Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've written before about Huwaida Arraf of the ISM. For some reason Ms. Arraf is untouchable by both the Israeli and US governments. After being arrested by the Israeli Navy during the last Gaza Flotilla effort to enter Gaza to aid Hamas, she was immediately released by Israeli authorities to start yet again. Now she in in the UAE attempting to raise money for a larger flotilla with so many boats the IDF Navy won't be able to stop them all.

Ms. Arraf has a good deal. Someone pays for her to jetset around the world for the Palestinians. She has a trumped up sinecure as a "law professor" at Al Quds University in Jerusalem but is never there. She heads a zillion anti-Israel groups
and stalks the halls of congress. Always well-funded.

Is Huwaida a US State Department shill? Or a part of the CIA? She should have been in jail years ago in both America and Israel especially after she admitted how she aids Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP.

I've long contended, you get rid of Huwaida Arraf, you help stop prolonging the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians because this woman's business is to shore up the terrorist groups at all costs and the US and Israel are both too stupid and lazy to put a stop to it.

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