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My latest undercover piece is making the rounds right now. Stop the ISM infiltrated Paul Larudee and his gang of terrorism supporters planning BDS actions on videotape. Read the article here:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My readers have been nagging me to post in here again so I've decided to do so. I normally dislike blogs because they are not commercial journalism sites and generally lack research.  In other words,
I don't write for fun, I write for a living and take my exposes and work seriously.

I've been appearing a lot on Iran's Press TV Show the Debate. Anyone who watches the show can see it's not really a true debate, but a propaganda show put on by the Velat-y-Faqih regime in Iran. The hosts bring in "experts" who are anything but that, usually anti-Semites or Tokyo Rose types to suggest that a dictatorship like Iran is really concerned with human rights but Americans and Israelis are just the big blue meanies who violate "international law". Of course, when Iran hangs people in the streets even for being gay, this isn't an issue to them.

I give credit to Press TV for at east trying to look balanced. But the fact is they give more speaking time to their flacks, and even the hosts chime in and argue with the guests who do speak for the USA and the West and make sure their cronies always get the last word. Interruptions in mid-sentence are constant when I speak, whereas those who extoll the virtues of militant Islam or anti-US factions, and most importantly an international Jewish conspiracy go on forever until I demand to be heard.

I've done several shows since September of 2013 (Gosh, was it really that long?) which I did not comment on in this blog. I've decided to write some commentary though from now on as some of my readers have asked me too. The other side relies on the Internet for propaganda, so they will take one of the debates, declare me the loser, then run the same video over and over on hundreds of other sites.
They really are quite good at it. But lies are still lies.

That said, I appeared on the Debate on Press TV on June 16th against a particularly unwholesome individual named Gilad Atzmon, a former Israel ex-pat who like Ilan Pappe has found a sinecure being a "Jew" who tells it like it is against the international Zionist conspiracy on behalf of Arab and Iranian dictatorships and among radical leftists abroad.

What does one do if one is a saxophone player of mediocre talent who can't really get an audience? Well, if he's from Israel like Gilad Atzmon, he becomes the "Jew" who is against the existence of Israel and tours the world telling Arab and Muslim lies about the Jewish state and its people.  Atzmon usually does concerts which are backed and attended by anti-Israel and boycott groups. He can pretend he's touring as a musician, but he's really touring for the anti-Semites. At the same time he can pretend he's a world-class saxophonist. A Kenny G this clown is not.

Atzmon has no shame at all in what he does. He has even engaged in Holocaust denial on his Palestine Think Tank blog. When I "debated" against him yesterday, the topic was supposed to be the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Hamas. Instead, Atzmon decided to launch into a long speech about Jewish world conspiracies, the rich Jews, the Jews who control the banks, and other assorted anti-Semitic libels that are stock in trade for the Iranians and Arabs.  Truly knowledgeable viewers say the man sounds like an ass because he does.  No propaganda yarns about the Jews is too much for Atzmon to recite either.

He began his part of the show declaring me a "pathological liar." So, you see, I'm mentally deranged whereas when he says the Jews spread homosexuality across the world and that George Soros (who funds many of Atzmon's ISM groups' events) are part of the "Jewish conspiracy."  You can listen to the actual debate here:

Immediately, Atzmon declares himself the winner of the debate and how he "shamed me" as an Israeli hasbara agent. In fact, he called me a "Jewish agent" during the show.  Atzmon then has his cronies on the Web replay the same show to make it look like I was royally served, Anyone who knows the truth, knows Atzmon is full of hot air. The fact is most viewers in the West have stated I shredded Atzmon and made him look like a fool, which I did.

Press TV of course tries to suggest Israel's clampdown on Hamas is merely a ruse to control Hamas's
unity moves with Fatah. Nothing was discussed of the kidnappings of the boys. The Press TV hostess frames her question to suggest that Israel engages in "collective punishment" of the Palestinian population. I point out that Abbas government initially praised the kidnappings, told Arab shopkeepers to destroy security footage that might help track the boys. Of course, then Atzmon comes on and lays it all at the feet of a Jewish conspiracy in accordance with usual Iranian anti-Semitism. He, of course, tries to equate Israel with Nazi Germany an declares Israel is imposing "capital punishment" on the Palestinian people (like releasing thousands of murderers, terrorists in Israeli jails to make peace, I suppose).

