Friday, July 3, 2009


Those who have been following the news about the waylaying and arrest of the Gaza flotilla crew need to understand that this trip for the Hamas supporters on those boats was a watershed moment. Israel finally grew up--just a little--boarded the boats and took the passengers, including the joke politician Cynthia McKinney back to Ashdod.

As soon as they landed , however, Huwaida Arraf, their leader and main ISM organizer was released. The others, including McKinney, were placed in detention pending deportation. McKinney, in the truest Israeli tradition of shooting themselves in the foot, was allowed to do a propaganda broadside by telephone from Ramle Prison.

The main question is Why was Huwaida Arraf released so quickly? Arraf has Israeli and US citizenship, so is considered an Israeli national despite her openness about destroying the Jewish state. She has admitted repeatedly even in media she works with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, all well-known terrorist groups. Without Huwaida Arraf, it's certainly possible there would be no Gaza flotilla movement at all.

Yet the Israelis released her ASAP.

I'm not a believer in conspiracy theories, and one reason I haven't written much in this blog is because I don't like blogs at all. They are generally not serious journalism but nonsense written by people in their pajamas. This blog came about as a result of a lawsuit, because earlier it was a smear blog attacking me that I took over. But in the interest of making good use of it, and also to get information out, let me do my own "blogging" here.

Huwaida Arraf was a human shield for terrorists more than once in the Holy Land. But before she did that, she was an employee of the US State Department in Jerusalem. She's from Michigan where she was born to an Israeli-Arab father and Palestinian mother and has US citizenship as well as Israeli citizenship. During the standoff in the Church of the Nativity, when armed terrorists were holding the priests hostage inside and defecating on Bibles there, Arraf with some ISM anarchists ran past the IDF and into the monastery with food and supplies that enabled the terrorists to keep up their terrorist activities inside. Weeks later, when a negotiation ended the standoff, IDF sappers had to defuse numerous bombs and booby traps left behind by the terrorists who were freed. Huwaida Arraf left the Church and was neither prosecuted nor did any jail time for literally assisting in a terrorist operation. What is more, since she was in the Church a good part of the time, on leaving she certainly knew that bombs had been placed to kill IDF soldiers when they entered the building. In my book, by not saying anything, she was also involved in attempted murder. She boasted later that she had put a crimp in the IDF's "plans."

But still the Israelis let her go immediately. She then wrote the ISM training manual to recruit anarchists worldwide to go to Israel and interfere with the IDF. She went to Durban. She organized corporate style conferences at major universities that would be the envy of IBM where she trained campus radicals in how to destroy a Jewish state.She went to the West Bank and assisted with riots against the IDF. She flew from the US to EU to Israel and back, toured the US and Canada continuously, managed to meet at numerous conclaves of the Saudi backed Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the anti-Semitic neo-Nazi Council for the American Interest (also Saudi sponsored) and even made it into the halls of congress. All the time she was doing this, she was allegedly a law student at George Washington Law School majoring in "humantiarian law." Now she is supposedly a law professor at Al Quds University in Eastern Jerusalem, but she's never there either, always prancing around Cyprus organizing the Free Gaza flotilla and flying into Washington to organize divestment conferences and other attacks on Israel.

Yeah, right.

It turns out the law professor at GW's law school who heads the humanitarian law program there is an Arab and Pro-Palestinian activist. I come from an entire family of lawyers and law professors and we all know that law school requires a lot of time and effort and that none of us see how this young woman crisscrossed the world for the PLO and now Hamas all the while attending law school where one has to really crack the books.

That is, unless one is using a cover as a law professor and activist for "human rights" when she is really aiding terrorist groups to dismantle a Jewish state.

Ask yourself: How hard would it be for the state Department and CIA to set up an agent
under the guise of a political activist, later claim she is an attorney employed at Al Quds (where she never teaches)and have her work propaganda against a Jewish state you want dismantled? The US State Department and the CIA are currently building a Palestinian Arab army composed of the terrorists in the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. In two years time, the US General Dayton who is training them warns, they will be ready to attack Israel if Israel does not conform to Palestinian demands that always become
US State Department demands. The amount of PR damage, financial damage done by Arraf and company in the ISM in astronomical. Who's to say it's not part of some grand US State Department plan to mold US opinion against a still wildly popular Israel?

Anyway, here goes a conspiracy theory: take it or leave it.

Huwaida Arraf is either an agent of the CIA that conducts clandestine projects for the US State Department, or she operates with tacit support of US State. How else can we explain her immunity to prosecution when she breaks Israeli law and has Israeli citizenship? She continuously violates US and Israeli law and she's the untouchable Huwaida Arraf.

Arraf is already planning the next Gaza flotilla trip. Her colleagues boast of their "excellent relations" with the US State Department. She in turn, is obviously untouchable by the Israeli government.

Israel has a policy of targeting the leadership of terrorist groups. So why would the Israeli government, both the Left and the Right, seize the Gaza flotilla boat, arrest everyone on board, but immediately release the leader and organizer who is prosecutable as an Israeli citizen? We all know she's going to do it all over again.

Anyway, the question remains: Is Huwaida Arraf a CIA agent or special agent of the US
State Department? I'm not saying it's so here, but the possibility certainly exists.
If anything she should have been required to register as an agent for a foreign government years ago that is also under the control of the State Department.

Maybe blogs do have their good side.


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In 1947, Arab leaders protesting the UN partition plan argued that Palestine was part of Syria and “politically, the Arabs of Palestine (were) not (an) independent separate … political entity.”
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