Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've written for the last four years that Jewish Voice for Peace is an Arab front group established to convince American Jews that they can still be good Jews but
advocate the destruction of the Jewish state. In the past, the JVOP newsletter has written that it is doubtful Jews ever lived in the Holy Land at all, and that the First Temple and Exodus from Egypt were myths. Also, claims that Jews in Israel are really descendents of Khazarians from southern Georgia in Russia were mentioned. These were some of the gems allegedly written by Mitchell Plitnick, the former head of the JVOP.

As the result of an audit of JVOP, Plitnick was downgraded from his position as head of JVOP and a new leader was brought in from the radical anti-Israel leftist front in Israel. Cecilie Surasky, Plitnick's replacement as mouthpiece for the JVOP started a blog titled Muzzlewatch, where she tried to present the image that Jews
who were less-than-supportive of Israel were being stifled in their freedom of speech.

Now new information comes out about Cecile Surasky. In 2004, Ms. Surasky wrote an editorial for the Al Awda-linked website Electronic Intifada, run by the former
webmaster for Bir Zeit University (stronghold for Hamas recruitment) named Nigel Parry.

Parry has accused me of fabricating half of what I write and insists that Al Awda has absolutely nothing to do with Electronic Intifada and vice versa. I have uncovered enough evidence and proof that it does, since two of the co-founders of Electronic Intifada, Arjan El-Fassed and Ali Abunimah are respectively a co-founder of Al Awda and leader of Al Awda. The source of this information?

Nigel Parry himself.

What is significant about Al Awda's links to Electronic Intifada and Cecilie Suransky of Jewish Vocie for Peace? Well, for one thing I've proven that Al Awda, besides being highly anti-Semitic and advocating for the total annihilation of Israel
also is allied with the American Nazi Party. It was this revelation that got the international Al Awda conference kicked off the UC Riverside campus about six months ago by me. Cecilie Surasky in 2004 did not just have a letter to the editor published on the Electronic Intifada website, she wrote an editorial, that is an official poistion for the website Electronic Intifada, part of the Al Awda/US Nazi Party collaboration against Israel and, by extension, all Jews.

We'll have a more detailed breakdown of all of this on my websites at StoptheISM.com
and DAFKA.org very soon. Bill Levinson, an expert researcher at Stop the ISM will also have the story on the Israpundit.com weblog soon too.

Ms. Surasky, you have been outted, not as a "Jew of conscience" against Israel, but as a shill for the anti-Semites and pro-Nazis in Al Awda and at Electronic Intifada.

Who do you think will probably replace you next at Jewish Voice for Peace?

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Dusty said...

Cecilie Suransky is on record calling International ANSWER an an anti-Semitic organization, yet Jewish Voice for Peace consistently marches with ANSWER, and maintains a table at their rallies.
Jewish Voice for peace is also organizing a rally in support of the racist sabeel Conference in Boston, later this month.
How are we supposed to take Jewish Voice for Peace seriously when they consistently align themselves with the most anti-Semitic groups around?
Oh, maybe we aren't supposed to take them seriously.....