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Check out the homepage of today for a photo of ISM activist Camille from Kentucky. It seems this ISM activist was recently sighted at the Faisal Youth Hostel, an ISM hangout in Jerusalem. If you know this woman or have seen her, please notify the Louisville office of the FBI and send them the photo of her with the AK-47 machine gun. For more info, see my article The ISM-Terror Connection:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I warned about this long ago on the Stop the ISM website at this link:
and now things are heating up....

True, it's not the ISM--yet. The ISM is just the propaganda, fundraising and human shield arm of the Palestinian, Ba'athist and Islamic terrorist movements in the US. But Mexican anarchists (La Voz de Aztlan and La Raza ((ISM allies))) teamed with US anarchists will be in the news within the next few years as the US builds its Security Fence like Israel has done. The two blasts below at the same time are not likely to be coincidence, but could harbinger coming events on the US-Mexican border;

Headline from AP:

37 die in Mexico truck blast; Vehicle was packed with explosives, police say; 150 people injured (The Associated Press)

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico - A truck carrying mining explosives blew up after colliding with another vehicle in northern Mexico, killing at least 37 people, including three reporters who had come to the scene, state and federal officials said. Soldiers, police, emergency officials, nearby residents and reporters were on the scene Sunday night when the a fire broke out and the truck filled with explosives went off, according to Luis Horacio de Hoyos of the Coahuila state Attorney General’s Office. The explosion occurred near the town of Sacramento . Maximo Alberto Neri Lopez, a federal police official, said 37 people were killed and 150 were injured. He said the explosion left a 10-by-40 foot crater in the concrete. De Hoyos said three newspaper reporters from the city of Monclova were among the dead.

And at the same time...

Mexican oil firm reports pipeline explosions; State-run Pemex says blasts were likely sabotage; 12,000 evacuated

(Associated Press reports)

MEXICO CITY - Several explosions believed to the work of result of sabotage ripped apart pipelines for Mexico's state oil monopoly early Monday, the company said. There were no injuries. The Mexican state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, issued a statement saying it believed the explosions, which forced the evacuation of 12,000 people, were deliberate. A small, left-wing guerrilla group claimed to have attacked a major Pemex gas pipeline in July and at least a dozen major companies, including Honda Motor Co., Kellogg Co. and The Hershey Co., were forced to suspend or scale back operations. The July explosions affected different sections of a major pipeline extending from central Mexico City to Guadalajara , the industry-rich capital of the western state of Jalisco...

Meanwhile, let's let them use our colleges for taxpayer-supported planning and strategy sessions as was just done at George Mason U.

When are people going to wake up?


At least there's some good news...

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an ISM-inspired event just held last weekend at George Mason U. in Virginia, apparently was a bust in terms of attendees.
According to the campus paper, the Broadside, there were only about 50 attendees. The
Broadside reporter states he can't be sure of the real number because the press, as usual, was not allowed into the event on Saturday and Sunday because the public might learn what the little anti-Semitic wannabe revolutionaries were really planning inside. As usual, the leadership lied and claimed that "thousands" had attended their previous conferences at Berkeley, U Mich, Ohio State and Duke when the ISM never fielded more than 500 at its peak in 2003. At Gerogetown, the last conference, the numebers were closer to 250 and they whined that their numebrs are dwindling as some of their campus activists grow up, graduate and leave. In fact, its also likely that constant exposure of what they are really all about is causing their recuritment to decline. Now they are trying to lobby congress directly so write your congressman and warn about them, because I can tell you from experience, half of congress hasn't got a clue what these creeps are really all about when they lie and claim they are "peace activists." They ahve enough Marxist Jewish quislings among them as well like Josh Ruebner and the Jewish Voice for Peace front group to let some 22 year-old congressional aids think they aren't the virulent anti-Semites they really are.

Nevertheless, any meeting on public university campuses (or private that get taxpayer funds and aid) by these subversives should not be allowed. It's not about freedom of speech, it's about supporting an arm of the terrorists overseas in terms of fundraising, logistical aid and setting up an infrastructure in America for groups.

It's also about hatred of Jews becoming all the more common and acceptable on US campuses. The fact is, Noura Erekat, one of the main organizers of the US Campaign,
even refused to condemn a call by bin Laden for Muslims in America to go to the Middle East to kill Jews when asked about it by Bill O'Reilly on his show. The video is viewable on the homepage at . The support by these people, particularly Huwaida Arraf, for terrorist groups is known to our government security agencies yet they are commanded from the top to look the other way in some delusional idea of "peace" between the terrorists murdering Jews and the rest of the world. Jews, aka Israelis, are expendable in the Bush Administration's geopolitical view.

Let's face it: the Bush Administration differentiates al Qaeda terrorism against the US from Hamas terrorism against Jews in Israel. Our president, who kisses Saudi potentates on the mouth and fawns over them has consistently looked the other way at Saudi funding of Hamas and Hizballah terrorists that keep the war roiling against Israel. What few people realize, is Saudi funding and cooperation with terrorists also has killed our boys in Iraq. The present trial of the Holyland Foundation talks about their funding Hamas, but it was the links to al Qaeda that finally got the government to move. The proof in the pudding will be if CAIR is ultimately closed down by this administration which is seeming less likely every day.

Imagine if in World War II Franklin Roosevelt did business with the Nazis, and, while sending weapons and aid to Britain to fight fascism, looked the other way
at Nazi attacks on the British in North africa and the Middle East and even ignored promotional activities in favor of Rommel's campaign there at America unviersities and you get a picture of the disconnect this administration has in the War on Terror.

Thusfar, the Gulf Sheiks, especialy the UAE seems to have their hooks into Washington woith petrodollars. The only presidentail candidate I see on the horizon
who might pull America out of this mess is Rudy Giuliani, yet even he spent some time in theUAE rubbing elbows with the Zayed family. At least Rudy handed Hamas financier Sheik Alwaleed bin Talal back his filthy check after 9/11. Giuliani's position papers on Israel and his views on really dealing with terrorists for what they are has my vote.

Who knows? WIth the mans seeming integrity, maybe the US government will finally go after the ISM leadership for violating anti-terrorism laws and passport fraud.

More on Geroge Mason's spineless allowing another Jew Hate fest on a US campus later...

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Fighting With Both Hands Tied Behind Your Back

by Lee Kaplan, Israel National News, Sept. 9, 2007

Courts in Israel allow a dangerous game to go on.

Watch this video then read the article below:

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is kvelling over the Israeli Supreme Court decision to move the security fence in Bilin after a two-and-a-half-year court case. After fomenting riots among the local Arabs on a weekly basis in coordination with the terrorist organizations they act as human shields for, like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, the ISM demonstrated that violence pays. They showed that, with one well-paid communist lawyer and a lot of noise, an Israeli court can once again be persuaded to hand down an ultimate death sentence on the country.