I received the usual comments after the show from the anti-Israel crowd which generally remind me I'm fat as supposedly a grand argument. Atzmon says during the show he's not part of the ISM but they are part of his touring network. He also said he's not a Jew (true, in the sense that he gave that up). But he's really of no consequence.

One thing also to note. The host accuses me of name calling but Atzmon made nothing but ad hominem attacks on me as a "pathological liar" and "hasbara agent." Go view the debate. If you have Israel and Jews, I suppose you'll love Atzmon and you provide him his paid for audience.

But let's be clear. I exposed Atzmon as a Tokyo Rose and will continue to do so. Atzmon says Jewish lobbies control Europe because they are "rich". The hostess also poses a question implying Arab children are put in Israeli jails. She says Press TV is against any kids suffering the world, but we hear no calls by them to Hamas to release those three boys. Atzmon concludes that he's "touring"  as saxophonist, not as the Jew who helps the anti-Semites attack the other Jews, and is wildly successful
He was recently in Berkeley, California at a fundraiser for the ISM (who he says he isn't part of) and he commanded a whopping audience of 35 people. Pathetic. He wouldn't even have the 35 if he wasn't willing to prostitute himself to dictatorships and anti-Semites overseas.

Next up:  Phony Kevin Barrett---

Friday, September 6, 2013


I appeared on Press TV yesterday in a show titled "The Debate" which was anything but. Press TV is the controlled Iranian propaganda press and I suppose they have me on to try and suggest they are balanced in their reporting. Sadly, Press TV usually gets an American paid shill like Ken O'Keefe or Kevin Barrett to appear and back up the propaganda from the Velat-y-Faqih regime.

Yesterday Press TV brought in one of their news anchors. It's important that viewers of the show understand this is a man who is paid by a dictatorship to spin things for the dictatorship. As usual, the show was biased, but this time more so than usual; I was continually interrupted and had my comments spoken over by the Press TV flack and the "moderator" only encouraged this. When I attempted to address inaccuracies from the other side, the moderator would quickly move on to spread more propaganda.

The Iranians want the West to think they are a peaceful, humanitarian regime concerned merely with developing nuclear energy. They are in fact a repetition of what the Nazis were at the start of World War II. The issue of poison gas chemicals being used in Syria is a watershed moment in the confrontation with Iran by the United States.

My Iranian opponent did the classical bluff and bluster of tyrant regimes: The proof that Assad gassed his own people in a neighborhood of Damascus
(one that had been overrun by the Free Syrian Army) where 1,400 people including children were killed was dubbed a "false flag." In other words, any time the Iranians do something to promote nuclear proliferation it's America's fault. At the conclusion of the show when I pointed out some deficiencies in my opponent's argument he went to the standard staple of blaming it all on the Jews (Israel).

I have to admit the Iranian flack was good at propaganda. He smirked and laughed and shrugged his shoulders as I spoke. On the issue of French support for the US planned strike he suggested the French government was opposed to the planned attack when the opposite is true. The host, tried to imply my comments about Iranian human rights violations (well- known)
were somehow countered by statistics (unproven) that allegedly over 500  Americans died by being tasered by police last year.  The nonsense is that the US has 300 million citizens and tasers are used as an alternative to shooting victims and usually save lives. Of course, the host didn't let me point out that when Iranians were protesting for democracy the regime brought in Palestinian and Hezbollah thugs to attack the demonstrators in the street. Everyone remembers the young woman bleeding to death in the street at one demo. Then there's the matter of public executions of homosexuals in Iran. My opponent saw nothing wrong with this.

