Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The news media has missed that Huwaida Arraf, co-founder of the Hamas support group ISM (International Solidarity Movement) has been a "legal intern" for the US House of Representatives. The scummy Ms. Arraf, also lists herself as the legal adviser for the Free Gaza Movement and a former intern for the Center for Constitutional Rights. The CCR is funded by Gulf Sheiks to get the Guantanamo detainees that kill American soldiers released through US courts. See

Arraf was a legal intern allegedly to advise US Congressman James P. Moran (D-Va) on how to get the Gitmo detainess released. She also allegedly went to law shcool from 2004-2007 at American University in DC. Conveniently, Arraf's ISM co-founder husband Adam Shapiro has been a PhD student at American University for the last seven years with no degree in site. Homeland Security and the FBI should take a hard look at American University. Is it fronting for the terrorist support group? Arraf and Shapiro were both low level US State Department employees in Jerusalem when they co-founded the ISM with Arafat in the Mukata surrounded by IDF troops. She then became a human shield for Hamas and other terrorists held up in the Church of the Nativity. That apparently didn't keep her from being a "legal intern" for a congressman. Something really smells.

There's a curious thing about Huwaida Arraf. She alleges, and the Palestinians (who would never tell a lie) claim she was and still is a Professor of Humanitarian Law at Al Quds University in East Jerusalem (that's a Palestinian university run by Sari Nusseibeh who did hard time in Israel for spotting for Scud missiles to fall on Israel for Saddam Hussein during the First Gulf War). Nusseibeh is against terrorism, or so he says, not because it kills Jews in Israel, but because it's not effective in trying to ultimately destroy the Jewish state. Ms. Arraf is never there at Al Quds, she's usually in Washington or at Durban organizing anti-Israel activity, or on the Gaza Flotilla boats she helped organize to bring material aid to Hamas in Gaza. From 2004-2007 when she allegedly attended law school she was writing the ISM's London manual and traipsing all over the world. Somehow she managed we are to believe to be in law school cracking the books and attending classes at the same time.

About her law degree: Allegedly she earned this at American University in D.C. in "Humsn Rights Law." Arraf attend classes when I wonder? While she was in Durban? On the high seas with the Flotillas? At a party getting a medal from Hamas with the other flotilla bastards? How about during the myriad conferences given across the country in the US? How abut during the riots in the West Bank (Judea and
Samaria) she led with the ISM? Has she been admitted to the Bar?

I have Arraf on a recording admitting at the Georgetown Divestment Conference in 2006that the ISM openly works with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP.
Ms. Arraf even wrote the Washington Post back then after I wrote about it that her
statements were true. She claims she is "nonviolent" herself, so it's ok to give all manner of human shield support to the likes of Hamas and other terror groups.

This using the euphemisms of "peace activists" and "human rights workers" when they are clearly human shields for the terrorists is outlined in the ISM training manual.
The Amit Counter Terrorism Center in Israel recently came out with an intelligence report on this available at their website where I am cited as a key source.

If you need a project to work against terrorism in the US, contact Representative Peter King (R) and ask him why Huwaida Arraf had access to the US House of Representatives and is still running around. If you want to be involved, contact me at and I'll help you. Meanwhile, we roll merrily along in this country once again assisting Hamas. God save us...

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