Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The renamed International Solidarity Movement (Palsolidarity in the US), now known as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has announced its new leader in
Washington D.C. is one Anna Baltzer.

I've written about Anna Baltzer before. She's a very pretty woman of half-Jewish ancestry--and a total whore for Arab fascists and anti-Semites who masquerade as "peace activists" and "human rights workers", but who really work for the end of Israel and the annihilation of the world's Jews by doing human shield work for terrorist groups.

Anna knows what she is; while appearing on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show she was asked by the host if she believed Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state-she did not reply--no doubt because her benefactor, Arab Jew-hater and PLO embezzler Mustapha Barghouti wouldn't like it. He accompanied Anna on the show.

Anna spoke before a Presbyterian Church crowd in Berkeley in August of 2007 once where she gave the audience a bullshit story of an Arab woman who lost twins while she was in labor at a checkpoint because Israeli soldiers wouldn't let her go to the hospital. "They said they were just following orders," claimed Anna Banana, the ISM bimbo, as she tried to present the IDF as a bunch of Nazis. What the hell, it's an easy way to make a living and get free travel when you have no principals and want to be treated like a prize cow.

Anna claims her grandparents are Holocaust survivors. I'd like to know who they are
and what camp they allgedly were in. This pretty, but stupid, woman sees no problem in lying to try and de-legitimize Israel and has even tacitly excused violence against Israelis with the pat training line of the ISM: "If someone invaded your home wouldn't you pick up a lamp or something to hit them with in self-defense?" She shows
a photo next of an Arab child throwing rocks at IDF soldiers. This woman is a dirtbag.

OK, so Anna has a neat new job. She can make speeches, recount propaganda and lies for the Arabs, even call herself an author of a book Eyewitness Palestine with stories she did not eyewitness but were told her by ISM aparatchicks (like the lost twins story). Who cares about being Jewish? Who cares about the Arabs setting up another Shariah law state? Who cares about the truth? Anna "Bimbo" Baltzer has found a neato sinecure among the biggest totalitarians in the world.