Tuesday, September 11, 2007


At least there's some good news...

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an ISM-inspired event just held last weekend at George Mason U. in Virginia, apparently was a bust in terms of attendees.
According to the campus paper, the Broadside, there were only about 50 attendees. The
Broadside reporter states he can't be sure of the real number because the press, as usual, was not allowed into the event on Saturday and Sunday because the public might learn what the little anti-Semitic wannabe revolutionaries were really planning inside. As usual, the leadership lied and claimed that "thousands" had attended their previous conferences at Berkeley, U Mich, Ohio State and Duke when the ISM never fielded more than 500 at its peak in 2003. At Gerogetown, the last conference, the numebers were closer to 250 and they whined that their numebrs are dwindling as some of their campus activists grow up, graduate and leave. In fact, its also likely that constant exposure of what they are really all about is causing their recuritment to decline. Now they are trying to lobby congress directly so write your congressman and warn about them, because I can tell you from experience, half of congress hasn't got a clue what these creeps are really all about when they lie and claim they are "peace activists." They ahve enough Marxist Jewish quislings among them as well like Josh Ruebner and the Jewish Voice for Peace front group to let some 22 year-old congressional aids think they aren't the virulent anti-Semites they really are.

Nevertheless, any meeting on public university campuses (or private that get taxpayer funds and aid) by these subversives should not be allowed. It's not about freedom of speech, it's about supporting an arm of the terrorists overseas in terms of fundraising, logistical aid and setting up an infrastructure in America for groups.

It's also about hatred of Jews becoming all the more common and acceptable on US campuses. The fact is, Noura Erekat, one of the main organizers of the US Campaign,
even refused to condemn a call by bin Laden for Muslims in America to go to the Middle East to kill Jews when asked about it by Bill O'Reilly on his show. The video is viewable on the homepage at StopISM.com . The support by these people, particularly Huwaida Arraf, for terrorist groups is known to our government security agencies yet they are commanded from the top to look the other way in some delusional idea of "peace" between the terrorists murdering Jews and the rest of the world. Jews, aka Israelis, are expendable in the Bush Administration's geopolitical view.

Let's face it: the Bush Administration differentiates al Qaeda terrorism against the US from Hamas terrorism against Jews in Israel. Our president, who kisses Saudi potentates on the mouth and fawns over them has consistently looked the other way at Saudi funding of Hamas and Hizballah terrorists that keep the war roiling against Israel. What few people realize, is Saudi funding and cooperation with terrorists also has killed our boys in Iraq. The present trial of the Holyland Foundation talks about their funding Hamas, but it was the links to al Qaeda that finally got the government to move. The proof in the pudding will be if CAIR is ultimately closed down by this administration which is seeming less likely every day.

Imagine if in World War II Franklin Roosevelt did business with the Nazis, and, while sending weapons and aid to Britain to fight fascism, looked the other way
at Nazi attacks on the British in North africa and the Middle East and even ignored promotional activities in favor of Rommel's campaign there at America unviersities and you get a picture of the disconnect this administration has in the War on Terror.

Thusfar, the Gulf Sheiks, especialy the UAE seems to have their hooks into Washington woith petrodollars. The only presidentail candidate I see on the horizon
who might pull America out of this mess is Rudy Giuliani, yet even he spent some time in theUAE rubbing elbows with the Zayed family. At least Rudy handed Hamas financier Sheik Alwaleed bin Talal back his filthy check after 9/11. Giuliani's position papers on Israel and his views on really dealing with terrorists for what they are has my vote.

Who knows? WIth the mans seeming integrity, maybe the US government will finally go after the ISM leadership for violating anti-terrorism laws and passport fraud.

More on Geroge Mason's spineless allowing another Jew Hate fest on a US campus later...

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