campus to spread her lies about Israel and her alleged concern about Jewish principles.


Roy said...

According to her Wiki profile she is also known as Anna Piller and that she traveled to Turkey on a fullbright schoolership in order to teach english.

On the fullbright directory there is an Anna Piller who did just that.

Care to comment Lee Kaplan?

Lee Kaplan said...

Yes. About all this new revelation goes to show is that Anna Baltzer even lies about her own name, not jsut against Israel and the Jews. My articles are bringing her past out to let us all take a look at this serial liar. I'll have some future entries soon. My article said there was no Anna Baltzer listed as a Fulbright scholar. Another website says Baltzer is her real name. If so, why would she attend Columbia under an alias? The woman grows more curious by the day but can't even tell the truth about her own name!

Anonymous said...

The sexist comments regarding people's looks detract from your writing

Anonymous said...

To Roy:
Anna Baltzer (or one of her enablers) revealed her real identity on Wikipedia AFTER the controversy began. (rather than by addressing it in an upfront manner)
Care to comment, Roy?

Did she change her name to sound more ethnic? Did she change her name because she thought her parents would be horrified by her anti-Israel activities? She refuses to answer these questions.