Israel is a modern, vibrant, civil society and democracy. As such, it is run by rule of law and, thus, lawyers wield considerable influence. The Palestinian Authority is a civil society also, but only for Arabs; that is, terrorists who attack Jews, or Arabs who claim that legally deeded land in Judea and Samaria that belongs to Jews is theirs, are not subject to arrest or prosecution. Just imagine if a Jewish community attempted to hire an Arab attorney to defend its rights in a PA courtroom. The outcome would be obvious.

Judges are lawyers with ultimate power in a civil society. In the courtroom, they wield absolute power. As civil human beings, they think civilly: not a cross word is allowed; arguments on both sides are to be heard; then the judge calls the shots. The judge, in turn, has the protection of burly bailiffs for protection if someone tries to disrupt the civil discourse. He or she needn't get his or her hands dirty.

George Orwell summed it up best when he said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." Such is the case when it comes to Israel's judiciary and leadership and how their decisions impact their own protectors, the Border Police and the IDF, in hearing cases of state policy pertaining to Judea and Samaria.

The judiciary in Israel operates on the assumption that those bringing suit in an Israeli court are as civil-minded as they are, even when they are not. The other side is making war on Israel's existence in any way possible. If the court does not decide in their favor, they will resort to murder and mayhem to achieve their ends. The court is merely one angle, a formality to try and bring about the same outcome as the violence. Meanwhile, the civil judiciary conducts itself like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

How else to explain the fact that, after six years, the ISM still operates as a terrorist support front group whose goal is the dismantling of the Jewish state? Judges in Israel do not comprehend the new type of war strategy of binging international anarchists and communists into Israel to act as human shields and supplement the work of the terrorist movements through propaganda abroad and at home, and through outright violent civil disobedience that the ISM then tells the world was nonviolent.

The ISM will tell Americans and Europeans that Palestinian Arabs are being attacked mercilessly by Jewish "settlers" simply for trying to harvest their produce or for working on their own land. In fact, the ISM, armed with cameras, with trained provocateurs and professional anarchists from American universities, goes onto property owned by Jewish communities with an Arab in tow, and steals the produce (olives for example) off the trees that belong to the Jewish community. When the Israelis show up to protect their property, the ISM then claims the Arabs were attacked for no reason at all by Jews.

Such was the case with a senior citizen at a Jewish community. The ISM showed up on property belonging to the settlers and started "harvesting." As in a civil society, the police were called by the settlement. While the police tried to muddle over if the Arab's phony claim that the land he was working on with the support of the ISM was, in fact, not really his as he claimed, two ISM anarchists, one British, the other one French, and a colleague with a video camera attempted to get past the actual gates of the settlement. The man at the gate refused them entry - for good reason. They set him up so when he shooed one away, another would try to breach the gate. In frustration he grabbed a stick to ward them off.

The police arrested the guard for assault, as one would do in a civilized society. Meanwhile, the three ISM activists had a new propaganda video claiming they are "human rights workers" to show over the Internet to demonstrate the "terrorism" of religious Jewish settlers against innocent Arabs. It will be interesting to see how the Israeli courts adjudicate this man's case. (See the video here.)

"Human rights workers" indeed. These are anarchists, and their intent is to lie and do harm in any way they can.

The Arabs have a good deal. The internationals from the ISM will stand between them and the legal property owners and provoke them. The Israeli courts and government are more concerned about international incidents than the property rights of Jews; so when someone from a settlement attempts to protect his property prior to the police arriving, the ISM and Arabs can then claim they were assaulted. The civil society in Israel will let the Arabs, and even the ISM foreigners, pursue legal action against the real victim. It's a big joke to them.

The ISM training manuals discuss how simple it is for internationals to get arrested, because they can only be deported. These are anarchists, and their intent is to lie and do harm in any way they can. They are released by the courts right away, then immediately go back to what they are doing. In cases where a deportation is ordered by the courts, the manuals tell the ISM activists to refuse deportation by threatening to disrupt the flight. In some cases, this has worked to even let ISMers stay in the country

The "rough men in the night" of the Border Police, the Shin Bet and the IDF know the truth about the ISM. But it's the courts in Israel that allow this dangerous game to continue. Imagine if the US allowed communists and anarchists from around the world to converge on US soil and interfere with the police and security agencies during the Cold War and use American courts to promote Soviet causes. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Yet, that is what is now going on in Israel with the assistance of Israel's civil judiciary.

The same ISM activist who pelted Natan Sharansky with a pie in New Jersey held a seminar in the US where he explained everything the ISM is doing in the West Bank and Gaza is training for anarchists and communists to eventually bring it to the US when Israel is gone. Watch what happens when America starts building its own security fence on the Mexican border. The ISM has already sent out emails they intend to do the same to American border police and the authorities.

Wake up, Israel! Your country is being used as a guinea pig by those who would destroy you and your own civility may be your undoing. The courts in Israel are so unaware of this that they are being played as fools.

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George Mason Conference this weekend violates US Tax laws

Should Education for Just Peace in the Middle East be Tax Exempt?

by Bill Levinson

Education for Just Peace in the Middle East is the parent organization of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. As we showed recently, it is trying to orchestrate an international boycott of Israel. Our understanding of the anti-boycott laws are that an organized boycott of any nation friendly to the United States is illegal if it is done in cooperation with a foreign government. (It’s not illegal to boycott any country or business on your own, and we try to avoid buying anything made in China. Only if one coordinates or cooperates with a foreign government do legal problems seem to arise.) We encourage anyone who attends the 6th Annual National Organizers’ Conference at George Mason University to obtain hard evidence of any such cooperation, assuming that it is indeed taking place. We will then forward it, along with a copy of the Web page displayed below, to the appropriate places. Continue reading this article »« Fold this article up

We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, but we can provide a link to what the U.S. Government has to say. Note that Education for Just Peace is a corporate “person.”


The antiboycott laws were adopted to encourage, and in specified cases, require U.S. firms to refuse to participate in foreign boycotts that the United States does not sanction. They have the effect of preventing U.S. firms from being used to implement foreign policies of other nations which run counter to U.S. policy.

Primary Impact:

The Arab League boycott of Israel is the principal foreign economic boycott that U.S. companies must be concerned with today. The antiboycott laws, however, apply to all boycotts imposed by foreign countries that are unsanctioned by the United States.

Who Is Covered by the Laws?

The antiboycott provisions of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) apply to all “U.S. persons,” defined to include individuals and companies located in the United States and their foreign affiliates. These persons are subject to the law when their activities relate to the sale, purchase, or transfer of goods or services (including information) within the United States or between the U.S. and a foreign country. This covers U.S. exports and imports, financing, forwarding and shipping, and certain other transactions that may take place wholly offshore.

Generally, the TRA applies to all U.S. taxpayers (and their related companies). The TRA’s reporting requirements apply to taxpayers’ “operations” in, with, or related to boycotting countries or their nationals. Its penalties apply to those taxpayers with foreign tax credit, foreign subsidiary deferral, FSC (Foreign Sales Corporation), and IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation) benefits.

