Thursday, June 30, 2011

San Jose's Dirty Little Secret: The SABA Mosque Khomeinist/Hezbollah cell

Open support for terrorism by Shia Association of Bay Area visitors: Asad Jaffi

The San Jose, California’s Shia Association Bay Area (SABA Mosque) keeps producing evidence of support for the Hezbollah terrorism group and the militant Islamist regime of Iran almost every day.

The latest evidence pointing to this are the frequent visits to the SABA Islamic Guidance Center by one Syed Asad Jafri, a mullah who speaks frequently at there, indoctrinating the congregation with Khomeinist ideas and messages of anti-Semitism.

Syed Asad Jafri
Jafri was born and raised in Toronto and completed his high school studies in Canada, then moved to the United States to pursue a college degree in computer technology. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1998 and became a computer professional, relocating to work back in Canada, but his claim to fame in the Shia community is as a militant, anti-Semitic, pro-Hezbollah mullah.

This should come as no surprise since his upbringing was strongly influenced in his religious community by another militant mullah named Mohammed Zaki Baqri, another imam who was to become a SABA Mosque leader and who is also well-known for his hatred of Jews. Baqri hails from Alipur in India, the same Khomeinist stronghold where the Mosque’s imam Nabi Raza Mir comes from as well as other militant members of the Mosque’s leadership.

Asad Jafri became a loyal acolyte of Mohammed Zaki Baqri to such a degree that he married the militant mullah’s daughter, Zehra, who today is still his wife.

Flag of the terrorist organization Hezbollah
Asad Jafri has made statements at the Mosque that he openly supports the international terror organization Hezbollah. In lectures to pro-Khomeinist congregations in Canada and the United States, he has never shied away from promoting the image and ideas of Hezbollah. During one virulent session where he sought to indoctrinate the SABA Mosque congregation, while praising historical attacks on the “Infidel”, he praised the terrorist group’s attack on Israel by saying:

“And if that's not enough for you, that's too far in history, come to the summer of 2006, a small group of Shias in Southern Lebanon [i.e. Hezbollah terrorists], holding the flag of Husayn, defeated the Yazid of today (meaning Israel and the United States, since a “Yazid” is the most evil person to have ever been born.”

The Shia Muslims curse the Yazid throughout the year, especially during the Islamic month of Muharram al-Haraam. Citing from the Koran, Jafri told the congregation of “how many a small group defeated a numerous group (meaning Israel) with the permission of God only.”

In other words, Hezbollah was doing “God’s work” while kidnapping and ultimately murdering Israeli soldiers and innocent civilians and launching a war that killed many people on both sides.

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SABA Center
In 2004, Jafri relocated to the Shia religious studies center that is the city of Qum, Iran, along with his family. Both and he and his wife Zehra entered into the Hawza (religious seminary) and began their theological studies, later starting his tabligh missions such as to the SABA Mosque as early as 2006, when he started touring militant Islamist Khomeinist centers back in America and Canada. While touring in the U.S., Jafri spoke in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, but also made his presentations at the SABA Mosque because of its centralization in the northern California Islamic community. Jafri later returned to Qum where he resides today with his family and continues to study religion.

Asad Jafri is still openly hostile towards the United States. He frequently attacks the policies of the U.S. Government and openly promotes Khomeinist theories among the misguided American youths who frequent Islamist centers such as SABA in San Jose. In so doing he never strays from his open endorsement and promotion of the ideas of the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

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