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Evergreen College, Washington State and now SUNY Plattsburg: Compassionate Dingbat Simona Sharoni sent Rachel Corrie to her Death

Few people know that it was a radical leftist anti-Israel ex-pat Israeli professor in "Women’s Studies" at Corrie’s alma mater, Evergreen College, who recruited Rachel Corrie to go commit suicide for the Hamas.  She inculcated in Corrie the idea that one creates “peace” and “conflict resolution” by supporting and being a human shield for Arab terrorists, while interfering with anti-terror operations. That "professor" is Simona Sharoni, currently in the Women’s Studies Department at State University of occupied New York.

Sharoni is one of the founders of the violently anti-Israel International Solidarity Movement (ISM)-linked group Women In Black, an organization that supports the Hamas.  These "Women" are never disturbed by the mass murders of Israeli women by Hamas terrorists.  "Women in Black" frequently attacks Israel as a male-dominated warrior society that supposedly subjugates both women and Arabs.  As far as we know, they have never had a single word to say about the oppression of women in Arab culture and society.

The recent Haifa court verdict in favor of the Israeli Defense Forces and against the Corrie parents did little to change  the propaganda perception of Corrie's death, this following a two-and-a-half-year meticulous trial and investigation.  The usual gang of anti-Semites, communists, Hitlerjugend, and anarchists, as well as the jihadists and Islamists, predictably denounced the trial as a “whitewash,” insisting that only a proclamation that Israel was guilty of "murdering" Corrie would have been acceptable.  An Israeli tank in exercises accidently ran over and killed a sleeping Israeli soldier two weeks ago, but the Corrie Lobby had nothing to say about that.  Even some pro-Israel pundits accept at face value the lie that this stupid girl was protecting an Arab civilian’s house when she died  (testimony in the trial proved she was not, but was simply attempting stop the IDF from clearing out a weapons smuggling tunnel).  The main goal of Corrie and her ISM buddies has always been to assist Hamas terrorists in murdering Jews.

A new book has been put out by the ISM titled “I Stand Alone,” which is supposed to be made up of St. Rachel’s scribbling in her “journal.”   Let us recall that she sought to help mankind by retrieving dead bodies of armed terrorists who had been killed in firefights with Israeli troops, serving as a human shield.  In the "book" Rachel describes how three Evergeen College professors influenced her decision to go to Gaza and serve as an accomplice for the Hamas.  She specifically recounts that Simona Sharoni was one of those who molded her mindset to join the ISM and become a human shield.  We use the word mind loosely.

One thing apparent in reading Simona Sharoni’s lectures and writings is her own self-absorption and sense of living in never-never land.  Facts are far less of interest to her than strident opining in her "critical thinking."  We found a great example of her analytic skills:  In a message board one of her students complained that Sharoni made her students dote over her then five- year-old daughter, even lecturing her students on her daughter's genius, because the girl could talk to pussycats in their own language of meowing.  We can see how young Rachel could not resist!

ISM manuals hold terrorism and murder of Israelis to be “legitimate resistance according to international law.” One reviewer of "I Stand Alone" points out the hypocrisy of a Rachel Corrie, who admires terrorists as martyrs and had nothing to say about missiles fired upon Sderot which killed Israeli children.  

Eccentricities in the classroom aside, Sharoni’s own bio tells how she underwent psychological  counseling and mentions how her anti-Israel activism even in her youth was looked down upon by her own therapists.  She then proclaims that the problem was not because of her skewed thought processes (or even mental illness), but because all the therapists were crazy!  Rachel’s own book reveals similar mental anguish.

Sharoni coined the term "Compassionate Resistance" in writing about collaboration with mass murdering terrorists, and cites it when discussing young Corrie’s death, taking credit for sending her off as cannon fodder for the ISM.  Sharoni writes:

"The term compassionate resistance was born a few years ago, in March 2003, after my beloved student and friend Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli-operated bulldozer in Rafah, a Palestinian town in the Gaza Strip. Rachel, who went to Rafah with the International Solidarity Movement, was trying to prevent the demolition of the house of her host family. The term emerged as I struggled to reconcile my grief, frustration and anger with the empathy, love and compassion I felt for people who put their bodies on the line to resist oppression."


The Haifa court case testimonies confirmed that Rachel Corrie was not protecting any house when she was killed.  Meanwhile, the Rachel Industry thrives.  The ISM-linked foundations set up to profit from her death (including her parents) at first did not claim she was protecting a house of a host family, but that of a “doctor.”  The “doctor” later became a “pharmacist.”  He must have been hard of hearing never to hear any of the weapons being moved in the tunnel under his building.  The IDF was not demolishing houses the day Corrie was killed in Rafah, but was clearing weapons smuggling tunnels, tunnels about which Corrie herself wrote emails home to her mother that she had been in retrieving bodies of dead Hamas terrorists.


Sharoni continues:


“…compassionate resistance seeks to humanize the conflict without overlooking its history, root causes and the unjust systems that have made it seem intractable. It involves the analysis and targeting of oppressive systems and policies. In the current context of the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, one cannot speak about compassion between Palestinian and Israelis without explicit reference to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and to such oppressive practices as the Apartheid Wall, checkpoints and home demolitions.”


“Oppressive practices”?  Like setting up a Security Fence that cut down suicide bombings inside Israel by more than  95%?  What about the compassionate Israeli soldiers shooting terrorists who are trying to murder Jewish children?


Sharoni discusses how her own family, originally Romanian Jews, moved to the “Arab village” of Nazareth in1953.  Sharoni then tells us of her epiphany as a Jewish child when she discovered that her own her parents, who had survived the Holocaust, were nothing but racists who said mean things about Arabs.  I guess she never heard any Nazareth Arabs saying anything bigoted about any Jews. 


After doing her compulsory military service she claims she returned to Nazareth, where her child played happily with Arab children.  We wept with bliss.  Sharoni considers Arab institutional anti-Semitism to be “resistance” to “oppression.”  Arabs cannot be racists or fascists because her daughter Nadia was able to play with some Arab kids.  Did they play "Kill the Jews" like in Borat's Kazakhstan??


According to her own autobiographical account in "I Stand Alone," Rachel Corrie was a rebellious teen whose college years produced mental depression, arguments with her mother, all-night drug and alcohol parties, all of which culminated in a job on the graveyard shift of a mental health service.  There she spent her breaks in cigarette smoking in the early morning hours with the town’s derelicts.  Rachel mentions she suffered panic attacks from agoraphobia, a mental condition where the sufferer perceives the environment to be all-threatening.  Perhaps young Corrie sought to heal herself with recreational Islamofascism.  She wrote home to her mother about how she had done the bidding of terrorist “handlers” like Mohammed Qishta, who ordered her to retrieve dead bodies of terrorists killed in combat areas in front of the IDF.  Even her ISM leader admitted that maybe she was in a place she shouldn’t have been that day she was killed.


So here we have an unstable young woman who was indoctrinated by a college professor into believing that she could change the world for the better by aiding terrorist movements, engaging in “legitimate resistance.”   Her then boyfriend, another ISM activist whom she discussed in her book, admitted to a Seattle reporter after her death that Rachel did not consider herself a peace activist, but an anarchist.


Rachel Corrie sought to aid the Jew-killers of Hamas in their “resistance” against “oppression”, reciting clearly slogans and ideas garnered from her professor Simona Sharoni.  New information has emerged that Simona Sharoni may have offered college credit to Rachel Corrie for her volunteer activities in Gaza on behalf of the ISM and the Hamas.


Simona Sharoni is the real person who have been sued by the Corrie family for recruiting Rachel into the ISM.

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