What do the Laws Prohibit?

Conduct that may be penalized under the TRA and/or prohibited under the EAR includes:

* Agreements to refuse or actual refusal to do business with or in Israel or with blacklisted companies.
* Agreements to discriminate or actual discrimination against other persons based on race, religion, sex, national origin or nationality.
* Agreements to furnish or actual furnishing of information about business relationships with or in Israel or with blacklisted companies.
* Agreements to furnish or actual furnishing of information about the race, religion, sex, or national origin of another person.

Implementing letters of credit containing prohibited boycott terms or conditions.

The TRA does not “prohibit” conduct, but denies tax benefits (”penalizes”) for certain types of boycott-related agreements.

Restrictive Trade Practices or Boycotts

(a) Refusals to do business
(1) No United States person may: refuse, knowingly agree to refuse, require any other person to refuse, or knowingly agree to require any other person to refuse, to do business with or in a boycotted country, with any business concern organized under the laws of a boycotted country, with any national or resident of a boycotted country, or with any other person, when such refusal is pursuant to an agreement with the boycotting country, or a requirement of the boycotting country, or a request from or on behalf of the boycotting country.

It looks like what we need to do is obtain evidence (if such evidence actually exists, and that is what we are asking our friends to look for) that Education for Just Peace in the Middle East is cooperating with a foreign government–and steering committee member Huwaida Arraf has said in a letter to the editor that the International Solidarity Movement has contacts with Hamas, a hostile foreign “government.” In addition, any person, corporate or otherwise, that is thinking about cooperating with the “international boycott of Israel” should be cognizant of the following.

(4) A United States person’s use of either a boycott-based list of persons with whom he will not deal (a so-called “blacklist”) or a boycott-based list of persons with whom he will deal (a so-called “whitelist”) constitutes a refusal to do business.


U.S. persons are reminded that requests that are on their face boycott-related or that are for action obviously in furtherance or support of an unsanctioned foreign boycott are subject to the Regulations, irrespective of the country or origin. For example, requests containing references to “blacklisted companies”, “Israel boycott list”, “non-Israeli goods” or other phrases or words indicating boycott purpose would be subject to the appropriate provisions of the Department’s antiboycott regulations.

In addition, we need to examine Education for Just Peace’s discussions of civil disobedience. Do these rise to the level necessary to disqualify the group from being tax exempt according to Rev Rule 75-384, “ACTIVITIES THAT ARE ILLEGAL OR CONTRARY TO PUBLIC POLICY?” This IRS rule says,

Not only is the actual conduct of illegal activities inconsistent with exemption, but the planning and sponsoring of such activities are also incompatible with charity and social welfare. Rev.Rul.75-384 holds that an organization formed to promote world peace that planned and sponsored protest demonstrations at which members were urged to commit acts of civil disobedience did not qualify for IRC 501(c)(3) or (4) exemption. G.C.M.36153, dated January 31,1975, states that because planning and sponsoring illegal acts are in themselves inconsistent with charity and social welfare it is not necessary to determine whether illegal acts were, in fact, committed in connection with the resulting demonstrations or whether such a determination can be made prior to conviction of an accused. However, it is necessary to establish that the planning and sponsorship are attributable to the organization, if exemption is to be denied or revoked on this ground.

Education for Just Peace has, as far as we know, not orchestrated any acts of civil disobedience directly the way the Muslim-American Society has, but there is plenty of material on its Web site that discusses civil disobedience.

Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is non-violent direct action that could end in arrest.

• Common forms of civil disobedience are sit-ins or administrative “take overs.” Before you plan any civil disobedience be sure that you have chosen a date, event and action that are noteworthy. Each person participating in the action should have a “support person” who will be responsible for taking care of school, work, family, and media issues for them. Have a media team that will not be participating in the “arrestable” part of the action send out a press release right before it happens and then run video tapes and press statements to news channels afterwards. Contact the media. Establish channels to get the word out about civil disobedience and possible arrest ahead of time (i.e. e-mail lists or phone trees) and provide phone/fax numbers of City Council and the police department for concerned individuals to call and demand you be treated fairly and released. Be sure to select members of your group that are not participating in the action to advocate for you among the student body and be in charge of media.

• Get trained. Before participating in civil disobedience it will be important to be properly trained. There are a number of organizations that provide free or inexpensive non-violent resistance training. It is also essential that everyone participating in the action has agreed on what you are going to do- play out different scenarios and decide what your collective response will be in the different situations. When one person acts out in the moment, everyone’s safety is compromised. Role-playing and practice is important. So is keeping things confidential so that the police won’t find out ahead of time and show up before you do.

These are a few groups that give trainings. They will also be able to point you to more training opportunities or groups in you area . . .

• Be smart. Before participating or planning civil disobedience get in contact with a lawyer at the National Layers Guild or the American Civil Liberties Union to know your rights and what you or members of your group are getting into. Check Out:,, and Before your action, decide together what you will or will not say to the police if you get arrested- the police are legally allowed to lie in order to manipulate people so get your stories straight with each other.

Depending on the position of your Members of Congress, local organizers should decide whether a protest, vigil, meeting, or nonviolent civil disobedience is the most effective way to express opposition to U.S. support for Israel’s attacks.

The latter does not, however, mean that Education for Just Peace in the Middle East has actually orchestrated an act of civil disobedience, which is probably what is needed to challenge its 501(c)(3) tax exemption. If any of our friends can provide evidence that US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has orchestrated or planned acts of civil disobedience, please send it to us and/or

Internal Revenue Service
Exempt Organizations Examination Division
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75242

(Be sure to mention that Education for Just Peace in the Middle East is the actual corporate entity.) Meanwhile, the following looks interesting: This is the same conference that will be taking place at George Mason University this week:

Conference Report
4th Annual National Organizers’ Conference

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
July 29—August 1, 2005, Atlanta, GA

Civil Disobedience: There were many suggestions, either as direct confrontation with CAT, or as part of a campaign to boycott/divest. In addition to sit-ins, etc. some ideas were encampments on the lawns of CAT board members, blocking work at construction sites using CAT equipment, sit-ins in CAT corporate offices, continuous autonomous actions in Peoria, etc.

Boycotts and divestment: It was felt that we should work for CAT-free-zones all over the country, pushing boycotts and/or divestment on every entity that builds/owns stock. There was also support for approaching Arab and Muslim contractors here and abroad, as well as the Arab League and various governments to boycott CAT equipment. These boycotts should also include CAT clothing lines.

Any attorneys want to weigh in on whether the above statement could be construed as attempting to orchestrate boycott activities in cooperation with the Arab League?

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IF anyone needs confirmation our collees ae being sued as part of a subversive movement to help al Qaeda attack the US, this report from Steve Emersons Investigative Project should remove all doubts:

Transcri0pt below:

BILL HEMMER: The author of American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us is Steve Emerson, terrorism analyst, with me now. Sir, welcome back here.

