Saturday, January 31, 2009


My uncle once told me when I discussed irresponsible people that "That's why there are more horse's asses than horses." The fact is the ISM appeals to a lot of horse's asses. A DOS attack was just made on Stop the ISM's and DAFKA's websites that temporarily brought the sites down but they will be back. Just as with Israel,the animals of the Palestinian movement and their EU anarchist buddies can have their day, but the anarchists in Gaza with Hamas should be afraid to look up into the sky because the Israeli Air Force is coming to get them. Actually, a member of the ISM has provided invaluable information for the $25,000 reward we offered for information on how to target Vittorio Arrigoni and the other ISM tools there in Gaza and right now. Anther good note was the Gaza flotilla ship was also turned back by the IDF NAvy as it should have been from the start.

The little ISM creeps in Gaza right now are working with Hamas using ambulances to transport terrorists by being human shields for them. Of course, they attacked the Stop the ISM website trying to claim we incited violence (Laughable given their love for terrorists and terrorism)and supposedly "committing unlawful acts." Of course, we committed no unlawful acts but just spoke our opinion so the ISM then committed its own unlawful acts to bring our sites down. Never fear, we will be back and the ISM is still on its way out in Israel. After this war, count on legislation in Israel to ban the noxious group of cowards from Israeli soil.

It's's shabat. You should see the anti-Semitic hate mail I'm getting from anti-Semites who proclaim they love Jews but just want Israel dismantled. Sick, sick people they are. I'll try to post some here later.

More next week.

P.S. It's hilarious the way they write to threaten to kill me, to burn my house down, call me a kike and revile the USA and say bin Laden was right, then embrace the
homosexual world presented through the late Sidney Lumet's eyes. Now they claim I am seeking to sow paranoia in their ranks. Well, if that was the case it obviously worked, however, they do have a real reason to be afraid of me in the ISM as I will continue to expose them to the world.

Back at ya soon. We'll have a newer bigger site very soon.
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