My opponent then regaled America for dropping the Bomb on the Japanese in world war 2 "killing hundreds of thousands of  Japanese." My late uncle had completed 35 bombing missions over Germany and was sweating bullets because he was being resent to continue bombing over Japan. Intelligence estimates back then predicted if the US had to invade the Japanese mainland it would be one million American casualties and an equal number of Japanese. Incidentally, the US didn't know for certain the Bombs would work and they had only two. The one dropped on Hisroshima
did not elicit surrender from Japan. The second on Nagasaki did because the Emperor Hirohito figured out such a weapon could reach him personally.
Few people know that after Hirohito submitted his surrender, the Japanese military tried to stage a coup to keep the war going that was put down by Hirohito's personal bodyguard.  Despite all the murders by Japanese regime, Hirohito was allowed to remain as Emperor (part of the peace agreement Japan offered) and he lived into his eighties as such. His contemporary in Germany committed suicide. Iran while all this was happening was a Nazi ally and satellite during the war.

The Iranian newscaster tried to suggest the US used chemical weapons in Vietnam citing Agent Orange. Agent Orange was a defoliant to reduce the jungle canopy that was hiding NVA and Viet Cong troops. At the time it was not considered an anti-personnel weapon. True, twenty years later our own veterans were showing ill effects from the chemical. But it was never a chemical attack on the enemy. 

President Obama is not a hawk. Even he has established the need to take action against  Syria and Hezbollah as Iranian proxies using chemical weapons. If the Assad regime stays in power and the US doesn't stop this, it will send a clear message to Iran they can keep on using such weapons against the West and the West will be trapped by its own inertia.  The Iranians talk of America being swallowed up in a black hole if the US takes action. I'm reminded of Saddam Hussein's The Mother of All Battles and how Iraq would devastate US forces. The Iraqis fought a stalemate war with the Iranians that neither side could win after 8 years. The Iranians sent thousands of young boys against Iraqi machine guns with plastic keys made in Hong Kong as their entry to Paradise for the Ayatollahs.  The US military years later went through the Iraqi military in only six weeks. In the event of an inevitable showdown with Iran the result will be the same and the Iranians know this--unless they get the bomb and can use chemical weapons.

This is the reality of dealing with a dictatorship...
You can see the "debate" on Press TV Sept. 5th here:

Monday, July 29, 2013



To my loyal readers let me say I'm sorry to be commenting on this late, but I've been extremely busy lately dealing with the idiots in the ISM. For those unfamiliar with the ISM, go to and to be updated. Also try .

PRESS TV is of course the state run channel from Iran. It rarely makes any pretense of being fair and always makes it a policy to attack the Jews. However, they have been having me on to speak for the Israeli and American side in order to lend some balance to gain favor in european markets.  About ten days ago I was invited to "debate" one Ken O'Keefe, an ISM apparatchik and member of the Gaza Flotilla. Ken is a cheap two buit hustler who was dishonorably discharged from the marines after Desert Storm and has a criminal record---the perfect kind of guy to be a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian activist.

For unknown reasons Press TV saw fit to have him on as an expert and analyst to discuss the situation in Syria. Right off, O'Keefe began telling viewers that the United States was in alliance with Al Qaeda (a CIA concoction he claimed) and that US support for removing Bashar Assad
would invite World War III with the Russians. This was of course just one example of this clown's ignorance when in comes to geopolitical affairs.
The Russians withdrew all their forces and closed their military base in Latakia so as not to go to war for the Syrian tin pot dictator.

After the marines kicked Ken out after the First Gulf War he became a human shield  for Saddam Hussein before the second war that finally ousted Saddam. Ken next became active in the ISM, particularly in his support for
Hamas in Gaza. That's Hamas whose charter calls for wiping out all the Jews in the world. Ken became a loyal partner, becoming as anti-Semitic as the worst of the Hamas "activists".  While raising money for the Flotilla he began embezzling here and there funds for himself that caught the attention of another ISM anti-Semite, Greta Berlin who called him on it. Ken was arrested in the UK under suspicion of embezzling funds, but the English no doubt didn't really care about internal squabbling among some far leftist wannabe commie revolutionaries helping Arab terrorists.

While at sea with the flotilla Ken became imperious among his fellow ISMers intimidating the women on board. When Greta Berlin brought up his misuse of funds he pulled out his penis and waved it at her.  Of course he denied this on Press TV during our "debate" saying it was an internet tale but when I pointed out Greta Berlin had told everyone about it he admitted that indeed he had had the run-in with her. I believe every word that Greta said.