How much do you know about this group? How lethal are they?

STEVE EMERSON: Well, the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) is an offshoot of the group that you just mentioned, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). This group, in particular, that the Germans are looking for seems to be almost a brand new group – it’s been in existence, but it really hasn’t carried out that many operations in the West; it has been more active in Pakistan.

HEMMER: Steve, what could they have done with these chemicals?

EMERSON: Well, considering that these chemicals were 100 times more powerful than the bomb that blew up the July 5, 05 – July 7, 05 attacks in the London subways, these could have been absolutely devastating. They were designed to carry out maximum damage if they were implanted in suicide car bombs at Ramstein Air Force Base, at clubs, at restaurants, or even at Frankfurt Airport – it could have destroyed major aircraft, it could have destroyed large parts of the Air Base, it could have killed hundreds of people. They knew what they were doing because they had obtained military-type detonators that could have easily detonated the hydrogen peroxide once it was mixed with another chemical.

HEMMER: Well, the Germans are saying they were motivated to kill as many Americans as they could, specifically at the airport – at the Ramstein Air Base where at least 45,000 Americans make a living and live there as well.

Do the Germans have any idea how deep rooted this cell might be in its own country – how many terrorists might be there living?

EMERSON: I think that they do not know. They say there are as many as 900 radical Islamic terrorists living in Germany today that are under investigation. Those are the ones that they do know. But this one – this particular cell, of which they arrested 3, had as many as 10 other members that they have not identified publicly yet – of which some of whom are in Germany , some of whom are not.

HEMMER: Now Steve, we have seen in the past where these news reports are kept quiet until all the people have been surrounded and arrested.

Did the Germans go public with this too soon, knowing that at least 5, or maybe 10, are still out there?

EMERSON: You know, that’s a good question. My suspicion is that GSG-9, which is the group – the German anti-terrorist group – moved because they feared they were getting close to actually detonating the bombs and they might have feared that there were others involved, of which they did not identify, that could have been useful to the plot, in which case they would have lost control. So I think they took it to the maximum point possible without jeopardizing the security of Ramstein or Frankfurt Airport.

HEMMER: Steve Emerson, thank you for your time – live in Tel Aviv today.

September 6, 2007


click here to watch the video or copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

TAMRON HALL: Steve Emerson is a terrorism expert. He joins us now to talk more about this.

Thanks for joining us, Steve.


HALL: Well, you know, as we consider the recent threats against Americans, can people at home feel secure?

EMERSON: I think on the homeland they can feel secure. I mean, look, there's no guarantee that a terrorist attack won't occur but considering the fact that we've gone six years without an attack and that virtually every single potential attack has been averted through FBI infiltration of the cells operating in the United States, it means the FBI is still batting a thousand – and I give them a lot of credit for that.

And I think there are other mistakes that have been made – obviously we're going to talk about the new GAO report, but I think in general the American public can feel a lot more secure than they did, let's say, even three years ago.

HALL: It’s interesting, yesterday Michael Chertoff, the head, of course, of the Homeland Security, said we are safer in this post 9/11 era. It would seem a difficult question to answer, but do you believe that that is true?

EMERSON: We're safer but we're not safe. And this comes in a contradictory development – sort of a paradox. As new homegrown radical Islamic cells develop – we saw what happened in Copenhagen just five days ago, what happened in Germany yesterday, and, of course, what happened at Fort Dix and a JFK plot just about a month ago. So, there are definite cells that are developing in the United States still trying to carry out jihad. I know the FBI is onto other potential cells. Of course they can't talk about it, but they have managed to infiltrate them and that's a great thing.

HALL: And of course, people at home know that this is a different time – if you go to the airport, you know that the instant that you walk through the door. Do you feel the agencies – from the FBI, the CIA, and even to air travel – have taken the necessary measures needed to fight terrorism?

EMERSON: You know, it's hard to say because, you know, if there's overly cautious efforts to do secondary inspections at the airports, people complain about that. On the other hand, if you are too lax and you go through too easily, you might feel good about it going through it very fast, but it doesn't really [UI] well for tight security.

Airports continue to be the number one area for targets – either the airports themselves, and we saw JFK, Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, and of course we've seen other efforts at airports around the world. So those continue to be the – one of the number one target attacks by terrorists.

HALL: Well, I've got to ask you also, with the incident that happened in Germany, many people every year when 9/11 approaches worry that, you know, the jihadists out there and those who want to harm Americans look at 9/11 as an inspiration date. You know, let's make something happen on that date. I would imagine security in and around 9/11 is the highest. But do you think that it's still like – I don’t want to use the word Holy Grail, but for lack of a better description, that it’s the Holy Grail for many of these jihadists?

EMERSON: I think that it has become a challenge for them to basically pierce the veil of security that the West has claimed it has been able to create after 9/11 in protecting airports and protecting airliners from being hijacked or being used as suicide bombs. So I think that date does pose a challenge for jihadists. Not necessarily would it be al Qaeda, but it would be al Qaeda-inspired terrorists who say, “aha, let's see if we can really try to strike fear in the hearts of the infidels on the very day that we did it six years ago.”

HALL: Well Steve, you mentioned earlier the reports that are coming out and some of the information that shows that maybe we're not as far along as we need to be – particularly the GAO report outlined some of the problems that still exist prior to 9/11 and that exist right now. What most concerns you out of this report, particularly the GAO report?

EMERSON: Well, I have not read the report. I've only read the stories that have come out about the report, so I want to basically admit that I'm speaking only about the facts that have been reported. And it suggests that only half – less than half of the 178 objectives have been met, which means that we're batting less than .500.

Now, the question really is, what about the reality of those objectives? Are those real objectives? Are they necessary objectives? You know, one of the criticisms I had of the 9/11 Report was that they set these standards to be met that obviously, I think, were irrelevant to the real cause of fighting terrorism. They didn't really – I don't think they met reality standards. And I think, possibly, we have the same problem here.
You're always going to have bureaucratic standards that cannot be met. This is an agency, DHS, the Department of Homeland Security, that meshed together 22 different agencies with 220,000 people with very different cultures and bureaucratic standards, and to try to get them to mingle and talk to one another is almost an impossible task. It's been done somewhat, but not done enough.

HALL: Alright, Steve, thank you so much for joining us with your insights.


Anyone who has ever doubted my credibility about the ISM must watch this video:

Then show check out all the photos of ISMers with guns in my article at

Both of these articles show the true face behind the Anna Baltzers, the Huwaida Arrafs, the Josh Ruebners and all the ISM anarchists and other creeps threatening
democracy and making the middle east conflict roil on forever for the terrorist groups while these ISM creeps are calling themselves "peace activists."

