Thursday, March 3, 2011


With all the hue and cry about Islamophobia, here's a tale that goes unreported. The Shia Association of Bay Area Mosque -- led by Nabi Raza Abidi (legal name: Nabi Raza Mir) -- preaches that Jews and Christians are lacking in moral character and that their religions are corrupt.

How do I know this? A Shia who has attended the mosque told me.

The SABA Mosque boasts that its "acacemy" instills in its students "a high moral character". But what do they mean by "high moral character"? Apparently it means
considering Islam, and Shia Islam at that, as the only moral path.

A couple of weeks ago one of the executives at the Mosque began his sermon reading from the Hadiths. He prefaced his remarks by commenting that Jews today "do not practice their true religion" which lost its direction and the Jews descended into materialism. Now, translate that to mean the Jews began worshipping money and you have the vision of the money worshippin' Jew. This guy continued that "Christianity
was supposed to correct what the Jews lost, but Christianity had no moral purpose behind it."

Get it? Christians are immoral unlike the Muslims. SABA Mosque Muslims of "high moral character." I guess the ten commandments (acutally over 300) contained no moral precepts for Jews or Christians like the concept of jihad. In any case, the next time you hear the whine about "Islamophobia", understand there really is something to fear and worry about when it comes to what's going on inside a mosque
like the one SABA runs in San Jose. Right now, the Mosque is also trying to get homeland security to reverse the refusal to allow a SABA religious leader back into the US because of suspected links to Hezbollah. You know Hezbollah, that group of high moral character who murdered 241 US marines in 1983 in Lebanon on a peace mission, and that ntroduced suicide bombing to Arab culture.

I'll discuss the SABA Mosque's imam in coming weeks. "High moral character", my ass...

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