Aside from his ignorance of geopolitical affairs (the guy is only good at taking care of himself, one reason he went to Tehran so the Iranians can guarantee him a sinecure if he becomes a traitor and attacks the US), Ken knows nothing truthful about the War on Terror either. He claimed in our "debate" that Mohammed Atta could not have led the terror attack on 9/11 because he went to a nudie bar and drank alcohol the night before. As usual, Ken doesn't have  clue what he's talking about. Atta remained pious right until his death. Two of the other hijackers did go to a nudie bar and drink alcohol though, so he doesn't have his facts straight. His continued rants during the debate that 9/11 wasn't done by Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda is a false flag group created by the CIA also illustrates a corrupt mind; Bin Laden admitted he did 9/11. He was not funded by the CIA in Afghanistan against the Russians, though he was there. He was a multimillionaire and funded himself and fellow mujahedeen. That was in his bio.

Ken's acolytes are trying to make the highlight of the debate that he called me "a prostitute" working for the powers that be.  What's laughable is that is a good description of the incompetent marine Ken O'Keefe who finds jobs working for Hamas, for the Iranians, for any dictatorship or terrorist group that will pay him and give him publicity. As an independent journalist I do not answer to anybody. I support Israel and America because both countries are democracies that genuinely care about human rights. Ken's allies are always fascist dictatorships, and anti-Semitic terror groups. It's that simple.

Ken has been trying desperately to make people think he's a peace activist when he's really a warmonger. He sports under his eye a tattoo of a tear drop. He got another ISM idiot, Eileen Fleming, to make up a tale he got the tattoo to show he was crying about an unjust world. Simply put, Ken: Bullshit!

The teardrop tattoo is a gang sign used in prisons and among criminals like Ken to tell people he has killed somebody (possibly while a marine in Desert Storm as he isn't half as tough as he thinks he is). Ken got the tattoo after the war to show people what a bad dude he is. The man is an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, his followers have been emailing me are as dumb as he is. One informs me that Bin Laden couldn't have done 9/11 despite his own admission. Still another writes and claims that the Taliban offered to turn Bin Laden over if Bush could prove he did the 9/11 attack but that Bush couldn't prove it. Please! Can people be this dumb? This is why Ken O'Keefe has them as followers. Aside from Bin Laden's confession, the US tried 14 times through the UN to get Bin Laden turned over by the Taliban who were shielding him.  The people live in their own little world of conspiracies and imaginary benign dictators overseas who are really great humanitarians. You actually need to feel sorry for them but for the fact these turkeys also ally together and raise money for the likes of O'Keefe whose activities ultimately kill innocent people.

Oh, one other issue. I did make a gaffe during the last few minutes because of the constant yelling and interruptions trying to drown me out from speaking by saying Saddam Hussein instead of Bashir Assad in discussing the Syrian fighting. Of course. Ken's buddies began shouting on the Internet I didn't know the difference between the two Arab butchers of their own people. I can assure everyone I do, and what's more in the broadcast I began talking about Assad. The gaffe occurred due to my being up all night then booked at the last minute. Mature viewers knew I meant Assad.

Watch the video yourselves here:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well, well, this "Zionist idiot" was obviously right: Conspiracy theorist Phillip Marshall committed suicide and murdered his two children toward the end of last month.

Kevin Barrett, of course, told his audience on Press TV that doors were found opened, that the victim's wound was on the wrong side of his head and, of course, that he was killed by the CIA. Barrett is a Lord Haw-Haw for the Iranians, who will report stories
that blame the US government and "the Jews:, the Israelis as the cause of all the world's problems.

The coroner's report is now in on the Marshall suicide-homicide case. It contradicts all of Barrett's "evidence" that he pulled out of his rear end. The report can be read in PDF
format :

It should be noted that Kevin Barrett wants to run for political office in Wisconsin. This incident should prove he has no place in US government and should run for office in Tehran since they are his benefactors. More on Barrett later....

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Did you know that President Kennedy was assassinated by the Jews and Israelis? Did you know that the reason your underwear drawer was empty this morning was because of the Mossad? Did you know a self-aggrandizing conpsiracy theorist and liar named Kevin Barrett just returned from Iran so he can demonize the Jews and Israelis in America by accusing them of all manner of conspiracies against Americans in order to promote Iranian Naziism?