Spread this video and my article far and wide. Note in the opening scene the young boy holds a Hizballah flag. The same Hizballah that murdered 241 marines in Beirut in 1983. This will give you persepctive behind the ISM and who they work to enable.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation recently sent me a
"cease and desist" letter due to my exposure of them as part of
the ISM and how they will be holding another Jew hatefest at
George Mason University. You can read their letter at:

Below is my response:

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

P.O. Box 21539

Washington, DC 20009

RE: “Your cease and desist” letter:

Dear Sirs:

The article of mine, that appeared on The American Thinker web log, "George Mason University to Host Next ISM Conference” ( that the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation refers to, as written, is neither inaccurate nor defamatory, unless you consider the activities of your organization as defaming itself. I, on the other hand, consider your letter as a threat and attempt at intimidation to my rights of free speech.

The American people are not fools, but certain organizations do seek to fool them. When an organization such as yours presents itself as seeking “peace” but in fact supports and works closely with myriad organizations that openly advocate for war on and the destruction of the democratic and pluralistic state of Israel, I feel it is my journalistic duty to alert the public to these events.

Your claims notwithstanding on your website that you only seek to end the “occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem” are belied by both your organization’s actions, as well as the actions and admitted positions of your own representative leadership and close affiliates as I will expose in this letter. I submit that your leadership and organization are guilty of something known as “lying by omission,” or leaving out just enough information to convey a false impression while presenting a kernel of truth in a statement. In this regard, the authors of your letter, particularly Mr. Ruebner, do not mention they support unconditionally the Arab “Right of Return” in addition to the creation of a Palestinian state, a concept whereby 5 million Arabs would be allowed to move within Israel’s 1949 borders so as to demographically overrun the Jewish population and dismantle the state. You can read more about Mr. Ruebner here:

( ).

Responding to your bullet points:

Bullet point number 1:

You take issue with the statement that the International Solidarity Movement is “scheduling” your conference.

According to the personal explanation of Adam Shapiro, who Lee Kaplan personally interviewed at the 2003 Ohio State Divestment Conference and the husband of your chosen leader, Huwaida Arraf, both of whom are co-founders of the ISM, The International Solidarity Movement is the name used by the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) when it operates in the West Bank and Gaza and is comprised of myriad anti-Israel groups (one of which is yours). The ISM and PSM are not official groups or corporations, but represent all of these groups working in unison-“solidarity” toward a common goal in opposing Israel’s existence as a Jewish state and replacing it with Arab-dominated “Palestine.” Among these groups are many who call themselves ISM, but also groups such as Al Awda, SUSTAIN, Students for Justice in Palestine, Women In Black, as well as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

Shapiro explained that the ISM is an umbrella organization. As such, if one segment is closed down by the authorities, the others can continue operating. In addition, if one arm of the umbrella makes statements such as was done by Charlotte Kates (See:
who I believe is affiliated with your organization as well, and who stated that Israeli children are “fair game” for terrorist attacks, the others can deny she speaks for them. Hence, the fact this conference is an organizational meeting of the multiple layers of leadership of the ISM, be it under the name US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation or not, it is still an ISM organizational meeting according to the attendees. In fact, you bill it as a National Organizer’s Conference meeting in solidarity to promote divestment against Israel, an ISM program.

By your own admission in your letter, your elected leader and President is in fact a self-admitted co-founder and current leader of the ISM, Huwaida Arraf, who has admitted she works in cooperation with Hamas. The Hamas charter calls for the annihilation of Israel as a Jewish state and the expulsion of all Jews from what is today the state of Israel. See: .

Nice company you keep.

Other individuals who belong to the ISM, yet curiously are also listed as members-at-large in your organization include Ms. Kates, Abe Greenhouse, Joseph Carr and others who have been exposed as higher level activists within the ISM.

Regarding earlier conferences held by your organization: (See: )

From an announcement of a conference held by your organization in Kansas City, Mo.

Saturday, November 13, 2004 - University of Missouri--Kansas City, Missouri
Regional Conference to “End the Occupation”

Sponsored by the U.S. Campaign to the End the Occupation and the International Solidarity Movement .


Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, a regional anti-Israel group based at the University of Missouri—Kansas City, is bringing the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, the International Solidarity Movement and other anti-Israel activists together for a regional conference devoted to changing U.S. policy toward Israel. The event will feature speakers who support divestment from Israel, the elimination of U.S. aid to Israel and contesting Israeli security measures. Notable speakers include Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies, Huwaida Arraf of ISM and the U.S. Campaign’s Josh Ruebner.

I note the following statement from your own website about your first conference (see: ):

“Coordinating with the work of the ISM…” An activity your organization has done
since its alleged inception per your website.

Following are some of the activities of the ISM with whom you “coordinate”:

(1) The ISM says openly that it has direct contacts with Foreign
Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) as defined by the U.S. State Department
(2) The ISM says openly that it recruits American college students in
the hope of getting them hurt or killed in confrontations with Israeli
military forces, for propaganda purposes (e.g. Rachel Corrie).
(3) An ISM affiliate (Al-Awda) have allegedly solicited acts of
terroristic violence on the Internet: specifically the suicide bombing
of Ariel Sharon's hospital room.
(4) The ISM has provided "safe house" assistance for actual terrorists.

(1) The International Solidarity Movement has direct contacts with
Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorists. We direct your
attention to "Huwaida Arraf" on the Steering Committee of U.S. Campaign
to End the Occupation. Note that this is from their own Web site. says,

Current Steering Committee members of the US Campaign, followed by the
year in which their terms end, are:
* Huwaida Arraf (2007) - International Solidarity Movement
* Phyllis Bennis (2009) - Institute for Policy Studies
* Felicia Eaves (2009) - Black Voices for Peace
Now we have Huwaida Arraf's letter to the Washington Post (February 2007)

Eric Adler and Jack Langer disparaged the
International Solidarity Movement(ISM),a movement
that I co-founded in the spring of 2001
in the occupied territories of the West Bank,
the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to help draw
attention to the human rights abuses suffered by
Palestinians as a result of Israel's occupation.
The ISM also is a resource for Palestinian nonviolent
resistance to the occupation. The ISM believes that
average civilians can bring about change, and it tries
to unite Palestinians, Israelis and other people in
nonviolent resistance to Israel's occupation policies.

When I "acknowledged" that the ISM
"cooperates with Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,"
I was offering concrete examples of the ways
in which these groups were engaging in nonviolent resistance.

Both the ISM and the Palestine Solidarity Movement
advocate nonviolent resistance to Israel's human rights abuses
-- the ISM through organized action in the occupied territories
and the PSM by promoting international divestment from
companies that profit from occupation.



(2) The International Solidarity Movement recruits
American college students for the purpose of getting
them hurt or killed in confrontations with the
Israeli Defense Forces. This is what happened to
Evergreen College student Rachel Corrie in
March 2003. Two ISM members stated openly that
they had a motive for wanting her dead. While GMU
students are legal adults, is this an activity to
which GMU really wants to expose them?
"Recently, the Director of the Solidarity Movement,
George Rishmawi, explained to the San Francisco Chronicle
that the recruitment of American student volunteers
is useful to the Palestinian Movement because
'if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or
even killed, then the international media will
sit up and take notice.'"

