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Fighting With Both Hands Tied Behind Your Back

by Lee Kaplan, Israel National News, Sept. 9, 2007

Courts in Israel allow a dangerous game to go on.

Watch this video then read the article below:

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is kvelling over the Israeli Supreme Court decision to move the security fence in Bilin after a two-and-a-half-year court case. After fomenting riots among the local Arabs on a weekly basis in coordination with the terrorist organizations they act as human shields for, like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, the ISM demonstrated that violence pays. They showed that, with one well-paid communist lawyer and a lot of noise, an Israeli court can once again be persuaded to hand down an ultimate death sentence on the country.

Israel is a modern, vibrant, civil society and democracy. As such, it is run by rule of law and, thus, lawyers wield considerable influence. The Palestinian Authority is a civil society also, but only for Arabs; that is, terrorists who attack Jews, or Arabs who claim that legally deeded land in Judea and Samaria that belongs to Jews is theirs, are not subject to arrest or prosecution. Just imagine if a Jewish community attempted to hire an Arab attorney to defend its rights in a PA courtroom. The outcome would be obvious.

Judges are lawyers with ultimate power in a civil society. In the courtroom, they wield absolute power. As civil human beings, they think civilly: not a cross word is allowed; arguments on both sides are to be heard; then the judge calls the shots. The judge, in turn, has the protection of burly bailiffs for protection if someone tries to disrupt the civil discourse. He or she needn't get his or her hands dirty.

George Orwell summed it up best when he said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." Such is the case when it comes to Israel's judiciary and leadership and how their decisions impact their own protectors, the Border Police and the IDF, in hearing cases of state policy pertaining to Judea and Samaria.

The judiciary in Israel operates on the assumption that those bringing suit in an Israeli court are as civil-minded as they are, even when they are not. The other side is making war on Israel's existence in any way possible. If the court does not decide in their favor, they will resort to murder and mayhem to achieve their ends. The court is merely one angle, a formality to try and bring about the same outcome as the violence. Meanwhile, the civil judiciary conducts itself like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

How else to explain the fact that, after six years, the ISM still operates as a terrorist support front group whose goal is the dismantling of the Jewish state? Judges in Israel do not comprehend the new type of war strategy of binging international anarchists and communists into Israel to act as human shields and supplement the work of the terrorist movements through propaganda abroad and at home, and through outright violent civil disobedience that the ISM then tells the world was nonviolent.

The ISM will tell Americans and Europeans that Palestinian Arabs are being attacked mercilessly by Jewish "settlers" simply for trying to harvest their produce or for working on their own land. In fact, the ISM, armed with cameras, with trained provocateurs and professional anarchists from American universities, goes onto property owned by Jewish communities with an Arab in tow, and steals the produce (olives for example) off the trees that belong to the Jewish community. When the Israelis show up to protect their property, the ISM then claims the Arabs were attacked for no reason at all by Jews.

Such was the case with a senior citizen at a Jewish community. The ISM showed up on property belonging to the settlers and started "harvesting." As in a civil society, the police were called by the settlement. While the police tried to muddle over if the Arab's phony claim that the land he was working on with the support of the ISM was, in fact, not really his as he claimed, two ISM anarchists, one British, the other one French, and a colleague with a video camera attempted to get past the actual gates of the settlement. The man at the gate refused them entry - for good reason. They set him up so when he shooed one away, another would try to breach the gate. In frustration he grabbed a stick to ward them off.

The police arrested the guard for assault, as one would do in a civilized society. Meanwhile, the three ISM activists had a new propaganda video claiming they are "human rights workers" to show over the Internet to demonstrate the "terrorism" of religious Jewish settlers against innocent Arabs. It will be interesting to see how the Israeli courts adjudicate this man's case. (See the video here.)

"Human rights workers" indeed. These are anarchists, and their intent is to lie and do harm in any way they can.

The Arabs have a good deal. The internationals from the ISM will stand between them and the legal property owners and provoke them. The Israeli courts and government are more concerned about international incidents than the property rights of Jews; so when someone from a settlement attempts to protect his property prior to the police arriving, the ISM and Arabs can then claim they were assaulted. The civil society in Israel will let the Arabs, and even the ISM foreigners, pursue legal action against the real victim. It's a big joke to them.

The ISM training manuals discuss how simple it is for internationals to get arrested, because they can only be deported. These are anarchists, and their intent is to lie and do harm in any way they can. They are released by the courts right away, then immediately go back to what they are doing. In cases where a deportation is ordered by the courts, the manuals tell the ISM activists to refuse deportation by threatening to disrupt the flight. In some cases, this has worked to even let ISMers stay in the country

The "rough men in the night" of the Border Police, the Shin Bet and the IDF know the truth about the ISM. But it's the courts in Israel that allow this dangerous game to continue. Imagine if the US allowed communists and anarchists from around the world to converge on US soil and interfere with the police and security agencies during the Cold War and use American courts to promote Soviet causes. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Yet, that is what is now going on in Israel with the assistance of Israel's civil judiciary.

The same ISM activist who pelted Natan Sharansky with a pie in New Jersey held a seminar in the US where he explained everything the ISM is doing in the West Bank and Gaza is training for anarchists and communists to eventually bring it to the US when Israel is gone. Watch what happens when America starts building its own security fence on the Mexican border. The ISM has already sent out emails they intend to do the same to American border police and the authorities.

Wake up, Israel! Your country is being used as a guinea pig by those who would destroy you and your own civility may be your undoing. The courts in Israel are so unaware of this that they are being played as fools.

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