Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I was at the pro-Hamas rally across from the Israeli consulate last night. There you could find a lot of young Arab-Americans who were ranting for Hamas. I was carrying Israeli and American flags together and was approached by many of the Hamas supporters who yelled, "Shame!" at me, as if they thought I would somehow find shame in opposing Hamas.

Let's face something. These are supposed to be Americans, not Palestinian Arabs. They live in a democracy and not an Arab Islamic inspired dictatorship. Yet they love the Arab dictatorships of the Middle East. Other ethnic groups that immigrated to America in the last two and half centuries wanted to be Americans. They fought and died for this country. But among Arab-American youth, not every last one, but the vast majority, they are Muslim Arabs first, or Christian Arabs who are Pan-Arabists.

Many of them in the ANSWER Coalition are wannabe communists and Marxists, particularly the quislings of Jewish descent among them. They are primitive in their support of the primitive Arab societies of the Middle East. The fault for this lies in our own American educational system that is slowly being infiltrated by Muslim educators from the Middle East. More on this later, but if you'd seen the mob yesterday in downtown San Francisco, you'd understand what I mean.
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