Joseph Smith, a.k.a. Joseph Carr, who was present
when Corrie died, and whose highest priority was
apparently to take pictures, said
"The spirit that she died for is worth a life.
This idea of resistance, this spirit of resisting
this brutal occupying force, is worth anything. And
many, many, many Palestinians give their lives for
it all the time. So the life of one international,
I feel, is more than worth the spirit of resisting
oppression." (Rachel Corrie's life, as opposed to his
own, of course.) Read more on Joseph Smith/Carr here:

A Hamas terrorist said openly that Rachel Corrie
was worth more dead than alive.
"'Her death serves me more than it served her,' said one
activist at a Hamas funeral yesterday.
'...Her death will bring more attention than
the other 2,000 martyrs.'" Making of a Martyr
by Sandra Jordan, Guardian Newspapers. Ms.Arraf,
your elected President, admits to working with Hamas.

(3)An ISM and US Camapign to End the Israeli Occupation
affiliate(Al-Awda) has allegedly solicited acts of terrorist
violence on the Internet: specifically the suicide bombing
of Ariel Sharon's hospital room.

A member of Al-Awda (Right of Return), an International Solidarity
Movement affiliate, allegedly posted a solicitation for a "martyr" to
bomb the Hadassah Hospital in Israel, where Ariel Sharon is being
treated for a stroke. (This was, incidentally, forwarded to law
enforcement when we saw it.)

From: raja chemayel

Mailing-List: list
; contact

Delivered-To: mailing list

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 19:35:29 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: [AL-AWDA] open letter to the next Suicide-Bomber

Open letter to
the next

Dear Abou el Fidda' ,

If you are next Martyr on the waiting list
get started and pack your heavy-stuff ,
kiss the hand of your mother
kiss goodbye you bothers and sisters
kiss the hand of your father
put on that heavy-jacket.......

Take the Express-Bus to Jerusalem-Central
and then take bus Nr. 17 which takes you to Haddasah
then step out at the Bus-Station called the :
"Hospital for War Criminal"

Show you Fake-Press-Card to the Security
and speak with an American-accent
walk slowly and do not attract attention......
Enter the main-Hall and walk straight to the VIP- elevator
tell them Mr. Wolf Blitzer has sent you.....!!

Go up to the seventh floor........
look for the room 714........ (intensive care)
and then slowly but surely hold on to that detonator
under your jacket.......

Once you reach that very-well-guarded-room # 714
stop and turn left.....
you will see a large "VIP-Waiting-Hall"
with the many Dignitaries from many countries
including ,unfortunatly, some Arab-countries......
who came to pay their respect to their dying-Hero.

Show again your fake-Press-Card and start
interviewing those "well-wishers".........
and ask them what made this man a Hero ??
and how come he became a "Man of Peace"

Then , order for yourself a cup of coffee,
sit down , rest and think for a while.......

If by then ,
you are still not convinced by the arguments you have heard
from those well wishers.....
then release that detonator !!

This man under intensive care will anyhow die,
with or without your suicide , my brother ,
your real enemies are
those who have called him a "Hero"
and could not convince you why.
( nor me)

Raja Chemayel
8th of Jan.06

Al Awda’s founder, Mazen Qumsiyeh was quoted at the Duke ISM Conference as saying that Jews who live in Israel are “a disease” and “must all leave.” Qumsiyeh
is on the steering committee for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
and, according to ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat, Qumsiyeh is a former member of the PFLP, recognized as a terrorist group by the US State Department. He was also
denied tenure at Yale after sending out what was deemed an anti-Semitic email on
the universitys servers. See:

(4) The ISM has provided "safe house" assistance for actual terrorists.
"Susan Barclay, the
ISM organizer deported by Israel after she hid Islamic Jihad terrorist
Shadi Sukiya in the ISM office in Jenin, told the Seattle Post
Intelligencer that, "she knowingly worked with representatives from
Hamas and Islamic Jihad— terrorist groups that sponsor suicide bombings
and exist, according to their charters, to demolish the Jewish state
entirely." (Seattle Post Intelligencer, Thursday March 20, 2003,
"Activist's death focuses spotlight on Mideast struggle," By Sam
Skolnik, Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter.)
"Days before a British suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt in
Mike's Place, a bar in suburban Tel Aviv, the bomber and an associate
took tea with members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a
pro-Palestinian group that promotes non-violent resistance to Israeli
"The immediate goal
of the ISM is to hamper the ability of the IDF to prevent terrorist
attacks on civilians." "The ISM sees itself as working in tandem with
the terrorist organizations: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aksa Martyrs
Brigade. Those organizations use violent means, while the ISM undertakes
such aggressive non-violent actions as blocking the progress of Israeli
soldiers on their way to arrest terrorists. The intention of the ISM in
these actions is to protect terrorists from interference by the IDF."

Paul LaRudee of Norcal ISM, another affiliate of your campaign, was arrested
and deported by Israel for suspected links to Hamas. LaRudee, who like Joseph Carr
has admitted to entering Israel more than once under an assumed name has boasted about sleeping in the bed of a suicide bomber and most recently was a human shield for the Hizballah in Lebanon during the last war. (See: )

The suggestion that people should view your conference as a Jew Hate Fest is accurate. As part of the Boycott Israel campaign, the Palestine Solidarity Movement, of which your organization is a part, held workshops identifying various Jewish-American organizations to be boycotted as well allegedly for their support of Israel. Since all groups and individuals participating at these conferences agree to the same points of unity and solidarity with the same goal, it certainly applies to your organization as well. I am aware the three of you, or at least two, who wrote the letter may be of Jewish descent, however, this does not mitigate activities that are targeted against Jews. The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were rounded up by the Nazis by the Jewish Police and many Jews were turned in by fellow Jews known as “Jew catchers” by the Nazis for money. In addition, you state your campaign is “committed to organizing an anti-racist framework and working to counteract manifestations of racism in all forms.” This flies in the face of your chosen leaders willingness to work with Hamas as she has freely admitted to. We recommend you read the Hamas Charter. It specifies the annihilation of Jews in Israel and propagates the blood libel of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If you were unaware, then would you please write us that you condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization that should be closed down and ask Ms. Arraf to resign as the “President” of your organization? In addition, I can find no condemnations of Jews in Israel being murdered via terrorism or suicide bombings on your website.

You state that your organization was not founded by Huwaida Arraf, but others in 2002. Can you produce for me corporate documents to that effect? Ms. Arraf herself announced the opening of your offices in Washington DC as well as your new website whereas your previous offices were in New York. Prior to your receiving nonprofit corporate status in 2006, were you ever a legal entity? Please send us proof of your incorporation as a legal entity in 2002. While you are at it, can you send me your foundation’s grants records and other sources of funding

Your organization promotes divestments and boycotts of Jews in Israel through starving them out financially. These activities of yours and your ISM and associated anti-Israel allies result in 30% of Israel’s children and the elderly going to bed hungry at night or forced to eat in soup kitchens. This is indeed hatred of Jews and the same tactic of economic boycotts of Jews was the first tactic of the Nazis in 1933 that ultimately led to the Holocaust. The code talk you use is fairly obvious and we at The American Thinker do not fall for it.

