Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've been doing the advance work on Walid Shoebat's upcoming appearance at Western Michigan University. This event is a "must-see." We already have over 1,000 people coming and the theater, Miller Auditorium, holds as much as 3,500, so feel free to show up on March 10th at 7pm and hear the remarkable life stories of Walid and Kamel Saleem.

The Muslim Students Association (the equivalent to the German Bund in the US prior to WW2) of course has been trying to silence us, as has the adminstration at WMU, first trying to defund the event, then trying to prevent advertising to please the MSA. MSA has consistently torn down our posters and sut yeserday tried to ge a blcok of 150 seats together to no doubt disrupt the event. This is part of the problem wit these Saudi inspired anti-Israel "clubs" on campuses in the US. They bring the same fascist "Komsomol" type demonstrations onto US campuses, the same garbage that makes the Arab fascist states what they are. Clerical fascism designed as "peace" and tolerance" to a naive Western audience. The administration laughingly tried to imply that mentioning the title of Walid's book, "WHY WE WANT TO KILL YOU" in our posters
conjures images of Virgina Tech's shooting incident (yeah, sure)and upsets the sensitivities of the MSA on campus (who don't mind inviting terrorists to campus to speak to them with the Unviersity's blessing). Of course, allowing constant anti-Semitism and anti-Israel boycott attacks on campus do not equate to the same sensitivity for Jewish students on campus at WMU.

It should be noted the adminstration at WMU has behaved unprofessionally in the case of this event. First, they denied the MSA was complaining to them and that they were trying to appease them. When defunding us didn't work, they tried to have our psters eliminated. It should be noted that Dean of Students Suzie Nagel and Student activity director Chris SLigh first sought to censor the posters, then having failed at that, they sought to srpress distribution. Nagel was then supported by Diane Anderson, Vice President for Student Affairs. Eventualy, they admitted the MSA was complaining constantly and they were appeasing them (as the MSA tore down our posters everywhere on campus).

The only thing they could do to us ultmately (after having the campus police tear down our posters also) was try to claim a violation of campus "guidelines" that our posers were 2 inches too big (we proved they were the same size the University uses). At first, they let us go then started again saying because they were "student" posters we cold not post them unless we redid them all at a cost of another $1,000. We did exactly that. 2" as a technicality failed to stop us, altough t did slow don the promotion of the event.

It should be noted that "Guidelines" implies a suggested format and not firm rules. Yet Suzie Nagel decided to claim otherwise( Go look it up in the dictionary). In any case, we are going forward full steam ahead with the support of the majority of students and locals in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We also have large support from the local Christian and Jewish communities and locallaw enforcement agencies.

Campus police tell us the MSA plans a major protest outside the event. You see, the MSA that supports Hamas and terrrism is very annoyed when this is pointed out in public. The WMU admin that doesn't mind MSA bringing the likes of neo-Nazi William Baker, a Holocaust- denier or Sira Wahhaj,unindicted co-consprator in the 1993 WTC terror attack to campus, only takes a hard line if we have posters 2" larger than recommended (Horrors!)that they think it should be grounds for canceling the event.

Yesterday we made the cover of the Kalamazoo Gazette and we're getting ticket requests like mad. The MSA is still tearing down our flyers. Despie this, look for another successful event exposing the jihadis on US campuses. If you'd like free tickets, email me at See you there!!! If you know of any local church groups that wish to attend in Michigan, please advise them of our event. Check out Walid's websies too at or Come and support America and Israel and show how the Saudi-inspired propaganda of the MSA on college campuses can be checked even in the face of pusillanimous and self-serving college administrators.

Patriotic Muslim-Americans are welcome too!

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