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My readers have been nagging me to post in here again so I've decided to do so. I normally dislike blogs because they are not commercial journalism sites and generally lack research.  In other words,
I don't write for fun, I write for a living and take my exposes and work seriously.

I've been appearing a lot on Iran's Press TV Show the Debate. Anyone who watches the show can see it's not really a true debate, but a propaganda show put on by the Velat-y-Faqih regime in Iran. The hosts bring in "experts" who are anything but that, usually anti-Semites or Tokyo Rose types to suggest that a dictatorship like Iran is really concerned with human rights but Americans and Israelis are just the big blue meanies who violate "international law". Of course, when Iran hangs people in the streets even for being gay, this isn't an issue to them.

I give credit to Press TV for at east trying to look balanced. But the fact is they give more speaking time to their flacks, and even the hosts chime in and argue with the guests who do speak for the USA and the West and make sure their cronies always get the last word. Interruptions in mid-sentence are constant when I speak, whereas those who extoll the virtues of militant Islam or anti-US factions, and most importantly an international Jewish conspiracy go on forever until I demand to be heard.

I've done several shows since September of 2013 (Gosh, was it really that long?) which I did not comment on in this blog. I've decided to write some commentary though from now on as some of my readers have asked me too. The other side relies on the Internet for propaganda, so they will take one of the debates, declare me the loser, then run the same video over and over on hundreds of other sites.
They really are quite good at it. But lies are still lies.

That said, I appeared on the Debate on Press TV on June 16th against a particularly unwholesome individual named Gilad Atzmon, a former Israel ex-pat who like Ilan Pappe has found a sinecure being a "Jew" who tells it like it is against the international Zionist conspiracy on behalf of Arab and Iranian dictatorships and among radical leftists abroad.

What does one do if one is a saxophone player of mediocre talent who can't really get an audience? Well, if he's from Israel like Gilad Atzmon, he becomes the "Jew" who is against the existence of Israel and tours the world telling Arab and Muslim lies about the Jewish state and its people.  Atzmon usually does concerts which are backed and attended by anti-Israel and boycott groups. He can pretend he's touring as a musician, but he's really touring for the anti-Semites. At the same time he can pretend he's a world-class saxophonist. A Kenny G this clown is not.

Atzmon has no shame at all in what he does. He has even engaged in Holocaust denial on his Palestine Think Tank blog. When I "debated" against him yesterday, the topic was supposed to be the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Hamas. Instead, Atzmon decided to launch into a long speech about Jewish world conspiracies, the rich Jews, the Jews who control the banks, and other assorted anti-Semitic libels that are stock in trade for the Iranians and Arabs.  Truly knowledgeable viewers say the man sounds like an ass because he does.  No propaganda yarns about the Jews is too much for Atzmon to recite either.

He began his part of the show declaring me a "pathological liar." So, you see, I'm mentally deranged whereas when he says the Jews spread homosexuality across the world and that George Soros (who funds many of Atzmon's ISM groups' events) are part of the "Jewish conspiracy."  You can listen to the actual debate here:


Immediately, Atzmon declares himself the winner of the debate and how he "shamed me" as an Israeli hasbara agent. In fact, he called me a "Jewish agent" during the show.  Atzmon then has his cronies on the Web replay the same show to make it look like I was royally served, Anyone who knows the truth, knows Atzmon is full of hot air. The fact is most viewers in the West have stated I shredded Atzmon and made him look like a fool, which I did.

Press TV of course tries to suggest Israel's clampdown on Hamas is merely a ruse to control Hamas's
unity moves with Fatah. Nothing was discussed of the kidnappings of the boys. The Press TV hostess frames her question to suggest that Israel engages in "collective punishment" of the Palestinian population. I point out that Abbas government initially praised the kidnappings, told Arab shopkeepers to destroy security footage that might help track the boys. Of course, then Atzmon comes on and lays it all at the feet of a Jewish conspiracy in accordance with usual Iranian anti-Semitism. He, of course, tries to equate Israel with Nazi Germany an declares Israel is imposing "capital punishment" on the Palestinian people (like releasing thousands of murderers, terrorists in Israeli jails to make peace, I suppose).

I received the usual comments after the show from the anti-Israel crowd which generally remind me I'm fat as supposedly a grand argument. Atzmon says during the show he's not part of the ISM but they are part of his touring network. He also said he's not a Jew (true, in the sense that he gave that up). But he's really of no consequence.

One thing also to note. The host accuses me of name calling but Atzmon made nothing but ad hominem attacks on me as a "pathological liar" and "hasbara agent." Go view the debate. If you have Israel and Jews, I suppose you'll love Atzmon and you provide him his paid for audience.

But let's be clear. I exposed Atzmon as a Tokyo Rose and will continue to do so. Atzmon says Jewish lobbies control Europe because they are "rich". The hostess also poses a question implying Arab children are put in Israeli jails. She says Press TV is against any kids suffering the world, but we hear no calls by them to Hamas to release those three boys. Atzmon concludes that he's "touring"  as saxophonist, not as the Jew who helps the anti-Semites attack the other Jews, and is wildly successful
He was recently in Berkeley, California at a fundraiser for the ISM (who he says he isn't part of) and he commanded a whopping audience of 35 people. Pathetic. He wouldn't even have the 35 if he wasn't willing to prostitute himself to dictatorships and anti-Semites overseas.

Next up:  Phony Kevin Barrett---
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