If someone using the same technique were to say Black people cannot live in Washington, DC where your offices are, yet does say they can live anywhere else in the world, and that they should be boycotted and starved until they leave, it does not make them any less racist against Black people. The same applies to your organization’s alliances and support for a campaign to starve out, dispossess or even kill the Jews residing in Israel or in the disputed territories of the West Bank, while claiming you will embrace Jews who will help you dismantle the Jewish state.

One of your authorized representatives has openly spoken out for the destruction of Israel. Noura Erekat, who is listed on your website as an official “grassroots organizer”and legal advisor (see: )for your campaign sent another email out recently stating that all of Israel even within the 1948 armistice lines is “occupied” and should be dissolved and asks for volunteers to help her do so. See( Do you intend to force her resignation along with that of Ms. Arraf as a result these revelations? Mr. Erekat can also be viewed on You Tube at these addresses: and where she refuses to condemn a call by Bin Laden to kill Jews and is introduced as your campaign’s “legal advisor” (also listed as such on your website (see: ).

At the same time you mention Al Awda as a “member organization” of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Al Awda advocates nothing less than the end of Israel. In addition, Al Awda was recently revealed to have connections to the Aryan Brotherhood,an anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi organization by me that resulted in UC Riverside canceling their “international” conference there. Do you intend to demand their removal from your “non-racist” organization? (See: ).

We also note that your elected President, Ms. Arraf, has spoken on behalf of the Council for the National Interest that is openly known to be anti-Semitic and run by Paul Findley.

Your organization has also opposed congressional action to try and stop Palestinian terrorism: (see: ).

Your website was indeed registered to a Nadil Ghaith from the UAE at the same time Ms. Arraf announced the organization’s offices were opening in Washington DC in 2005. Originally registered at , (see: ) your organization deleted that domain name on April 7, 2005, only days before creating the new domain name with Radical Designs (see: ) Mr. Ghaith lists his residence in the UAE but has also turned up in Jerusalem. If your organization was originally involved with someone in the UAE who registered the domain name, and also represents the interests of the Palestinian Authority, then you definitely should be registered as foreign agents. I speculated in my article that Suleiman Ghaith, a top level al Qaeda operative, may belong to the same clan as Nadil Ghaith .

You deny that your organization undertakes strident attempts at promoting a boycott of American Jewish groups and to economically cripple Jewish businesses. Yet on your website you single out the Estee Lauder company, Ron Lauders’ business for a boycott among several other American Jewish-owned businesses. Your “member organizations” (your own description) also held a seminar at Duke University given by Mr. Abe Greenhouse outlining American Jewish businesses to be boycotted or even infiltrated as part of a campaign against Israel.

You state in your letter to us that you respect international law, yet do not condemn terrorism against Israelis. International law per Resolution 242 does not make the Jewish communities in the West Bank illegal, yet you recommend boycotting Jews and Jewish businesses in the US and abroad to force these Jews to lose their homes as somehow being necessary per international law. Eugene Rostow who helped author the resolution has stated the Israeli communities in the West Bank and Gaza are not illegal per his own resolution. We were wondering where you all earned your degrees in International Law and if you were aware of these discrepancies?

We note you take exception to our stated opinion that the activities of your organization only serve to make the Israeli/Palestinian dispute an unending affair. We note that in his official capacity as a leader in the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Josh Ruebner is mentioned as being on the steering committee of Leslie Cagan’s United for Peace and Justice Coalition (see: ). UFPJ is in fact the revamped Communist Party USA (see: ) and Mr. Rubener seems to have had more than a passing association with over the last several years. The Communist Party USA platform is against the existence of Israel and its replacement by an Arab- dominated state called Palestine.

The above information, merely scratching the surface, reveals both the inaccuracies of your letter to me and facts that you do not seem to want the American people to know.

Finally, your website and organization falsely states that Israel is an “apartheid state” like South Africa used to be. Apartheid in South Africa was based on racial laws, Blacks were forced to live in certain areas and had fewer civil rights than Whites. This is not the case with Israel where all minorities have equal civil rights by law. Israeli Arabs enjoy the same civil rights as Jews and even have affirmative action programs giving them more rights than some Israeli Jews. At the same time, in the Palestinian Authority it is a death sentence to sell land to a Jew and Sharia Law is part of the constitution the same as in Saudi Arabia or Iran. While 20% of Israelis are Arabs with equal rights, the Palestinian Authority insists the West Bank and Gaza must be “Jew-free.” That is the only true apartheid going on in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and your organizations twisting of these facts only further reveal an attempt at deception among those whose opinions you seek to sway against Israel. We at American Thinker find your racist attitudes against Jews residing in the Middle East objectionable and reveal deception in your alleged anti-racist platform.

Given the above information, and the plethora of other information I have, I must reject your request for an apology and retraction. However, I would like to know since given the information I have provided you, if you intend to do any housecleaning in your own organization?


Lee Kaplan

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I've discussed Edward Abington on the DAFKA website ( as far back as 2003. The former US State Department consul general in Jerusalem negotiated with Arafat to give the PLO terrorist entity $400 million dollars of US tax dollars and then less than 2 weeks later resigned his post to becoem the chief lobbyist for the PLO in Washington. The article below shows the real Edward Abington. For more on the trial of the Holy Land Foundation and its links to CAIR and terrorism funding, read the entry below this one. Hats off to Steve Emerson's Investigative Project.

Former Ambassador Defends HLF
by IPT
IPT News
September 4, 2007

A former U.S. diplomat spoke in glowing terms Tuesday about the Palestinian charities supported by the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). Edward Abington, a former counsel general at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, was the first defense witness in the terror-support trial of the Richardson Tex.-based foundation and five of its former officers.

Prosecutors spent the past six weeks detailing links between the Palestinian charities, known as zakat committees, and HAMAS, a designated foreign terrorist organization. While much of the money went to humanitarian relief, anything that went to benefit HAMAS violated U.S. law, the government contends.

Jurors heard a much different account from Abington. For example, he described the Al Ghazi hospital in Jenin as "clean" and contrasted that with the Israeli military hospital where he found conditions "abysmal."

The hospital has been linked to HAMAS. In June 2002, Israeli security forces arrested Mustafa Amjad, a doctor at the Al Ghazi hospital, who had been recruited by HAMAS to smuggle suicide bombers from Jenin into Israel.

To Abington, HAMAS is a "radical fundamentalist" group, but not Islamist. He described an Islamist as a "pious Muslim" who follows the five pillars of Islam, including charitable giving (zakat) and undertaking the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca.

