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For those of you following my work exposing the International Solidarity Movement
you may have seen the brouhaha about my latest article about Anna Baltzer of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. If you scroll down to my past articles about
Anna here on my blog, you can learn more about her. To brief those not in the know,
I wrote an article where I said Anna lied about having a Fulbright and attending Birthright, tales she uses to pose as the Jew who wants to bring down Israel for Hamas.
Well, it turns out she did get a grant from Fulbright and may have even been at Birthright (still waiting for proof), but under a completeley different name, Anna Piller.

Needless to say, the ISM trolls on the Internet are crowing about the fact she did have these things in her background somehow disproves all the pro-terrorist activities
I've proven about the ISM over the last ten years and that she is a serial liar. The article in question was pulled by one panicky publisher who was afraid of a lawsuit over a minor error that the anti-Israel trolls tried to make into a major issue--and succeeded. Anna Baltzer herself never sent any letters, I guess leaving the threats up to the ISM cultists to do it for her. The rest of the articles in question were true to the T, though. Anna just finished telling an audience at Oxford yet another lie that Israel is the same as apartheid 1980's South Africa. She's going to Belgium on Monday to tell assorted atrocity lies about Israel  to further spur anti-Semitism in Europe.

Anyway, I thought I'd write Anna Baltzer an OPEN LETTER here on my blog and those ISM trolls out there who are living on the Internet for her can, and I am sure will, show it to her. I hope the ISM trolls and my followers will disseminate this far and wide:

                         AN OPEN LETTER CHALLENGE TO ANNA BALTZER (sic)

Ms. Baltzer (or is it Piller? Nardi?):

It has come to my attention that even though the Fulbright websites and staff advised me there was no Anna Baltzer who obtained a Fulbright scholarship in 2003 as your Wikpedia entry said you did at the time I wrote my article about your going to Oxford  (which I understand is now changed saying you are also known as Anna Piller), why do you permit all the public relations articles put out by the ISM for you to say "Anna Baltzer received a Fulbright Scholarship"?  In fact, why do you even need to use a false name?

As for Birthright, at this writing I'm waiting to hear back to see if they hosted an Anna Piller in 2000, this query based on a similar confusion to that above. ISM activists frequently use false identities to do their work against Israel, even obtaining multiple passports to get back there after deportation. Is that why you have the false name Anna Baltzer?

 Do you use the name Anna Baltzer because you have a criminal conviction on your record from 1997 under the name Anna Piller? And what was that conviction for, pray tell?

Finally, there's the issue of your grandparents who allegedly were Holocaust survivors.
In my article, I mention I could find no record of Baltzers who were listed as Holocaust survivors from the death camps. I found only one woman named Baltzer who did perish during the Shoah. I imagine she'd object to you using her name.
In my earlier articles and the ones about you at Oxford, I mentioned Hedy Epstein, the phony "Holocaust survivor" of the ISM who I learned was never in the death camps and spent the entire war in the safey of England as a child. Hedy, as an adult after the war belonged to pro-Stalinist groups that were anti-Zionist (Stalin was actually planning a new pogrom when he died) and that she even supported Pol Pot. The liars in the ISM tried parading her out at divestment events hoping audiences would think a victim of the Nazi death camps even was against the Jewish state. You know, the same idea behind an anti-Semite like yourself claiming she is attacking the Jewish people in the name of Arab irredentists, revanchist idealogues like Hamas so that non-Jews and (other suckers) will not see your program as promoting hatred for the Jews.

What are the names of your grandparents who are "Holocaust survivors" and what death camps did they survive? Surely you'd want this information made public to bolster your credentials. Do you have the tattooed numbers from their arms to facilitate an accurate search? I await a reply.

How much do you earn as the head of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation?
My research tells me that ISM coordinators like you are paid $60,000 a year from the the likes of the PLO. With all your world travel, etc. I'd imagine you must be paid far more. Do you mind telling the world your income for this sinecure you have as the Jew
who works to deport other Jews from their homes and supports terrorist groups that calls for killing them? You are also involved with Medea Benjamin's Code Pink and Global Exchange, that wonderful group that sent $600,000 to the Iraqi resistance in aid
while US marines were dying and losing limbs during the Battle for Fallujah.  I'm curious how much it costs to buy a pretty "Jewish" girl (are you really even Jewish?)
to serve as a mouthpiece for destroying the Jews in the Middle East first and stir anti-Semitism in colleges, meeting halls and most of all in Christian churches. Can you divulge this information? It migh shed light on your epiphany and statements you are promoting Jewish values by supporting and lying for Jew-killers like Hamas.

Finally, can you answer these three questions below, though I already know the answers:

Have you read the Hamas Charter and its calls to annihilate all the Jews in the world as well as Israel as a religious obligation to God and do you agree with it? In other words,
will you condemn Hamas as a terrorist group?

Does Israel have a right to exist as it is, the Jewish national homeland? (You apparenly refused to answer this earlier on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart which was an obvious "no". I suppose you couldn't risk your sinecure from the Arabs who pay you by saying that Israel has any right to exist.)

For what crime were you convicted in 1997 when you were about 18 years old? Was it serious? Was it for fraud? For what were you convicted back then?  Is that why you began using aliases?

The only persons I know who use aliases are criminals and celebrities. Was it the former  that became the reason "Anna Baltzer" was coined? Or the latter, so you could become famous as the Jew for another Jewish Holocaust? Curious minds want to know. I note this article from 2006 that says Anna Baltzer is your real name and Piller the alias. Why did you change it?

Don't worry. It's been screen captured.
Feel free to comment here on my blog.

Anyone wanting to read more about Hedy Epstein see this:

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Joe in Australia said...

Lee, a search of US public records shows that a woman called Anne M Piller with the birthdate February 5th 1979 lived in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in 1993. This is the only Anna/Anne Piller I can find who is around the right age.

Do you think this is the same person?