In my last appearance on Press TV (Iranian propaganda TV for the uninitiated), Mr. Barrett, a washed up college professor who now has a sinecure working to support the mullahs in Iran accused the United States, the CIA and the Israelis (Jews) of doing a hit killing of Phillip Marshall, a former 9/11 conspiracy theorist. As a pointed moment of that broadcast, Barrett, just back from another Jew-hating conference in Tehran where he discussed "Jewish control" of Hollywood, stated unequivocally evidence showed that Phllip Marshall had a head wound to his left temple but was right handed. This was allegedly proof of a CIA hit. On that show, I suggested what Mr. Barrett says and what is true are usually never the same. After the show, I contacted the Calaveras County coroner who confirmed Marshall's head wound was in his right temple and had all the markings of a self-inflicted head wound. Of course, Barrett on his front website "Veterans Today" called me a Zionist idiot and maintained his lies.

Well, Barrett removed his conspiracy story on Marshall's death which proves I was right. But why let a little thing like Barrett's absurd claims against Jews and Israel  be dropped by the 21st century Lord Haw Haw for the tyrannical mullahs in Iran? I appeared again on Press TV yesterday to lend "balance" to Barrett's latest calumnies against Israel and the Jewish people to benefit the Iranian regime. The topic was, of course, President Obama's visit to Israel last week.

Barrett, not without surprise,  began the segment telling everyone that President Kennedy was assassinated by the Israelis (the Jews) to hide their  nuclear capabilities.  He, naturally, showed immediately what an idiot he is. He then went into ceaseless diatribes about Israel being alone in the world due to its evil wrongdoings to the Palestinians and even claimed the majority of American Jews do not support the Jewish state.

Of course, Barrett is full of hot air and not even a convincing liar except to those predisposed to hating the Jews and Israel.  Pontificating about "international law" of which he knows nothing about, and about "illegal settlements" he went on to condemn the U.S. for telling the Israelis they are not alone and how American support for the only fellow democracy in the Middle East was hurting the US.

Barrett is an idiot, but a clever one. He has found a sinecure for his idiocy by passing around the Kool-Aid for the Iranians in the West through Press TV. He intends to run for public office in the near future in the U.S. Well, let his appearances on Press TV against me be shown far and wide because then this Iranian kiss-ass and propagandist will never be elected even as county dog catcher. He is a Muslim convert who beats his children and wife enough that they need restraining orders to be safe from him.  He heads a phony Jewish-Christian-Muslim interfaith group where he welcomes Jews who will help him destroy the Jews over in Israel. It's not clear if Barrett's hate for Jews is grounded in Islamic doctrine, or if he's just in it for the buck.  Maybe both.

Barrett goes to Tehran, gets his marching orders to attack the Jews, then returns to the U.S. to promote Iranian interests over here. During the last show, Barrett suggested that I am a traitor to the U.S. for supporting Israel against Iran, but he is in fact under federal investigation for supporting known terrorist groups.  All this information should start being sent out to the public at large to keep this mentally ill degenerate from running for public office in Wisconsin or anywhere else. On the surface, he tries to appear as a "libertarian" but he's really a proto-fascist who is striving to be the next Goebbels.

If Barrett does run for office in Wisconsin, let it be known I can be brought into the state to discuss him or debate him publicly as on Press TV.  During the last airing, Barrett called me a "prick" which was bleeped out by the Iranians. Apparently, he is an embarassment even to the dictatorship of his handlers in Tehran.

