Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Cindy Corrie's father, Craig Corrie, has decided to emulate his money grubbing wife in jumping on the Arab propaganda machine about his anarchist daughter, Rachel Corrie.

Craig Corrie is complaining after the two and a half year long investigation by Israel of the accidental death of the idiot Rachel Corrie who wasn't even protecting a house
(that was ISM spin created around his daughter's death) and has been telling the world that as a Vietnam vet he used to drive tractors for the US Army. One thing Craig Corrie has made clear in his comments was that as a tractor driver he was taught you must always be careful nobody is in front of the blade.

Well, duh! I'd like to ask Craig Corrie if, when he moved earth or did other work with tractors in Vietnam, if he had stupid little self-avowed anarchist girls purposely trying to get in front of the blade to hamper his work? He more than likely did his tractor work outside of hot fire zones in 'Nam also. Since he knows how dangerous being in front of the blade can be, why would this slime ball fault the driver rather than his daughter who lacked common sense not to sit down in front of the blade? Ah, but the Arabs don't pay him to say that.

The truth is the driver of the D9 was also trying to do his work in a live combat zone and was being fired on by Arab snipers. That's enough to distract anyone who might not suspect some little ignorant twerp was purposely putting herself in front of the D-9's blade while playing revolutionary. What's more, Rachel wasn't protecting a house. She was there that day to help Arab snipers draw fire down on IDF soldiers. This is why she sat in front of the D9. She figured the drivers would never emerge to move her for fear of being shot. She was being a true "human shield." What a rush!!!

What is particularly annoying is Craig Corrie's defense of his idiot daughter's actions precisely because he is a Vietnam vet. He certainly has nothing to say about his daughter burning American flags at Hamas rallies before her death or getting extra credit from Evergreen college by assisting a terrorist group whose Charter calls for the annihilation of all the world's Jews, not just those in Israel.

Rachel wrote home to momma about her admiration of the "martyrs" who only have
"their bodies" and maybe a single weapon to counter the IDF war machine.  She was a true revolutionary wannabe putting her stupid short life on the line promoting the goal of the totalitarian fascists in the Palestinian leadership against the Israeli democracy. But then again she avowed herself to be an anarchist-pro-communist revolutionary and ran around spouting ISM slogans she learned in training, like "legitimate resistance."
It was great fun and even got her some college credit. More fun than her bout with drugs back in Olympia, Washington, the spoiled daughter of two idiot parents.

It may come as no surprise that Rachel was such a moron. Obviously, her daddy was a veteran who didn't write his daughter he objected to her burning US flags at rallies given by US enemies nor did he mind her risking her life for a terrorist entity. It wouldn't surprise me that he didn't know about this because that wonderful mother Cindy Corrie probably never told hubby. If she did, then he's twice the bastard.

Craig Corrie is the perfect husband for Cindy, Rachel's mother, who  knew Rachel was in the weapons smuggling tunnels aiding Hamas. After the trial these two clowns appeared in a conference call at the Al Awda international conference in San Diego this month where they praised the martyrs for "Palestine" and encouragd Al Awda's struggle to destroy Israel and disposess the Jews. But, hey, it's a living, right?They also praised the terrorists aboard the Mavi Mamara as "martyrs" in Turkey. Reciting Arab rhetoric about martyrdom doesn't come naturally to people from Olympia. Cindy tells everyone Rachel "was protecting Palestinian water wells" and "Palestinian municipal water workers." Water wells are holes in ground like, er, guess what? TUNNELS. The IDF has no reason to shoot water workers but they did shoot at HAMAS TERRORISTS.  That is what Rachel was doing human shield work for once you remove the code talk of the ISM that Rachel was trained to do by the ISM.

God forbid these two clowns should show some spine and tell the parents of other children to not tolerate their offspring going off to Hamastan to be human shields for Arab irredentists.  Cindy Corrie, before she made lucre promoting the myth of her idiot child, was an unemployed flautist. Now she travels the world and gets paid to be a celebrity. Craig Corrie at least had a job, but as a veteran one would expect him to love and support the US, not encourage his offspring to burn the US flag. But once a whore, always a whore. Nothing can bring Rachel back, might as well make hay while the sun still shines as long as the Arab terrorists and their radical allies will pay you.

It's hard to figure which of these two slime balls stinks the worst, but Craig Corrie certainly deserves equal exposure with his disgusting wife who really has nerve to keep telling everyone she was a loving mother whose noble daughter was "murdered" by the IDF; a loving mother who raised a daughter to call herself a "peace activist" as she helped Arab terrorists murder other mothers' daughters inside Israel with rockets and bombs smuggled in through those tunnels, er, "water wells".

We didn't have time to photograph Craig Corrie's award, but we decided it should be an image of him on all four limbs kissing Arafat on the ass as Abu Amar wipes his butt with dollar bills from US foreign aid.


Anonymous said...

Incidentally, the Corries just made an appearence at the most recent Al Awda conference. is there any doubt left in anyone's mind that these are not real peace activists?

Anonymous said...

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