Abington also testified that he found information from Shin Bet and other Israeli intelligence agencies to be unreliable and believed the Israelis have an "agenda" to "influence US thinking."

He accused Israel of using documents seized during Operation Defensive Shield, a military offensive launched by Israel in response to terrorist attacks in April 2002, as propaganda material "to undermine the reputation of the Palestinian Authority." Documents from that military operation have been presented as evidence by Israeli security officials who testified anonymously.

During cross examination, prosecutor Barry Jonas noted that Abington earned $750,000 a year during seven years as the chief lobbyist for the PLO, which led the Palestinian Authority, after leaving the State Department. Prior to resigning from the government in 1999, Abington negotiated a $400 million deal between the State Department and Yasser Arafat.

Abington spoke highly of zakat, or charity committees. He said the charities were "necessary" for Palestinian people to survive and challenged prosecution claims that committees HLF supported in Qalqilia, Hebron, Jenin and Nablus operated on behalf of HAMAS. When asked whether he remembered the shutting down of the Islamic Charitable Society of Hebron in 1996 because of its links to HAMAS, he said he could not recall specifics but he vaguely remembered that the summer camps had been shut down. He denied knowledge of any schools being funded by HAMAS.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) gave money to some of the same charity committees HLF funded, Abington said. Jurors were not told that USAID terminated HLF's registration in September 2000. In a letter to HLF chief executive and current defendant Shukri Abu Baker, a USAID official explained why it was removing HLF's name from the agency's registry of private and voluntary organizations. The Investigative Project on Terrorism received a copy of the letter through the Freedom of Information Act.

"One condition of USAID's registration procedure is that is the organization is not the subject of a decision by the Department of State to the effect that registration, or a financial relationship between USAID and the organization, is contrary to the national defense, national security, or foreign policy interests of the United States," the letter reads. "By letter dated August 30, 2000, the Department of State informed USAID that it has determined that continuation of HLF's registration with USAID is contrary to the national defense and foreign policy interests of the United States."


HLF Prosecution: CAIR “affiliated with” Hamas
by Brian Hecht
IPT News
September 4, 2007

On Tuesday, the prosecution in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) filed its motion in opposition to the amicus brief filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In addition to picking apart the arguments laid out in CAIR’s brief piece by piece, the government set an important precedent, officially and definitively linking CAIR to Hamas, writing:

In the instant case, striking CAIR’s name from the attachment to the Trial Brief will not prevent its conspiratorial involvement with HLF, and others affiliated with Hamas, from becoming a matter of public record. That has already occurred as a consequence of the presentation of evidence at trial. (emphasis added)

The government also argues some legal basics, that CAIR has no standing to petition its removal from the list of unindicted co-conspirators since the list is not directly pertinent to the “actual, ongoing controversy” of HLF’s criminal trial, basically that, by filing the brief, CAIR has not acted as a “friend of the court,” but rather only out of self interest, and that, in the brief, CAIR has failed to show any injury as a result of its inclusion on the list of unindicted co-conspirators.

In arguing lack of injury, the prosecution makes similar points outlined in the August 21st blog post by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), CAIR’s Reputation and Incredibly Fluctuating Membership Roll. The motion states:

As support for its alleged injury-in-fact, CAIR provided this Court with data solely from a time period prior to the Government’s submission of its Trial Brief, a period when the alleged improper disclosure could not have affected such membership. CAIR alleges that the “negative reaction by the American public can be seen in the decline of membership rates and donations resulting from the government’s publicizing of CAIR as an unindicted coconspirator” (Amicus Br. at 10); that “the donations that they rely on for funding have suffered since the government named them as an unindicted coconspirator”( Amicus Br. at 38); and that “the government’s labeling of them as an unindicted co-conspirator has chilled their associational activity” (Amicus Br. at 51-52). In support for these assertions, however, CAIR relies upon a June 2007 article in the Washington Times, which revealed (by reviewing CAIR’s tax filings) that CAIR’s membership declined 90 percent from 2001 through 2006, down from 29,000 members to less than 1,700. ... The article provides no further factual information regarding CAIR’s declining membership since 2006. Ironically, the very same article, upon which it now relies, was publicly discredited by CAIR executive director, Nihad Awad, who claimed the article was “false and misleading."

Additionally, the motion argues that the relationship between CAIR, HLF and the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) is already public information, as described in a footnote on page 12:

The role of CAIR founder Omar Ahmad on the Palestine Committee, and the presence of Ahmad and Nihad Awad at the 1993 meeting of the Palestine Committee in Philadelphia, were described during the public trial of Muhammad Hamid Khalil Salah and Abdelhaleem Hasan Abdelraziq Ashqar in November 1996 (sic). See United States v. Salah, et al., Case No. 03-978 (N.D. Ill. 2006). During that trial, defendant Ashqar was represented by William B. Moffitt, author of CAIR’s current motion for leave to file an amicus brief.

The government also argues that CAIR’s amicus brief should be denied because it lacks both timeliness and usefulness, and, as perhaps a final nail in the coffin, that the brief is wholly irrelevant since both testimony and documentary evidence admitted at trial conclusively demonstrate the conspiratorial relationship between CAIR and HLF.

For some examples of such evidence, see:

CAIR: Youngest Member of Hamas Family Tree
CAIR Identified by the FBI as part of the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee
CAIR Executive Director Placed at HAMAS Meeting

September 4, 2007 10:21 PM

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My show can be heard over the Internet at at 8 pm west coast time.
I appear on the Jim Kirkwood show every Tuesday night to discuss stories and information not heard in mainstream media. Tonight's guest will be Hilda Davis, the
ex-mother-in-law of a likely Hizballah operative that the US government just can't seem to stop protecting. Tune in for an interesting show...In Utah, the show can be heard on KTALK at am 630 on your dial. If time allows, I'll give a rundown on suspected rehearsals and scouting done for potential terrorist attacks in the US.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Today's Briefs:

Check out the DAFKA website ( on the news ticker for a chilling video of the IDF in action against Hizballah in Lebanon.

It's still not too late to write your objections to the Board of Visitors (Regents)at George Mason University for allowing the Organizer's Conference on campus being promoted by ISM group the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (visit read about it on the home page. The ISM leadership has openly boasted of working with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP so ask yourself what the heck they are doing holding a training conference on yet another US campus to spread their anti-US, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist agenda across US campuses nationwide.

Was there a potential terrorist attack with a radiological bomb in Jersey City, New Jersey? The police story was that there was a minor traffic accident, the driver ran away and the police noticed a parcel in the rear of the car that was leaking radiation. Unh huh...sure...Just happened to notice it was leaking radiation? More likely the FBI was tailing a suspected jihadi and rammed his car to prevent his continuing his mission. Watch the video on You Tube here: .

Sounds more like the FBI is tryiing to avert a panic. Maybe they will hold another luncheon for CAIR...

Have a great Labor Day Weekend...