Stay tuned for more in the Kevin Barrett saga.  Poor Mr. Barrett sees Jews even in his underwear conspiring against America because like Goebbels before World War 2, the Jews are a convenient and popular target to the new Iranian Nazis.  For those who missed the first telecast with Barrett and myself, it's can be viewed here:

And yesterday's broadcast can be seen here:

Let this be the start before Barrett throws his hat in the electoral ring again in Wisconsin to show that the man is a worthless liar and does not deserve in any case to represent the people of Wisconsin in public office.  He can always go back to Tehran where he no doubt is more comfortable anyway. Veterans Today, his website and cover, may once have been a site promoting veteran's benefits, but today is a front for Iranian propaganda against Jews thanks to Barrett whose interest in American GI's is to promote even Al Qaeda  and the Taliban who kill them. Barrett is not an antiwar activist, he is a warmonger for America's enemies and serves nobody but Kevin Barrett. He also claims to head an interfaith group of Muslims, Jews and Christians but is an Islamic convert himself.
Barrett's "cooperation" with Jews consists of his willingness to work with any "Jews" who will help to destroy the rest of the Jews. As a good Muslim husband and father he has been convicted of beating his wife and child so they have restraining orders against him. He lives in a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin where he masturbates daily to a mantra of blaming the Jews and U.S. government for 9/11 and all the problems in the world. 
In any case, Israel and America will continue to thrive without his input. Although, why this subversive is allowed to operate freely in the US for Tehran is beyond me. Freedom of speech is not freedom to lie and defame for fascists overseas.

Kevin Barrett: get a real job for once.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last Sunday I "debated" Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today about the suicide-homicide case of another conspiracy nut named Philip Marshall who murdered his two teenage children then turned the gun on himself.

Marshall, a 9-11conspiracy monger, wrote self-published books in which he claimed the World Trade Center was not attacked by Osama Bin Laden but by our own government in conspiracy with the Saudis and Israelis.  This was further parroted by the Iranian propagandist nutcase Kevin Barrett on the Press TV News Analysis Show opposite me. Barrett is a convert to Islam and is currently under investigation by the Feds for providing safe houses for PFLP and FARC terrorists. Barrett never met an enemy of the United States he couldn't find a reason to support. His websites are replete with all manner of Jew hatred and he in the past has endorsed holocaust denial.

Barrett of course was allowed to speak and I almost wasn't, and, of course, he spoke over and through me during the few moments I was given to refute what he said. The former SFSU professor (Good Lord, anything can teach in colleges today) declared me after the show a "Zionist Idiot" for telling viewers that "evidence" of a government hit job against Marshall he provided on air was most likely made from whole cloth. The Iranians have a stake is badmouthing the U.S. and Israel to the rest of the world, as well as the Saudis who are US allies in opposing Iranian nuclear ambitions. That is what Kevin Barrett functions to do as I explained in the few moments I was allowed to talk.

Barrett has been attacking me on the Web, calling me a "Zionist Idiot" and suggesting he somehow made me look like a fool. To the contrary, I called him out for the liar he is on the show. Barrett on the show stated that Philip Marshall's body showed a bullet wound to Marshall's left temple but that Marshall was right handed, thus proving he was the victim of a hit squad. I said during the show with Barrett screaming interruptions at me that he was probably fabricating his "evidence" because nobody could check it on air. He had already done this tactic on the Coast to Coast radio show earlier heard all across the U.S. and his own radio show.

Well, I was right. I contacted Kevin Raggio, the Coroner for Calaveras County who confirmed for me that Phillip Marshall's head wound was on the right side of his head consistent with his being righthanded. In addition, the wound was consistent with a self-inflicted wound with a muzzle imprint showing on Marshall's head. Raggio, who has been a coroner for 15 years, also said tales told by Barrett and Marsden that the crime scene had been cleaned up in a hurry destroying evidence were also nonsense; according to the coroner, blood splatter stains would reveal if Marshall had been killed by other parties than himself. Head wounds bleed profusely, he explained, and it would have been impossible for a hit man or a group of hit men not to have left footprints in the blood around the body. Raggio also said the detectives involved in investigating the case were at the scene many long hours and that clean up had only completed yesterday, nearly two weeks after Barrett claimed the crime scene had been scoured.

Needless to say, Kevin Barrett LIED about events surrounding the Philip Marshall homicide-suicide and he did so on an international and US domestic scale for the world to listen to him. Barrett didn't mind his little cheering squad of Jew-haters to write about how he thoroughly beat me in our "debate," and he boasted of his expertise as an investigator as  opposed to this "Zionist Idiot."

Well, who is the "Idiot" now, Barrett? Better still, who is definitvely a liar?

More on this later. Readers can watch the interview of Press TV here: