Monday, January 7, 2013

Apologies to my readers: Many new articles for you to read

The following articles by me have appeared on the Web in just the last week. Please be sure to read them all, links are below, as they contain important information for everyone. I apologize because my readers have complained I am not posting in here enough. I intend to devote more time to this blog which was formerly set up as a smear site to attack me and my work. It was given over to me after a court case I won.

In addition, readers can listen to me most Thursdays on the Jim Kirkwood Show out of K-Talk radio 560 am in Utah from 7-8 pm P.S.T. where I discuss the latest news. See below:

My most recent articles published just last week:

On Jewish Voice for Peace: Beware of communist and pro-Arab wolves seeking donations in Jewish sheep's clothing. Lee Kaplan exposes the Arab front group, its history and backers, go to:

 Trading U.S. Security for a Palestinian state. After 20 years, the Palestinians have shown they cannot and should not have a state of their own:


California ISM leader deported from India. I got Paul LaRudee deorted from Israel in 2006, now frustrated, he's gone to India:

Middle East Studies professor Juan Cole can't stop lying about Israel:

Professor Amiel Vardi at Hebrew U. continues to shill for the Arab irredentists:

Professor Hagit Bohrer of USC can't fabricate lies about Israel fast enough:

 More on Paul LaRudee's deportation from India.

Professor Manzar Foroohar tries to insinuate herself into the California Faculty Association's Academic Senate to assure propaganda against Israel and anti-Semitism remain part of the curriculum in California colleges:
For some more background on Foroohar: 
Palestinians refuse admittance to West Bank and Gaza to fellow Palestinians trying to flee killings in Syria proves the real goal is destroying Israel and killing the Jews

More soon....

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